I am as I always was

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Perhaps it is a bit rough. Perhaps it is a bit too sentimental, but I did enjoy writing this poem so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



The sands of time rest deeply between my toes

The night sky unchanged even as I step into the next day

A shooting star in my world taking a lifetime of breathes just to cross the sky

But you were a face that I could not possibly find within my space

A supernova in a place of long days and low tide


You found me, kissed me, begged me and left me

before the tear could even leave my eye

With such force, you sped past like a rushing wind

Leaving my hair torn across my face in the wake of your absence

And my hands shivering out of lack of warmth that I don’t remember having known


Should I apologize for not being able to match your passionate pace of life

Or resent the cosmos for letting two very different beings cross paths

Still I hope that my voice reaches you

journeying many years in the swirls of space till it whispers in your ear


I want you to know that I am as I always was

traversing the shore, watching the stars

though my gaze searches a bit harder than before

In hopes that a ghostly glimmer of your presence still lingers 

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