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Struggles in life to being able to overcome future obstacles. Relativity can not be higher for all those sleepless nights.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



A heart so pure and diligent that can only be formed

through trials in which it’s life has been scorned.

A spirit raised in a dark and mischievous place in which no one sits and holds

your hand as nightmares unfold and stories are told.

The sewn has been sewed and the reaping shall reap

but the fruit that has been placed on the highest branch has yet to meet

the ripe of harvest. Patience and kindness this heart had none

yet it still grew to what has now begun.

Mildly shy and tender, however determined to accomplish the goals in which have been in mind the heart has yet to reach.

Overcome, your insides scream.

At night the mind sores into the starry sky

that offered comfort through the darkest of nights.

Arise, arise product of abuse and see which side you shall take

and what decisions you will make.

A heart that should have been tainted has taken a lesson and chooses to fly above what used to be and what it used to see and chooses it’s own life and what it wants life to be.

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