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"Damascan Thoughts" by Akumakaze https://www.booksie.com/users/akumakaze-150666

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Damascan Thoughts - by Akumakaze

Submitted: September 17, 2017

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Submitted: September 17, 2017




Rain pelted down in Damasc. The steady rhythmic slurry of water lulled Coranth into a boredom he hadn’t felt in a month’s time. His Shadow Skill had been advancing quite nicely over the past few days as Garas gave him a little further instruction in the craft; but, it was his continued practice that had yielded the results he wanted the most.

Deftly hiding within the shadows of Damasc, Coranth had learned many a secret about the city’s Elders and their little tirade against him. Although his heritage irked them to no end, as they felt he was impure, it was also his inherent skill with magic and the blade that worried them. Scouts were always around the young lads during their training sessions and each report back to the Elders worried them more and more as it seemed Coranth was outpacing many of the human recruits in leaps and strides, despite the little time he had been training with Garas’ troop.

His mindset was what they were most concerned about. Being half elf, they feared he might become like the elves, haughty and of higher import than they, and, as such, he would be prone to their outlook towards the other races, including humans. Their trades with elves were tentative at best. And the counsel didn’t trust them, despite their valuable goods. It was in their best interest to keep an eye on the lad hoping he was more human than elf.

They could’ve disallowed the training altogether, but felt it would’ve stirred more trouble than they would’ve liked amongst the populace, especially his mother. She had been a hand full enough in her youth as one of the turbulent teens that had nearly burnt down a barn with her dealings with the elven boys that frequented in those days. Knowing her demeanor, they politely steered clear of any upset that would’ve invoked her wrath, plus she was the best cook within all of Damasc and all loved her aromatic concoctions including the Elders.

Coranth lay back, onto his bed, and stared at the ceiling, going over the information he had learned the past week.

“Man, what I wouldn’t give for something to happen right now.”

The moment those words left his lips. A knock on the door drew his attention and a familiar voice entered the house.

“Cor, come quick.”

“What is it, Garas,” Coranth asked as he flung open the door, expecting a huge event about to happen.

“Nothing, man. I just wanted to come in out of this infernal weather. It’s raining buckets out there.”

Garas looked soaked through to his skin. His hair all plastered down around his skull in long wet strands that fell across his eyes and forehead. The shimmering shine of water on his leather clad body dripped on the porch in steady sprinkles.

What in blazes are you thinking, man?! Why did you come all the way here in the rain?”

“I had some news to tell you and it couldn’t wait. Are you going to let me in?

“Yeah, yeah, come in. I’ll get you a blanket, man. You can dry off in front of the fire. So, tell me what’s the rush with this news?

“You won’t believe it, Cor. Someone saw an orc along the road to Damasc. It was being accompanied by what you described in the forest, an Eant.”


“Yeah, I heard it from a friend who was a friend with Lunara. You know, the girl that works with Horace the apothecary.”

“Yeah, I remember her. She’s a real spitfire. Reminds me of my mom a bit.”

“Umm, hmm that’s the one. She was the one who saw the orc and the walking tree. I don’t know if it’s gotten back to the counsel yet or not, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.”

“I don’t doubt it, Gar, it ain’t everyday a tree comes walking into town.”

Cor and Garas laughed at the thought of what he just said.

“But, you know, Cor. This could be the beginning of that war you suspected.”

“I know. That’s what worries me, but why are they headed here for, I wonder?”

“I guess we’ll find out soon, my friend.”





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