Death Tone

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Work on Death Tone began in middle school and has been destroyed twice, but revived each time. Unfortunately, I kept writing it as I did before. The writing is basic, apologies. A lot of the lyrics are referencing songs, support the original artists. Meet Kidd, the lead singer of Death Tone, he is a very cruel person but their music is well known. But someone has their sights on Death Tone. Kidd is shrouded in secrets, Blair is mysterious, and Z... Who is that little girl, who is her father? (The story is complete, but I plan on editing for more detail. Production of two Death Tone sequels are underway, but restricted to only those who message. The most active one follows epilogue one and is being written by a fan, the second sequel is my own, but is only in the concept phase. The second sequel will follow both epilogues through the eyes of Z, unsure of which is reality.) Here is the link to my friend's sequel.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Death Tone

  “Death Tone is coming here?!” He swiped the poster and took it to her. “Check it, they’re coming here!” She looked over the poster of a skeleton playing the flute and four people coming from the finger holes and at the bottom it said in dark pink and black letters; [“Death Tone here soon! Female vocalist and main guitar is Jazz the Dark Angel, male vocalist and drummer is known only as Blade, female scream vocalist and bass guitar is The Black Rose Dragon, female backup scream and vocalist along with flute and manager is the Death Raven; and finally the lead vocalist, screamer, flute, and violin is Death The Kid!! October the 31st at Night, don’t be late!”] “Please my love, it will be insane!”
  She smiled, “Okay, let’s get tickets; it’s already October the 29th.”


Report One/October 30th 5:00 P.M.
Check, Check

  He sat on the couch and waited for the other four. He took the skeleton mask he customized and made himself, black and white along with sharp teeth. He is only known as Death The Kid, who is seen masked around the public; but is known personally by Raven and Jazmine. He has green eyes, wears all black, and his long black boots are the same tone as his hair. He played with his flute as the Dark Angel, Jazz, walked in.
  “Oh,” She started, “I thought I was early.” Jazmine, the sweetie of the band; She knew Kidd before the band. She has pink hair, blue eyes, wears pink, pink boots, and wears cat ears.
  “You are,” Kidd assured her, “I'm just earlier.” She messed with her kitty ears and mewed.
  “I want to be a kitty!”
  “Sometimes I mistake you for a cat.” The Black Rose Dragon joked. Her name is Sam, she has red hair, wears black boots and clothing, and a tiara made of black roses. “Sup Kidd, Jazz. What are you two doing here alone?” Jazmine blushed while Kidd ignored her and yawned.
  “Sam, you bore me.” He put on his mask and a skull hoodie and let the shadow cover his face. “Make yourself useful and wake me when it’s time to practice.”  Sam scolded at him then at the kitty wannabe.
  “What’s the hell’s his problem?” Sam asked and Jazmine shrugged.
  “Maybe he just doesn’t like you.” She drew whiskers on herself and mewed once more.
  “Have you ever even seen him smile?” She asked the kitty.
  “Yes, of course. He used to smile all the time when-“
  “Shut it, Jazmine.” Kidd’s eyes were glowing through the shadow of his hood, “Don’t say another word.” She put her head down.
  Kidd lit a cigarette and walked outside to the stage leaving the two girls alone.
  “Jazmine, he’s gone so please continue!” Jazmine declined Sam. “It’s ok, now talk!!” Jazz flinched and hid behind the couch.
  “He’ll kill you if you yell at her like that.” Sam turned to a girl wearing a hoodie that resembled a raven along with purple boots and skirt with yellow eyes and green hair.
  “Raven!” Jazmine screamed and hugged her crying, “She was yelling at me!” Raven shook her head at Sam.
  “Sam, Sam, Sam,” she held Jazz close, “Why did you yell at this cute, adorable kitten?”
  “I just want to know more about Kidd,” she started, “like if he ever smiles?” Raven’s eyes changed hinting a smile.
  “There was a time,” she started and kissed Jazmine’s head, “When he was different, but that changed when he made Death Tone.” Jazz looked up at Raven.
  “You know he hates it when someone talks about his past.” Raven just shrugged.
  “Am I late?” Blade asked stepping in. Before one of the girls could answer, someone else did.
  “Your fifth time being late,” There was a hoodie and skull mask behind Blade “One more time and you’re out.” Blade, real name’s Lance, black eyes and wears all red, silver hair and tennis shoes. He has a knife with a black blade engraved “Blade” at his hip. 
  “No, it’s not,” he defended, “It’s my fourth time-“
  “In a row,” Kidd finished shaking his head, “Next time will be the last.” Jazmine went between them.
  “Kidd, how bout we just practice?” she asked looking up at him with her big blue eyes and kitty ears making her look like a kitten. Kidd sighed and petted Jazz.
  “Whatever,” Kidd answered Jazz and walked to the stage as the rest followed.


Note 1-X, Halloween
Day 30th, Oct, 11:54 P.M.

  The hooded man opened the door and quickly two people stood straight up in attendance. “Ah, Blair and Scarecrow; how was musume, Z?” he asked. The man made of hay step forward.
  “Milord, Z was most presentable through the day-” Then the woman in a witch’s outfit stepped forward. 
  “Z was a good girl through our shift and Pumpkin treats her as royal.” She snapped her fingers and a kid with the skin and head of a pumpkin with plain clothing walked to her. “You remember Pumpkin.” The hooded man grabbed a knife and stabbed it into pumpkin’s head causing him to scream and run into a wall. 
  He gave a small laugh as Blair healed pumpkin’s wound. “Milord, did pumpkin do something wrong?” she asked as scarecrow left the house.
  “No, I just love watching your pumpkin’s reaction,” He looked at the calendar, “Oh, tomorrow while I am busy you will take my Z Trick ’o’ Treating, alone. Understood?” She nodded.
  “Milord, I still await my payment,” she went to him and slowly lowered his hood. “Remember what-“
  “Protector!!!” they turned to see the eight year old hugging his leg. Blair, purple hair and dress, the yellow eyed witch. Z, eight years old, black hair and clothes with yellow eyes.
“There’s my Z,” He picked her up and Blair looked down. He kissed her’s and Blair’s head making her raise her head. “Well Z, what do you want to be for Halloween?” She responded with a meow…  

Report Two/November 1st  
If You Can’t Hang PT.1, 1:12 A.M.

