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"Possessed" by starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Possessed - by Starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017







Pain ruptured her mind, and yet the music, the damn music, continued to play.

Continuing to move her feet forward, despite the inkling of blood that plastered her feet and legs from the makeshift path, overrun with thorns and intrusive plants.

The night bled the day's warmth even as smoke teemed in the background at Kathul's destruction.

The cicadas hummed softly as she trudged forward, never stopping. The Glyress Forrest's canopy hid the beauty of the night sky, the scintillation of Vesper eluded her in part by the thick vegetation and then by her blindness. Once she would've found comfort in such a symbol, but now, she felt only a drive for her to complete her injunction.

To the elven king. To the elven king. Make no delay. War is here. For the Fire Bringer.

Yet pain bristled at her eyes. An insurmountable chill inhabited her body, and she feared she was dead yet still lived.

No, she wished she were dead, yet still lived.

Darkness overshadowed her vision, shadows of her last moments blinked through her subconscious. The Orc's twisted smile, the unsettling lightness of childhood laughter, the wide, terrified eyes of precious Amelia.
The eant, damn it to Rytheria, had destroyed Kathul, rendered her abuser dead, but not in time to save her best friend Seripha or her darling Amelia.

The fiend was cruel, to preserve her life as well, to demean it to such a task as messenger, downtrodden and cold as she was.

Tears flowed, yet none of these odious thoughts inhabited her mind. It only breathed her destination, her charge, To the eleven king and queens... war is coming. The eants have destroyed Kathul. War is coming.

Her tears froze against her skin, burned the softness of her cheeks, only briefly cleansed the blood on her face. Still she continued. Another step, and another, and another.


The music crackled in the darkness of the bog.

# # #

Two days passed. The city of Elorien was alive with mirth and cheer. The earthy scent of finely spiced teas with cinnamon and peppermint clung to the air. Elves wandered down the streets in pleasant familiarity, doting on their favorite shops or entertainments. Bright flower umbrellas twinkled in the late afternoon sunlight.
Precious stones and intricate apothecary items were displayed hanging along the shop windows. Golden silks tendrils from Damasc floated in a light breeze.

And yet, a female elf, naked and dirty, stared blankly as she made her way through the crowd. Looks of disgust preceded her presence as elites crinkle their faces and turned away. Dainty, perfumed handkerchiefs dotted noses. Women chided their children not to stare. A merchant grumbled that the elf disrupts business.

No one offered a hand.

She moved forward, down another street, the shops becoming more sparse, the customers far and few between as the trail to the palace is made straight. A magnificent gate stood, enthralled by vines with white star flowers.

The hired hand, Gyreten, squints as the elf comes closer. His dark skin bristled with tension. Annoyance twitches across his countenance that she could be a beggar, but as she drew closer, he feared worse.

'Come no closer, elf!' The human barked.
Still she moved forward, her dirty, dark hair ensnarled around her face like a flame. Leeches and mosquitoes writhed against her feet, skin, feeding on blood and raw flesh.


To the elven king and queens. The city of Kathul has been destroyed.

He'd had plenty of experience in dealing with the possessed, and this woman definitely was influenced.

'State your purpose, bereft woman!' He circled his hands around each other, bright blue light blooming from the motion as he murmured a spell. This fiend was bold to approach the gate of Elorien. The spell would force it to speak.

Her eyes dulled; her eyelids dropped, knees weakening. She staggered on feet that had lost their purpose. Fear crawled into her face, her eyes widening.

Gyreten dismissed the spell, rushing to catch the elf as she falls. Her voice, raw and weak answered his demand:

'The Eants hath devoured the city of Kathul,'



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