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"Dark Sky" by starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite --- Please check out her other works @ https://www.booksie.com/users/starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite-154171

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Dark Sky - by starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite

Submitted: September 24, 2017

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Submitted: September 24, 2017





“Halt, fiend.” A faint blue light brushed against the cold beach as a Mer stepped from the water. The demon scowled, its grotesque form revealed. Throngs of severed, burned, stiff, diseased or bruised hands held up its skeletal form.

“You were foolish to return,” She seethed, as she raised a webbed hand that glowed blue.

The demon skittered towards her, the heads aligned on its back laughing, “You and your spells, you think yourself invincible?”

The sky seemed to darken, the snow melting to rain, hard rain, dark blue clouds furrowing silently as she murmured under her breath, a curse cast. Her pale face now ashen, the dark hair over her shoulder whipped violently in the wind.

“You think yourself special when you are fallen t—”

Lightning unfurled from her hands, lashing towards the fiend.

The demon screamed as it was launched back.

The face—all too familiar to the mer—melted along the jaw, pulling the lips into a frown. The demon stumbled back, black smoke curling from its hideous form as It screeched.

“You!” It barked, its melted eyes drooling, yellow, onto the stolen mask of the mer. The arms reached toward the woman. Long green fangs clambered out of the mask, bared. A forked tongue howled in rage as it charged.

Yet another clap of lightning raked the creature; it screamed again—shriller, more threateningly—the fake mask dripping onto the cold beach.

She snapped, again—more lightning—again, a burst of thunder—again, its voice heightened to a wretched wail—higher, louder, more voices filled the air. The heads that occupied its spine shrieked in agony for the sin of betrayal.

Smoke sailed from the demon’s blackened form. It collapsed, hands trembling as it stumbled. Charred skin cracked from burning, outlined blue.

“Know this,” It moaned, the stench of burning flesh consuming the air. “That I can see the past and the future, but the present eludes me…” The demon‘s hands groped at the damp sand, its body deteriorating into dust. “And your future reveals nothing but your own corruption.”

It finally faltered, dropping lightly onto the beach with a final curse.

It was finished.

She scanned the beach, knowing the Orc couple had smartly fled during the confrontation. She approached her opponent, which was now just a simple pile of ash.

She sifted her foot through the matter, the deformed blackened face of her companion revealed. A simple spell lifted her stolen face to her eyes. She felt nothing. No sadness or regret for not saving her, no uncertainty about the creature’s warning for her future. Such were human emotions. She only felt a sense of closure, of justice.

She raised her hand and the face lifted into the air, vanishing slowly into fine ash.

She turned her back, and the waves, flailing against the sand, surged back towards the Whyart Sea. The terrain, now her home, her exile.

She dared her eyes look up, something dark and sour, cold, filled her as the clouds unfurrowed. It wasn’t fair.

She clenched her hands as she stepped into the water. The clouds morphed into a storm, lightning snarling against the sky as she pushed the storm out to sea. She broke into a run; legs weakening, she dove into the water as her black tail stretched out after her.





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