  “-… And now you scream,” Death The Kidd yelled into the microphone as the Black Rose Dragon and the Death Raven joined in.
“Let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go, tooonniightt!!!!” 
  The song ended with the crowd cheering then Jazz took the microphone, “Now for the surprise of the concert, five of you will come backstage to meet us!” The crowd roared again as she passed the mic to Kidd.
  He moved his hair from his mask, “I shall pick first…”

  Kidd sat on the couch back stage as the others walked after him. “There are five pairs of T-shirts for each of you, follow Jazz to the other room then feel free to rejoin us in this room.” Jazz lead the four girls and one guy into the other room as Sam sat next to Kidd.
  “So, you’re not planning on taking their souls right?” she asked as Blade laughed.
  “Rose, of course that’s what he is going to do,” He answered for Kidd, “Why else would he be so nice?”
  Kidd sat up straight to answer but Raven did instead, “They are our fans, in a way they are our friends maybe even family,” She stood behind the couch and Kidd, “We need to show that we are not another famous gold hungry band. Right, Kidd?” He remained quiet for some time then stood up.
  “Lance, I need your knife.” He said.
  Lance pulled out his knife then asked before giving him it, “Why would you-” they heard Jazmine screeched and Kidd swiped the knife then ran into the room.
  Raven took her short sword from her guitar case, “Kitten!?” she took a step towards the door but stopped. The man they picked was walking slowly out the room with Kidd behind him holding a knife around his throat. She held her sword tight as Sam and Blade started cracking their knuckles. Kidd gave the knife back to Blade then kicked the man from the back dropping him to his knees.
  “Death Tone, show this pig what happens when you try to steal kisses from a lady.” The three of them looked down on him. “I trust while I'm comforting our beloved Dark Angel, you will teach him a lesson.” With that he walked back in the room and closed the door. 
  “Dark Angel, it’s going to be ok. Look Kidd’s back.” The four girls moved to let him walk to her.
  “Angel.” He took her hand. She sniffed and wiped her face. ”He’s go-“ They turned to hear a slam at the door then Sam’s voice.
  “It’s ok, we’re just going to take him outside.”
  The girls were all in black, one was blonde, another was red haired, the other two black and purple. The red one stepped up to Jazz, “Hey there. We’re here for you.” She gave her a hug, “look my name is Drew but everyone calls me Red.” Kidd leaned back against the wall and thought (Not the best time, but then again Jazz can always make friends.)
  “I’m Sierra,” the blonde said next.
  “I'm Marisa,” Said the Purple, and finally the black haired stepped up.
  “Rose,” she looked down, “My name’s Rose.” 
  Jazz looked at Rose then Red, Sierra, and Marisa. “My stage name is the Dark Angel, but my name is Jazmine or Jazz.” Jazz smiled at Kidd, “T-Thank you.” 
  Kidd put on his hoodie, “Just try not to bring it up,” he undid his mask, “Does wearing my mask still make you feel safe?” She nodded and looked down as he passed his mask to Rose then she gave it to Jazz. “I’m going to check on Number Five.” He lit a cigarette and stepped out the room then to the stage.
  “Had enough?!” Raven pressed the back of her sword against his neck. His face was bruised and bleeding along with blood stained clothes.
  “Oh yeah,” he spit out blood speaking, “You won’t do nothing, you are all just a bunch of pus-“ She pressed it harder causing him to choke.
  “Stop it.” Kidd said puffing out some smoke.
  She didn’t move and Sam stood to Kidd. “He deserves to pay.”
  “Yeah, Kidd,” Lance spin his knife in his fingers, “I'm no doctor, but maybe he needs some surgery; everywhere”. Kidd stood next to Raven, still smoking.
  “Oh I don’t mean stop like that,” He looked down at the man, “I just think it’s my turn, now Raven, if you don’t mind.” She took her sword back as Kidd pulled him up by the shirt. “Pig, just a word of warning,” The man looked at Kidd’s shadow covered face, “We are not a bunch of pussies….”

Note 2-X/October
Day 31st, 9:45 P.M.

  “Where’s protector and his kitten?” Z said looking out the window already in costume. Her yellow and black tail and ears, dressed in a black T-shirt and skirt with long black gloves and boots.
  “Milord is doing something very important, dear.” Blair popped up a small paint kit, “Now come here so I can put your whiskers.” Z sat in a chair in front of her.
  “Can I have paint on my neck and legs, too?” Blair just raised an eyebrow, “I want to be a scary kitty.” She started doing her whiskers.
  “Ok then, do you want to be a zombie kitty or a spirit kitty?” 
  “Ooh, what’s a spirit kitty??” She got done with one side and started on the other half of Z’s whiskers.
  “They have markings over most their bodies, markings like trees, stars, moons, and even animals.”
  “I want to be a spirit kitty!” Blair smiled.
  “Z, it might take a little. Would you like to watch some TV while I paint?” 
  Z stood up, “Can we watch Teen Titans??” Blair kissed her head and nodded.

  “Do you have your bag, Moon Spirit?” Blair asked the Kitten, Z.
  “Yes, Blairy.” Z stood there and looked around on the porch. “I wonder when Kitten will be back again…” Blair looked down.
  “I'm not sure Z,” she fixed her kitten ear headband, “But how about we go get some candy?”
  “Can we get some for Protector?”

Report Three/November 1st  
If You Can’t Hang PT.2, 3:02 A.M.

  Kidd stepped into the restroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He put down his hood. He had blood all over his hands and face; he turned on the water and washed his hands and face watching the sink turn red then clean again. He then turned off the water. “It’s not polite to stare.”
  There was a small shriek, “H-how did you know I was h-here?” He just looked at Rose. “I-I just… I’m looking at you…” She looked down, “You probably don’t like people seeing your face…but you’re just so b-breath taking…” He put his hood back up.
  He walked out pass her and stopped at the room where the other three and Jazz were, “Come, let’s see what they’re up to.” She walked right beside him and they walked in to see Jazz putting whiskers on Red, Sierra, and Marisa.
  “Eek,” she put the paint down, “Kidd, this is not what it looks like!” The four girls giggled as he stood over them.
  “Jazz,” he looked them over, “Are you creating an army of kittens again?” She blushed and looked down. (The last time I made an army of kittens, Kidd was…)
  “Kidd why don’t you join us?” Sierra asked tugging at his arm breaking her thought. “Please?” Then Red and Marisa starting tugging at him.
  Rose looked at him, “Can’t you hang with us for a bit?” 
  “I don’t do face paint.” He turned to the door, “I just came to say goodbye.” They looked at him, Jazz still wearing his mask. “I have to take care of some things. You four,” he looked over his shoulder at them, “Take care of Jazz, she could use a kitty army.” Jazz looked down and picked up the paint.
  “Don’t get in trouble,” Jazz whispered almost to herself. Kidd then picked up his flute and left.

