Torch Of Avalon

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Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



The sunrise fades

in the aurora's golden glaze.

The sky's bright torch

Invites the saving grace.

She brushes teardrops


Her heart is ready to arrive.

Face shaped scars .

Glimmer in the light of stars.

They hide resilience

in a century's part.

She makes me smile inside.

I hear a thousand horses stride.

Gentle as the breeze

that sways the evergreens.

A smell of victimless fate.

A wrenching sadness

I can't take .

As the blood streams down the petals.

A fortress holds a burning kettle.

Igniting flaws

that are grasped in a panther's claws.

Shine on .

The empty souls

bask in the autobahn.

As a summer love

slips in the Avalon.

She carries the basket

with the night .

A jar of moonbeams provide the light.

Undertake the veils that

you're holding.

I'm unfolding you.

Undertake what's falling .

I'm calling you.

As the core shifts slow.

The depth of love

will eat you whole .

The beauty is alive.

As strong as a million fences

built high.

Above the celestial.

We reach for the extraterrestrial.

It doesn't exist.

Yet , I still miss the silent kiss.

From your venomous lips.

Shine on .

Here we are locked into a prolapse.

Two tired bodies

ready to collapse.

In the blue mist

your heart still shoots

it's friendly attacks .

Around the world in a blink of an eye.

The army has grown

a million horses stride.

Front men on a gauntlet.

Danger leaking from a faucet.

The water aged like wine.

Intoxicated by madness one last time.

Yet , through

the reign of disaster.

It was only your love

that I was after.

The chapel falls

into a fate gone wrong .

As the torch shines


into Avalon .

Where I will remember you

again . .

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