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"News Reaches Barlda" Written by Hullabaloo22 -- Thanks to Hully for submitting another outstanding chapter. And a very special thanks for doing so on short notice! Please take some time to check
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Chapter 7 (v.1) - News Reaches Barlda - by Hullabaloo22

Submitted: August 29, 2017

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Submitted: August 29, 2017




The mists swirled across the surface of Lake Myristos, giving it an even bleaker feel than it would otherwise of had. It was cold, so moist that surface water trickled it’s way down the rocks to pool in the earth and the scanty reeds. What trees there were looked sickly, thin, with no leaves growing at all.

To one side of Lake Myristos, there was a great door, almost invisible. If you had not known of its existence you would never notice it. And even if you did, it would remain closed unless you were to mutter the correct words.

“Grrryh, brustic. Lap thrugho Barl!”

Trimm said the words in his guttural voice and the door slid open to allow him entrance. It should have been dark inside the rock when the door slid shut behind him, but it was not. The rocks gave off a brightly luminous glow which showed the way through the tunnel. Trimm could have found his way without it, he had travelled this passage so often.

The tunnel led downwards to steep steps carved into the rock. Surprisingly, Trimm could negotiate them with some speed, given that he was both short and stout. It almost seemed that he bounced his way down them. Deeper and deeper he went, then stopped his descent. Beneath him were the mines where the dwarves mined for daramite, but it was not to there that he was headed.

Nodding to Fromm and Narda, he rapped onto the hall door and pushed it open. Barl, King of Barlda, looked up from the pages that were spread before him on the slab of rock that served as the great table.

“Back early, Trimm. Was the trading so bad?”

“No, trade’s fine, Barl. The others are still there. But I heard some news that was too important to wait.”

Barl was all attention now, it must be something of great urgency for Trimm to have hurried back on his own. The trading band rarely travelled alone.

“There’s trouble brewing, so word says. The eants have had a confrontation with the elves. There was an attack at one of their sacred places, elves shot at an orc who was there seeking sanctuary. And then to make things even worse, they attacked an eant.”

Barl looked worried. “Is the rumour true, do you think, Trimm?”

“From what I can gather. There’s tension everywhere. No one knows if it will turn to war. Of course it’s good for daramite trade but not much else.”

Barl stood, walked from one side of the table to the other, deep in thought. “If war breaks out what should we do? Our admittedly uneasy truce with the elves is one thing, but we live deep under the earth. Nature can be a cruel adversary and the eants and dryads were so entwined with the trees and the earth itself. It will be a tough decision but.....”

“I’ll go, shall I? Walk and mingle. See what I can learn.”

It was a generous offer that Trimm was making. The dwarves very much kept to themselves, being used to the underground life, and having their own customs that many others found coarse. But they were generally viewed as friendly, little threat outside of tavern brawls, and most could be persuaded to loosen their tongues with a bit of help from some dwarven ale.

Barl nodded. “Who will you choose as companion?”

Trimm shook his head. “I’ll go alone.”

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