5:00 A.M.

  Raven smiled, “Sam, the kitten army has finally fallen,” She looked at the Kittens in blankets around each other on the floor. “Kind of cute, don’t you think?” Sam went to lay on the couch.
  “Sure,” Raven laid on the other, “I mean, it does suit our kitten comrade.” She said yawning.
  “The Black Rose Dragon is tired?” Raven teased her trying not to yawn. “Hey, Sam, why do you think Lance had to leave?”
  “Why? You miss him already?” Sam giggled.
  “Oh, shut it. You’re the one always trying to get close to him singing,” she cleared her throat, “Let Love Bleed Red, there’s no reason to take it when you’re dead!” she said bursting from laughter.
  “No!” She said sitting up, “That’s our main song for this album, I’m just trying to remember the lyrics!” 
  “Sure it is, but that’s not even your part,” she passed a blanket to Sam, and covered herself with another.
  “Well, tell me about Kidd.” She asked, causing her to sit up.
  “Um, well…”
  “Oh, I get it; you like him.” Sam said getting some payback.
  “No, well once,” she covered her face, “I'm not too sure anymore.”
  “How so, Raven?”
  “Kidd, he just changed,” she looked down, “He and Jazz were like in love,” Sam leaned towards her, showing Raven that she has her full attention. “And…I need a cigarette…” She pulled out a cig and lighter, then smoked for a few seconds. “And somehow I started liking him.”
  “Raven, don’t tell me he cheated on Jazz with you.”
  “No!” she yelled, “We didn’t do anything and he never dated Jazz or me… He seemed too innocent to even ask us.”
  Sam laughed, “Innocent??”
  “Yes,” Raven nodded, “He was happy, shy, always smiling… But something happened, I don’t know what but something did!” Sam looked at her covers. “He disappeared for a week then came back to form Death Tone, and that was the end of Kidd the Innocent…”

Note 3-X/November 1st
4:34 A.M.

  “So, what ever happen to your kitten?” She asked closing Z’s door as they walked out.
  “What about her?”
  “Z misses her.”
  “That’s too bad.”
  “Milord,” She stopped him at his door, “What is going on?”
  “Nothing, Blair, I shouldn’t let her get close to Z. You know how I’ll get if people found out.”
  “I know…” She moved from the door, “I’m sorry, Milord.” 
  He leaned against the door. “Blair, you serve me and Z well, there is no need for apologizing.”
  “Then when will I get my payment that I have been requesting?” 
  He glared at the night sky, “I'm tired Blair, we will speak of your payment another time.”

Report 4/November 1st 
The Kitty Army Rises 10:24

  “What the hell was that?” Sam screeched waking Raven up with a smack on the ground. They looked at the clock then at the kitty army looking at them smiling.
  “What is it?” Raven asked looking at Sam then bursting out of laughter.
  “What?” Then she saw Raven and joined her, but then they realized. While they were sleeping they were drafted to the army. 
 “JAZMINE!” they both yelled as the kitty’s princess and four other kittens laughed.
  Jazz made a small purr, “We think you look so adorable,” She put her hands over her mouth, “I wonder what Kidd will think!”
  “Me too,” Marisa agreed then Red, Sierra, and Rose. 
  “Too bad,” Sam started, “Ain’t no way we’re letting him see us like this!”
  “Right on, Sam,” Raven said while high fiving her.
  “Seven kittens,” The group of girls separated showing someone in a hood with the popular skull mask.
  “W-want to be the eighth…?” All eyes went on the quiet Rose. “S-sorry…” Jazz just stared at her.
  Marisa hugged her, “It’s a-ok, who knows maybe he wi-“
  “I won’t,” Kidd said cutting her off.
  “Why not?” Red asked trying to reach his hood, but he kept moving away.
  “Pwease?” Sierra asked trying to be a kitten.
  “Pwease?” Jazz said joining Sierra, then the other three joined.
  Raven and Sam just looked at each other, then Sam whispered, “God, it looks like he’s their king.”
  “Ya,” Raven replied, “Their weird skeleton king.” She looked at his shadowed face, thinking what he might be thinking.
  There was silence between Sam and Raven, but the kittens still tried to get Kidd to join. “Raven,” She asked making her look at Sam, “Want to wash up with me?”
  Raven looked at the kittens, “Sure as hell beats watching this.”

Note 4-X/November 1st
Dead Of Nacht 10:00 a.m.

  Blair finally felt her eyes waking up as she laid in bed. The lock was on the door with the password only she and him knew, along with Z only for emergencies. “Z’s King,” She softly whispered to herself putting her hands behind her head and closing her eyes. She opened them and looked at the ceiling, then at the walls, then the dresser… “Photos? I don’t remember there being photos.” She sat up and took another look. Photos, they were against the mirror on the dresser. Blair got up and looked for her hat which she tilted a little to the right then examined them. Him and Z, half a smile and half moon eyes while Z had her eyes closed from smiling so hard. Him with a Boy who had Pink Hair, but younger with cheerful eyes and a smile; The boy had his arm around Him and was smiling happily. Him looking at the stars, a little bit older and seemed to have lost the light in his eyes. Then the last one, Z holding a Xannaz (Black Rose) and taking His hand looking not as happy as the other picture.
  “Is that really him?” She asked herself. She took another look then the door swung open. 
  “Protector!” Z screamed while in tears.
  “What happened?” Blair asked picking her up.
  “Dead!” She put her face against her neck, “Nightmare!”
  “Will laying in Protector’s bed make you feel better?” Z looked at her and nodded. Z was tucked in and finally stopped crying when she told Blair…

  “Protector!” She screamed as the noises reached the front door.
  “Dammit,” He said loading the twin pistols, “My room, now Z!” she ran and put in the code and they both went in then locked it. The noises got loud then the door was being hit.
  “Protector… Don’t let them eat me, don’t let them!” she screamed starting to cry. He kneeled and kissed her head.
  “I won’t let them, I will protect you,” She looked at him with big round sparkly eyes as he put one gun to her head and the other to his. The first zombie broke a hole then they started running in.
  “Protector!” She screamed as he pulled the first trigger…

  Blair was cradling her, “Z, it’s over,” She kissed her head and moved her hair out of her face, “It was only a bad nightmare, Milord will be home soon.” She looked at her.
  “Protector…” She sniffed.

