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"A Dwarf Sets Forth" - Written by Hullabaloo22 --- Thanks to Hully for yet another outstanding chapter. If anyone is interested in becoming involved with the project, please refer to The
Imaginarium house forum entitled "Woe Be Unto the Orc: A Collaboration" for updates. --- Please take some time to check out Hully's other works on her profile @

Chapter 9 (v.1) - A Dwarf Sets Forth - by Hullabaloo22

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017




Trimm packed up his supplies. Some food to see him on his way, some of the finest dwarven ale, and plenty of gold. He strapped his pack to his back, along with his battle axe. A short sword was strapped around his waist. Sturdy boots, thick clothing and he was ready.

Elves had a natural affinity to horses. They rode perfectly, almost as though they became as one with the horse. Dwarves, on the other hand, had no such connection. There were ponies that worked alongside them in the mines, small ones bred for their compact stature together with their great physical strength and endurance. These ponies would no more like to be ridden than the dwarves would like to ride. They did not mind carrying packs, though.

Did dwarves dislike riding because of the shortness of their legs? That was the theory that the Elves had spread. No doubt there was some truth to it as the race of dwarves were short and stout; but like their ponies, they were strong and could walk for hours, for days on end without seeming to tire at all. The dwarves themselves maintained that they liked to keep their feet firmly in contact with the ground that they dwelt under; that they learnt a lot through the vibrations from that contact.

As Trimm was setting off, Barl himself came out of the entrance to Barlda. He was leading a small pony, laden with a bedding roll and more supplies, including a suit of leather armour. “Take Fraga with you,” he said to Trimm. “Your journey will be long and there will be times when you will need a friend.”
Trimm did not want to take the pony but could not say no to his king. He bowed his head and took the reins. “I thank you, Sir!” He hoped it sounded sincere.

The air became damp as they set off towards Lake Myristo. Soon Fraga’s coat was sprinkled with little drops of water that seemed to just leak from the mist. Trimm hated the lake, did not trust it at all. All dwarves heard the tales in childhood, of the beast that dwelt there, just waiting for unwary travellers to reach it’s edges. It would bubble up from under the water, grab it’s prey, then disappear with them back to the depths. Even though he tried to convince himself that there really were no such things as monsters, Trimm still found his hand reaching for his sword whenever the path strayed that bit near to the water’s edge. It was with some relief that he reached the path that led away from the lake, even though it was not going to be without it’s own challenges.

They carried on walking until Trimm felt they were safe enough, sufficiently distant from Myristo. He removed the pack from his own back and from Fraga’s too. The pony stood beside him. Not normally one to work with the ponies, Trimm felt perplexed. Surely it didn’t need telling!

“Go on, now.” Trimm reached up and slapped the pony’s rump. “Go and graze. Rest! We’ll be on the move again soon enough.”

Fraga did not move away but did put his head down to nibble at the sparse grass. Trimm found a rock to lean aganst, sat down and took several deep gulps of ale. Clearly feeling a bit more refreshed, he took out a loaf of coarse bread, tore off a good sized chunk and began to chew.

It was mid morning and the sky was bright. Sunshine was not something dwarves enjoyed or sought out. Checking that there was enough coverage for him to be out of sight of anyone that should pass, he stretched out his legs, closed his eyes and soon began to snore.

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