Unicorn Island

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The portal! No-one could have entered the portal. But three of them did. This is a lovely story of unicorns worshipping their god-"Rainbow". But once they have realised that they have been brainwashed! What do they do!

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



When it was night in Unicorn Island, it was day in the ‘big mean giants’ world (refered to Earth). ‘They’ were nuzzling in little heart shaped villas, with taps that ran maple syrup and a wardrobe filled with shiny mink jackets, glittering miny horseshoes (to wear as shoes) and little shimmering bows.

Everything they owned were multi-coloured as due respect to their god, they all worshiped,called ‘Rainbow’! If the any of them made a remark about the Rainbow, their whole family would pay for it the next day. The night sky is a galaxy atmosphere, mixed with purple, pink and blue. Across the island, would be another island where knights stayed. If you heard horses neighing, you would know that it was probably the horses where the knights rode on.

The space between the ‘Knight Island’  and the Unicorn Island was a rainbow coloured sea. If you dived into the sea, you would turn multi-coloured permanently. Unfortunetly, the Rainbow was determined to be unique and unusual and would make the particular unicorn-that turned multi-coloured disappear over a few days. It would bring despair to their particular families. Oh pardon me, you  must be confused on who is ‘they’ and ‘them’! They are the unicorns of course!

The island next to the UI (unicorn island) is a place where couples live. The unicorn and the knight would fall in love with each other and move there. It is strict rules that couples should move there. The three islands led a firm, organised but a cheerful life. There were boats available to move from one island to another. During the day in UI, the rainbow’s secretary (three knights) would deliver a scroll filled with things to do each day. All the unicorns have a talent with sculpting. They would use the sharp paw that they have and carve on a piece of wood. What to carve was written on the grand scroll.

Why the rainbow needed it was not answered. There were rumours that the rainbow ate these but there were no definite answers. After  carving it, the three knights, would knock on the small heart-shaped villas and get the drawings. They were to not talk to them and the unicorns could not talk to them. If they did, the unicorns would disappear overnight.

You may think that the unicorns led a fearful life, but they were brainwashed that without the Rainbow they would be killed by the big mean giants. In the UI, there was a portal that stayed at the end of the island. There were rumours that that was the Rainbow’s secret lair. No one decided or dared to go there.

There were a group of mischevious unicorns. They were best friends. Their names were Pearl, Garnet and Avery. Avery was the most daring one. Children unicorns were not allowed to travel from one island to another without adult supervision. Avery did that anyways. When Avery came back, Rose (Avery’s mother) was angry.

Although they were very mischevious, they never dared to go to that portal. One day, they all decided to go together. They ran to the end of the island and ran  through the portal as to not change their mind. Once they ran through they saw a gigantic barrier It had the word ‘Rainbow’ in bold. The rainbow looked beautiful at first sight. Below were ‘big mean giant’ world and a lot of people there.

They all stared at the sight, and it was obvious as for what they were thinking. The people were going to invade the Rainbow. A man was staring right in front of them. His head was bald and he had ‘Rainbow’ tatood on his head.

“Now let me explain what this is before we hold you hostage”the man said with a smirk.

“What?”Avery asked “You are trying to take our god away from us!”

“Rainbow is a society that sells hand made masterpieces” the man said.

The rest of the crew kept quiet as they were terrified.

“This has all been a trick, you made as believe Rainbow is our god and we had to make those masterpieces everyday just for you!” Avery exclaimed  “so that you could make money out of it.

Garnet and Pearl fiddled with their hands whispering furiously. Avery continued shouting and argueing with that man but everyone seemed to think that they were invisible. But, that was IT! They got a chance to at least stand up for them, all the unicorns. They could be heroes!

“Once I say go, you go attack that big mean giant, I will take the sculpting and when your attacking the man scream to Avery to attack others” Pearl said.

“Why me!” Garnet exclaimed “You know im the scary goose out of all of yo-“

“Go” Pearl yelled.

Both of them did what they had to do and soon that giant was bleeding. Avery and Pearl stumbled with the carvings and returned to their island. Once everyone heard the news, they were disappointed but happy that the three unicorns were so brave.


© Copyright 2019 Leikaasri Sri Ganes. All rights reserved.

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