Kidd, the Innocent
(To be corrected)


  “Raven!” Jazmine pounced on Raven wearing kitty ears and her tail. “Where’s Kidd?”
  Raven turned a little putting a pillow over her head, “He’ll be here in a few minutes, he said something about song writing or something.”
  Jazmine sat up on the bed. “I can wait!” Raven tried going back to sleep but Jazmine kept moving. “I cannot wait!” the door opened and she screamed, “I have been waiting for like a year!” Raven sat up.
  “She means we.” Jazz threw a pillow at her.
  “She was sleeping!” Raven took the pillow off her head and used it to hit Jazmine. “so anyway are you really writing songs?” 
  Kidd nodded, “yep I want to make a song that at the end the chorus it will be like, let me go let me go let me go tonight!” 
  “What will the song be called?” Raven asked getting up.
  “In love with death. What do you two think?” Raven nodded and Jazz put her kitty ears on him.
  “you better let me be in your band!” Kidd stuck his tongue out at her and she pounced on him. “I mean it! Don’t make me bite you!” Raven pointed at them and laughed. “I’ll do it to you, too!”
  Raven just looked at her. “You would not, Jazz.” She pounced on her trying to bite her cheek.
  Kidd laughed, “now, now girls calm down, how bout we make a song?” They fixed themselves and agreed to past the time.
(A Little Later)
  Let love bleed red, there ain’t a reason to take it when you’re dead. I'm tired of thinking it’s all in my head, now remember when I said. There is light behind those eyes, hatred and love entwined, and poison in the wine! This altar is a shrine, deceiving till the day you die, and sadly you’re all mine!
  Kidd fist bumped the two girls, “I hope these days never end.” They all came in for a group hug.
R.I.P. Kidd The Innocent...

Report Five/Nov 3rd
Kidd’s Uneasiness 9:56 p.m. 


  After almost two full days with the band, the four girls; Rose, Red, Sierra, and Marisa have seem to become the band’s roadies. Though, today Kidd insisted on going to a concert to see The Dead Rabbitts perform and for the band to have an easy day.
  “He’s acting weird,” Sam told Raven.
  “How so?” 
  “He seems like he wants the world to die.” Sam said.
  Jazz pressed her way between them leaning against Raven, “He isn’t talking much either.”
  “At least he isn’t being mean to us,” Raven said petting Jazz. Blade coughed up some smoke.
  “Speaking of the devil, where the hell did Kidd go?” he put his cigarette out using his shoe. “It was his idea to go to the concert yet he disappears before it begins.” 
  Three girls walked up to Jazz, “Hey we found him,” Marisa started.
  “Yeah,” Sierra began, “He found a spot by the stage and got us all backstage passes!”
  Jazz, Raven, Sam, and Blade took the passes each passed out, “Wait, where’s Rose?”
  Red turned quickly, “I dunno, she must have stayed with Kidd.” She looked at Sierra who shrugged. “Let me take you to Kidd at least.”

  “S-so…” Rose looked away as Kidd barely took a look at her. “I heard Famous Last Words will be here, along with For All Those Sleeping, and Meg and Dia should be reuniting for just this concert…” Kidd just nodded at Rose. “D-did I do something wrong…?”
  “No,” he said adjusting his hood and skull mask looking at a girl dressed as a witch with a small girl dressed as a cat jumping from excitement by her. “It’s not Halloween, yet they are hiding themselves,” he debated whether to keep his mask on, “What a weird woman.”
  “Who are you looking at?” She turned to the witch and girl.
  “I do not know. Maybe I should ask.” He said turning back to the stage. Rose pressed her index fingers together slowly.
  “Can we h-hu…”
  “Kidd! Rose!” Sierra yelled followed by the rest of the group. “Now what are you two doing here alone?”
  “Nothing. The band is starting.” Everyone turned to the stage.
  “Why the Dead Rabbitts?” Sam whispered to Raven.
  “Because Craig Mabbitt is his idol, although he would never admit it.” They both took a peek at Kidd, but he remained unchanged.
  “Shh! Let’s watch guys!” Jazz said almost jumping up and down. 

  “Where’s Kidd?” Raven asked, looking around at the crowd of people trying to leave the concert. 
  “I don’t see him, maybe he went backstage?” Sam answered.
  “Raven! Remember, we have backstage passes!!!” Jazz yelled, trying to run back to the stage.
  “Oh god, Jazz!” Raven yelled running after her, “Don’t run off on your own!”
  Red and Sam just looked at each other. “I guess we should follow them.”

  “Anyone seen Kidd?” Raven asked as Jazz jumped at her.
  “He went to talk with Craig!” They are backstage now having a small party with the bands.
  “Oh god is he going to kill him?” Blade asked taking a bite of pizza.
  “No!” Sierra said taking the pizza from him and taking a bite. “I believe he said something about singing, maybe he’s teaching Kidd about vocalization.”
  “You pizza stealing bastard.”
  “Stealing pizza is fun.” They looked at Kidd, “Y’all can stay, but I must leave.”
  “Why?” Jazz ask, going to Kidd.
  “Save me a couple of CDs,” Kidd patted her head and left.
  “What the hell is his problem?” Raven asked, as Jazz moved behind her.
  “He leaves too much…”
  “Who cares.”

Note 4-X/Nov 4
Prepared Emotions 7:32 a.m.


  “She had the same nightmare, last night.” Blair said as he sat on his bed.
  “Then we should make plans.”
  “They are looking to kill you.”
  “I killed one of their men, of course they are.”
  There was a slight hesitation before she spoke again, “Will they kill you?”
  “Only if I allow it.”
  “Milord, I will fight-“
  “No, you will do no fighting. You will replace me if something happens.”
  “And Z?”
  “You already take care of her, it will be no different.”
  “I-“ She wrapped her hands around him tightly, “I love you, milord!”
  “Stop,” He pushed her away, “You know very well not to love me, Blair. You’re Z’s caretaker, if I die you will have to be her backbone. Her caretaker cannot be in pieces because her love has perished.”
  “Milord…” She started while holding the tears back, “Can you for once be selfish! I am yours to have, I love Z as much as you do, but it seems you are driving yourself into the grave trying to-“ She wiped her tears away trying to get her thoughts together, “I mean your life is so much, I’m not saying it’s wasted on Z, but there can be more.”
  “I am awaiting my casket, don’t get these thoughts of love for me, it will be wasted.”
  “Then fine! Milord, I do everything for you and nothing you don’t want me to do, but not this time, I am not going to just stop loving you like that; if it’s wasteful then I will waste it with pride.”
  He stared at her for a moment, “You dare defy me?!” he took a step toward her as she cringed, “Then you will be a good role model for Z.”
  “Wha-! You-? Sigh okay, milord. Anything for Z…”


Report 5/Nov 4
Where Do We Go From Here 2:34 p.m.


  Kidd sat on the couch and kicked his feet on the table while taking off his mask. “The stage is empty. It is quiet. Does it request another performance?” He lowered his hood sighing in the empty room. “It does not, it only requests silence.” He leaned his head back staring at the ceiling. “And you, Brother? What do you want me to do?” He stood up, “Silence, of course. If only you were still here.”
  Kidd laid down on the couch and closed his eyes. “Where is it I’m going, I wonder if it’s showing, her love for me is mourning. Hm, not bad.” He started to write it down, “She will be the one growing. As the widow whispers to the grave, I’ve never felt so ashamed, the grave she now to hold, the emotions she showed. No. Not good enough.” He flipped to another page. “Unknowingly the best years of my life, living with my grandparents, parents divorced, meeting the love of my life, still growing up, falling in love just to fall back down, although she, she have needs I cannot satisfy, these are unknowingly the best years of my life. Running through the halls, jumping on the backs of my friends, having laughs throughout class, cussing out loud, unknowingly the best years of my life. Staying out late, spending nights at friends, in and out of relationships, holding hands in class, earning a diploma, knowingly the worst years of my life…”
  “Sounds like a rough life.” Kidd looked at Raven who had walked in without him noticing.
  “I wouldn’t know. Why are you here?” 
  “Jazz texted me, saying we were having practice today. Were you writing new songs?”
  Kidd put his hood back up and his mask on, “You’re asking too many questions.”
  “How? That was my first question.” She defended.
  “Yes, one question too many. Let’s just rehearse already.”

  “Look away, my son! The best is yet to come!”
  “Behold the decimation, irony and decapitation, destruction without creation!”
  “It’s crucial to understand, let’s send you to hell, off with your hands, listen for the bell!”
  “Let’s just go slow… No need for hate…”
  “I feel so cold…”
  “I feel…”
  “It’s too…Late…”
  “And now, the story is…”
  “Over, the…”
  “Story is over…”

Note 5-X/ Nov 5
Disorient 1:25 a.m.
(To be corrected or removed)

  The hooded man fell on the couch, mumbling. Blair went to him and smelled alcohol on him. “Milord, are you drunk?”
  “No, you liar, you’re drunk.”
  “Dammit, Milord, what would you do if Z saw you like this? Are you so stressed that you would let Z see you as a mess!?”
  He turned to her and she could see tears so she held him tightly, “Where’s Z?”
  “In her room, asleep.”
  “Where’s Ben?”
  “Ben? He’s…”
  “I miss Ben… He never said goodbye to Z…” 
  “Aren’t you happy she has you?”
  “Don’t you insult me…”
  “I didn’t, I just ask a question about-“
  “What right do you have to speak of Ben?”
  “Milord, please, I am confused.” She kissed his head and whispered a spell to him.
  “Blair… I will tell you…”
  “Milord, are you actually going to open up?”
  “Yes. I will tell you when it is time.”
  “Shh, Blair.” He stood up and kissed her hand. “I’m tired, will you join me?”

Report 6/ Nov 5
The Show Will Go On 11:55 p.m.


  “Where’s Blade!?” Kidd yelled pacing behind the curtain.
  “We need our drummer.” Jazz said.
  “We have a crowd that we are supposed to perform for in two minutes!” Kidd stepped to Raven, “You are the only one close to a drummer than anyone else.”
  “Actually,” Jazz started, “Rose once told me that she used to drum and can read music.” Kidd turned to her.
  “Get her from the crowd, now.”

  Kidd stepped behind the curtain and saw the blood that trailed from the door. “The hell is this?” He said as Jazz followed and screamed, which called the others over. “I thought I told you we kill together.”
  “But I didn’t kill anyone.”
  “Nor did I” One by one they said no.
  Kidd followed the trail, “I swear, I’ll kill- Blade?!” They circled around his corpse just staring at the dead body.
  “Are we next?”
  “Who saw him last?”
  “Oh god, we are all in danger!” 
  “Guess it’s time.” Kidd packed his things.
  “What about Blade?!”
  “He’s no use to us as a corpse, although if you truly wish you can avenge him then hold on to that anger. It’s time for me to go.” He turned and opened the door.
  “Like that’s a surprise!”


Note 6-X/Nov 6
The Curtain is Falling 5:01 a.m.


  “Where’s Scarecrow?”
  “He went back to town, to help the others.” She held her wand outward, “Shall I make an army of pumpkins?” 
  “No, not unless…” They stared at the door, someone was banging on it.
  “Milord, they may wake Z?” Blair whispered while he grabbed his knife from the table.
  “Z must survive at all costs, remember that.” He went to the door and she stood at the end of the hallway.
  He put his hand on the doorknob as the banging continued. He quickly opened it and was shoved against the wall with a knife at his throat. “How dare you call Blade a corpse and just walk out!” Blair raised her wand to Raven.
  “How did you find my house!?”
  “Sorry…” Jazz slowly stepped through the doorway followed by Sam.
  “What is with the witch and her toy?” Blair took a step towards Sam raising it at her.
  “Toy?! How about I light you on fire!” 
  “Calm down, Blair. We need them, don’t forget.”
  “Yes, Milord.”
  “Milord? Is that some kind of fetish?”
  “Fetish! Like you would know, you shit brain!”
  “Stop being idiots and keep your voices low.”
  “Don’t you try bossing us around!”
  “Protector...?” They all turned to Z staring at Raven who was slowly taking the knife from Kidd’s throat. Then she turned to Jazz “Kitten?” 
  “It’s ok, Z,” Jazz took a step toward her, but Blair stood in her way.
  “You led intruders to her, you shall step no further.”
  “Who the hell is that child?!” Raven asked.
  “Blair, tell them why you and Z are here before I have to deal with anymore questions.”


Chapter X
A Story


  “There was a man, child, and woman; the father’s name was Ben, mother’s Kim, and of course there was the child whose name was Z. Ben was the first born in a special family, the Sectors. In my people follow gods and goddesses that we believe will be reincarnated in the form of the first born and under special circumstances the second born of the royal families. There are five royal families we believe to be their descendants, the Ravens, Sectors, Flames, Kats, and Reds. The Sectors only had one descendant and now they have only one again. Z. Ben was in a band, but they had trouble with another. Ben was killed in a hit and run while his wife, Kim, later took her own life. I was not there to save them, but I lost a sister who tried to. I took Z to the last family she had. Dan Kidd Sector.”
  “I’ve never heard of that before.” Raven said.
  “Shut it you cow! You almost spilled holy blood. Now the royal families never reveal their full names, if they did they would be easy targets. Of course anyone who have lost their brother would need time to adjust to now taking care of his brother’s daughter. When this happens the children know them only as Protector as so when the protector falls the child will not be as affected as if it was a parent or foster. Kidd has chosen his path, to kill the group that killed Z’s father, at any costs. If he falls I will remain at Z’s side, but her new protectors will not be family. They have been chosen by Kidd; Raven, Sam, and Jazz. You three will protect her at all cost as all protectors have before.”
  “Will we be killed?!”
  “Maybe,” Kidd answered while putting a hand on Z’s sleeping head, “If I fail then I need you to leave with her.”
  “And if you succeed?”
  “Then, Milord stays and he protects as he is meant to do.” Blair then turned her head to Kidd, “And he shall bring the next descendant.”
  “I’ll think about it, Blair.” 
  Jazmine then kneeled to Z before looking up at Kidd. “But you have deity blood-“
  “Do I really?” He asked cutting her off. “Blair, tell her.”
  “O-okay. Milord is the second born, if he has the blood it will be passed to his child and form a birthmark in the shape of the family’s goddess; a shape of the moon.”
  “Neat,” Raven started looking over Z “So does she have a birthmark?”
  “On her foot,” Kidd answered before fixing Z’s hair. 
  “Can I see it?” Raven asked.
  “Can I?” Jazmine added.
  Sam the stepped towards Blair, “You actually cast spells?”
  “Yes, am I the first you’ve heard of casting spells?”
  “Show me?” She asked, then Blair looked at Kidd.
  “Bring out another pumpkin, then freeze it.” She nodded and waved her wand as a pumpkin slowly appeared, then it grew a torso and limbs.
  “Pumpkin,” She snapped her fingers as the pumpkin ran up to her. “Nagrom,” She said waving the wand again as a trail of ice lead from her wand to the pumpkin engulfing it in ice.
  “Lord, what shall we do now?” Kidd stared at the sleeping child.
  “Put her to bed and stay with her, the rest of you may rest in my room tonight.”
  “What of you?” Jazz asked.
  “I’ll take the couch, Jazz, make sure they don’t mess with anything.”


Chapter X-X
Sleepover Over


  “I’ve never seen Kidd so happy,” Sam started, “And that boy, they aren’t related right?”
  “Brothers,” Jazmine answered.
  “So that’s Ben?” Asked Raven, “I expected him to have black hair.”
  “I expected Blair to light you on fire.” Sam added. Raven stepped out the door and started to look around. 
  “Look at the lock for Z’s room.” She said staring at the complex lock. “As if someone would force their way inside his house.”
  “Didn’t you do that? It happened like three hours ago.”
  “That’s different.”
  “You had a knife to his throat.”
  “Deadly details, let’s go ask him.”
  Sam and Raven began to walk to the other room where Kidd was suppose to be residing; Blair was sitting straight up with Kidd’s sleeping head in her lap with his hood still up. Blair’s eyes went from him to Sam and Raven, she slowly put a finger to her lips raising her wand.
  “Don’t say a word, he ordered me to stop doing this some time ago.”
  “That’s,” Sam and Raven looked at each other for a moment, “That’s not weird at all.”
  “Keep talking,” Blair said glaring at them, “I’ll make sure they never find your bodies.” They took another look at each other before returning back to the room where a sleeping Jazmine was tucked in bed with a photo within her hand.
  “Raven,” Sam began as she took a seat on the bed. “I am so confused.”
  “Me t-“ She stared down at the child climbing on the bed, Z looked at them for a moment before cuddling up to Jazmine. “Wanna just go out for some coffee?”
  “Yes, it’s too weird here.”

  Raven stared out of the window as the car passed the lit street lights before asking, “Sam, how long have you been driving?”
  “Oh,” She started as she took a left turn. “I’ve been driving for two years,”
  “And where did you get your car?”
  “Oh Raven,” Sam smiled to her, “We all have secrets,” She then looked into her mirror at the headlights behind her. “Dirty, cruel, bloody secrets. I think we are being tailed.” Raven checked behind them and watched the car.
  “What makes you so sure?”
  “I dunno, just a feeling.” She said as the car then made a left turn, “I’ve been wrong before.”
  “Yep, how much farther?” Raven asked.” 
  “Just a few more blocks.”
  “Good.” Raven took another look out of her window as a bright reflection began to form. She then turned to Sam and stared at the headlights growing closer at a high rate. “Sam, look ou-!”

Chapter Z
Der Toten

  “Kidd… I’m scared…” He kept his hood up and stared at Jazmine in the hospital chair across from him.
  “Milord, what is the plan?” He then turn to Blair in the chair next to him with a sleeping Z in her lap.
  “We wait.” He said fixing his mask within his hood. “We need to know if they will-“ A small scream interrupted Kidd as they stared at the girl wearing one of their shirts.
  “Is that Death The Kidd and Jazz the Dark Angel?”
  “What do you need,” Kidd started, “We are kind of busy with something important.”
  “I,” She then stared at Blair and the child then back at Kidd. “I just wanted an autograph.”
  “Sorry, I don’t have a pen.” Kidd told her, then she took a marker from her pocket.
  “Will a marker do?” Kidd nodded as Blair stared at him. Jazz then autographed the girl’s purse then the girl took a step towards Kidd as Blair scolded her putting a hand on Z’s head. “I-is that your daughter?” She asked Kidd while staring at Z
  “No,” he said autographing her purse. The girl continued to stare at Blair and Z.
  “Then who-“
  “Leave.” Blair said cutting her off while snapping her fingers as a small flame flickered from her fingertips. The girl backed away then left the waiting room as a doctor walked in.
  “I’m afraid I have some bad news…” He stared at his clipboard and pushed his glasses back as he thought over how to say the next set of words.
  “Out with it, please…” Jazmine said holding back her tears.
  “Sam Kai has passed away… We did all we could, but there is some good news…” He took a moment to let Jazmine’s tear fall before he continued, “Raven Vivian is in stable condition, you may come with me if you want to see her.”

  “D-does it hurt?” Jazmine asked Raven who was sitting up in her bed.
  “Want to touch it?” Jazmine slowly placed a hand on Raven’s now metal arm.
  “I can’t believe you lost your arm.” Kidd said. He took a look at Z who was poking her metal arm then at Blair who was sighing.
  “Yep, I wonder what Sam will think, how is she anyway?”
  “They haven’t told you already?”
  “No, why? Is she okay?”
  “She…” Jazmine stopped beginning to weep.
  “No…” Raven softly said, also starting to weep. Blair stared at Kidd and Z looked up at Jazz who was still crying. 
  “Kitten?” Z reached up to Jazmine and she slowly picked her up.
  “Blair, please. We must have a moment to mourn before we plan.” They watched as Z tried to wipe the tears from Jazmine’s eyes, then she hugged Raven’s metal arm as Raven’s eyes began to water.
  “Z…” Raven started while putting a hand on her head, “Who taught you to be so sweet..?” Z placed her cheek against the metal softly mewing. Raven turned to Jazmine as the room grew quiet.
  “Milord, may I just speak with you outside.”
  “Fine.” He said following her to the hallway.
  “We must make preparations,” She started as they walked down the hallway.
  “Are you that sure it was the rivals that did this?”
  “Of course! Two of our members leave in the middle of the night just to get blindsided by another car, and why is it that we have been given no information on the one who hit them?” 
  “It was a hit and run, Blair, they didn’t give any information.” Kidd answered turning the corner, he then quickly stepped back keeping Blair back as he took a peek. It was Sierra talking to the girl from before in the doorway.
  “Milord?” Blair whispered. The girl showed Sierra the purse they autographed before being slapped by Sierra. The girl held the purse to her chest beginning to cry as Sierra threw her hands up walking away to leave the crying girl sliding down the wall. He waited until Sierra left before making his way to her with Blair closely behind.
  “How about,” Kidd started giving a look to Blair as the girl looked up at them with tears on her cheek, “We learn a little more about you?”

  “I can’t believe it…” Raven started as Jazmine placed a hand on Z who had finally fallen asleep holding her metal arm. “Sam..” She said as they both wiped their tears. “She… Made me…”
  “I-I’m sorry… You two were always close…” Jazmine said stepping towards her. “B-but I will try to help…”
  “I-I dunno…” She started as she stared at her metal arm, “I just… I don’t want to s-see you hurt again…”
  “Jazz… It was you who taught this child to be sweet wasn’t it?” Jazmine turned away before Raven placed a hand on her cheek. “Jazz, it may be the morphine kicking in or… Maybe it’s just a secret needing to come out…” Jazmine slowly turned to her as Raven pulled her into a kiss. “Either way,” Raven started pulling away for a moment,“It feels great.”

“You’re lucky we are in a public space or you would be held up by your throat.” Kidd said looking down at the girl still holding the purse to her chest.
  “She said she could get me with the band…”
  “We know you were sent for recon, and why,” Blair started kneeling to her, “Now tell us more of Sierra.”
  “She… She saw me at your concert screaming my head off, she told me that she’s friends with you, and basically to find out if any of you were hurt… I told her Blade, Raven, and Sam were not with you, that’s all.”
  “Hm.” Kidd kneeled to her taking her hand as her eyes lit up, “Doll, Death Tone needs you to do something, if you can do this you can hang out with us backstage and be a roadie.” He kissed her hand and gave her a smile as Blair stared at her. “Just say, yes.”
  “C-c-can I wear your mask?”
  “Wear my mask? Hell, if you do this for me you can have one of them.”
  “Yes! Just tell me what to do!”


Chapter Lilith 


  “Do you, or do you not, know if they were killed?!” She flinched as Sierra took the autographed purse from her.
  “They were both killed in a car wreck…”
  “Good, now I need you to lure them to the park.”
  “What will happen?”
  “A fucking tea party, of course! Idiot, I am going to hide in the toy house and kill the last two.”
  “You’re trying to kill the whole band?!”
  “Do you want to die, too? No, if you interfere I will kill your sister.”
  “I-I’ll do what you say…”
  “Good, now go.”

  She lead Jazz and Kidd into the empty park, and sat them at the bench as she was told to.
  “What did you need?”
  “Well, first… My name is Lilith, and I am a huge fan!” Jazz paid no attention to her only on her phone as Kidd yawned.
  “Kay, so-“ Silence fell on the group as a gunshot was heard followed by another and a scream. They stared at the pumpkins dragging a girl out of a play house followed by Blair holding a gun.
  “Milord, she’s ready.” Kidd walked over to her followed by Jazz who had fixed her phone to FaceTime Raven. 
  “This is the person responsible for killing Sam.” Sierra tried to fight against Blair’s pumpkins before Jazz kicked her making her stop. “Jazz, Blair, and Lilith, she is all yours.” Kidd said walking away as Blair watched him.
  “L-love,” Jazz said looking into the phone at Raven, “What should we do with her?”
  “Hm,” Raven laid a hand on Z’s head staring back at Jazz through the phone, “Make her suffer, doll.” Lilith stared at Jazz who had taken Raven’s sword out of it’s sheathe.
  “Are you really going to kill her?” Lilith asked as Blair signaled the pumpkins to hold Sierra still.
  “Y-yes, she was going to kill us-“
  “She was going to kill milord.” Blair told her cutting her off, “If Jazmine does not kill her, then I will take my time with this device.” She moved the gun around in her hand staring down at Sierra. “Want to be fucked by metal?”
  “I-I can do it!” Jazz said giving the phone to Blair, “M-make sure Raven can see…”

  “Milord, Jazz has returned to Raven and Z wanted to stay so I left a pumpkin guard with them.”
  “And Lilith?” Kidd ask walking to his room as Blair trailed behind him. 
  “Jazz gave her the numbers of Rose, Red, and Marisa before going home.”
  “Good, we have things to discuss.”
  “Of course, milord, we should plan to-“
  “I want to discuss your payment.”
  “O-okay! I mean, yes, milord.” She answered as she slowly closed the door behind them...


Chapter XI
Curtain Fall


  “It has been a while.” Kidd started stepping on stage with Jazz and Raven closely behind. He stared at the audience then at the roadies who had remained loyal. “Due to the passing of Blade and Sam, this may possibly be our last concert.” The crowd grew silent as he continued, “However, we won’t disappoint you for our finale, and to start we will be giving up our secrets!” Kidd stepped to the edge of the stage and lowered his hood as the crowd cheered, then he took off his mask tossing it to the crowd.
  Raven and Jazmine slowly walked to the edge holding hands, Jazz shyly turned away from the crowd staring at her as Raven’s hand caught her cheek and pulled her into a kiss. Raven then took the mic from Kidd, “If you don’t approve, then fuck you! Let’s begin!”

  “If we were half of what you thought of us,
  We could do anything, conquer the universe, or even define love,
  We used to think ourselves so bad, NOW WE KNOW IT’S 
  Cause we think you all are so good, and we’re nothing like you,
  To our loving fans, to you, remember you must always continue to,
  Be in love with love, let go of going, to you and only,
  Tis our end to a tome, forever yours, 
  Death Tone…”

  “Don’t break up.” Red told Kidd as she and the rest of the roadies walked backstage.
  “We barely became roadies,” Lilith added as she patted a small girl on her head who has been introduced to the band as Omen, Lilith’s younger sister.
  “P-please, don't let this end…” Rose quietly added with a voice so low, her sounds almost being lost to the wind.
  “What will we do?” Maris ask staring at Red.
  “If you break up then promise to reunite as soon as you break up!” Red demanded as Kidd scoffed at them, for once without his mask or a shadow covering his face.
  “We’ve things to do,” he started, “We are needed somewhere more important.” He then nodded to Jazz who had bags by her. “Take these gifts, I will not promise any of you more.” 
  “What are in the bags?”
  “Mementos,” Raven added stepping toward Jazz. “You all will have items that we are passing down to you. Kidd’s masks, flower tiaras, and not to mention cat ears made by this cutie!” She then began to softly pinch Jazz’s cheek as she blush.
  “This may not be the end, my kitty army.” Jazz took a step toward the roadies, “this may just be a new beginning!” They stared at her, this was the first time they saw her so commanding and vocal, she noticed this and cringed. “Was that t-too much?” Kidd quietly laughed.
  “Nevertheless, it is time for our departure,” Kidd began taking a step away, “If we live, you will each get another song…”

  “Milord?” Blair asked Kidd as he sat at the table with Z. “Is everything fine? You have not spoken much since your return.” He gave Z a kiss on the head and stared at Blair.
  “I want to know something.” Blair slowly nodded walking close to his chair. “When you have your payment, will you leave?”
  “Are you asking me to stay, milord?” She asked as her voice cracked a little.
  “I’ve asked my question. I want the answer.” She slowly turned away.
  “I will stay for as long as I am needed… No sooner will I leave and no longer…”
  “I have two requests.” 
  “Yes, anything!”
  “Name, U.” Kidd said as Z tried to feed him a spoonful of cereal, but he moved his head away. “And… Stay.” Blair stared at him for a moment before smiling.
  “It hardly sounds like you're requesting, but I will not disobey… Milord…”


Chapter Unknown
For every strand…


  Kidd sat up in bed, he felt something amidst and wrong. He took a look at the sleeping witch in bed before stepping out of the room. Within the light of the moon he made his way to Z’s room. He quietly opened the door not to wake her… He took a step toward her bed and found it empty. He quickly checked the rest of the house before returning to Blair who had already awoken. “Blair, where is Z!?”
  “She’s not in her room?”
  “I wouldn’t be asking if she was!”

  “It says, Meet us at the park, alone. It’s a trap, milord.” Blair told him after reading the note left on Z’s bed.
  “Idiots…” Kidd scoffed, “They took her instead of killing me when they were quite able to… I mean how-”
  “Milord, should I send for the others?”
  “No, I will meet them myself.” Kidd answered looking in the closet, “Blair, where are my swords?”
  “I-I had scarecrow take them to get engrave… I wanted it to be a surprise…” Kidd sighed.
  “What weapons do I still have?” Blair hesitated to answer, but eventually did.
  “Your dagger is still in your dresser.”
  “I am going to die.”
  “I’ll go with you.” Blair quickly added.
  “No, they want me to go alone.”
  “But...Z.” There was a moment of silence between them before Kidd clicked his tongue.
  “Z is my responsibility and besides, what about U?”
  “U will be fine, milord, only if I accompany you.”
  “You sound so sure that everything will be fine. Are you truly willing to risk your life on this?”
  “Have I not done so much already?”
  “Okay, Blair. Send a pumpkin to inform the others of where we are going.”

  Kidd began walking to the Park with Blair right behind him. With no one else there, they decided to each take a seat on the swings. “So what did you tell them?” 
  “The note I gave pumpkin contained where we were going in case we die, Milord. Also, for them not to come.” Kidd then stared at his knife.
  “We are going to die.” Kidd then turn to the people approaching them with a child. He quickly stood up and turned to them, “For every strand of-”
  “Why are you attacking us?!” The one up front asked stepping towards Kidd. He then turned to the other guy and girl by Z, “We could never replace them.”
  “Milord,” Blair started, “These are them, The Immortals, they killed Ben.”
  “Who the hell is that, why is she dressed like a witch?”
  “The Immortals, huh?” Kidd sighed taking out the knife while Blair got her wand.
  “We are not going to fight,” He nodded to the other two who were still with Z, “I am Keith, we want only answers in return for an unharmed and well fed Z.”
  “What answers do you want?”
  “Where is Sierra? She last talked of your group.”
  “She is dead.”
  “S-she’s… You will die today.”
  “Also, your bass is dead as well, along with whoever else you’re missing.” Kidd added staring Keith down.
  “Why are you targeting us?” 
  “You killed my brother.”
  “You killed a god!” Blair added getting ready to attack.
  “Ruu, Dan, be ready!”
  “Keith, I-I don't like this…” He looked back at the girl with Z.
  “What do you mean, Ruu? They killed our friends.”
  She then took Z by the hand and took her away from Dan, “I may not know how things work here yet, but I'm not fighting anyone.”
  “Where are you taking her?” Dan asked.
  “Protector?” Z called.
  “I'll be there in a moment.” Kidd secured her.
  “I'm taking her to the other swings until this is over.” Ruu told Keith as he scoffed before sighing.
  “Dan, just be ready or something.”
  “She seems new,” