Those kids, my kid

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How today's media and technology is affecting today's generations.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



“Just let go

And let them what they want to be

You’ll never know

They might be better than you and me


Don’t try

To be a super dad

Don’t secretly cry

Having a parent is the best they’ve ever had


They’re lost

They’ll find you, they always do

They’re tossed

On life to do better than you.


You’ll never understand

So don’t wreck it

Just offer them a lending hand

And respect it”


But how

When I see them soul less

I know now

What they detest


They detest emotion

The very fiber of humanity

They lack devotion

They’re anti unanimity


I ask for help

They give me attitude

I take a forward

They recede a multitude


My worry is for love

Where is it?

Why is it shoved

Can it visit


These new younglings

With eyes smacked to a screen

These wanabe starring

Whose soul is mangled to mean


How can I save mine

From this life of false belief

I wish she’d give a sign

So I can suspend my disbelief.

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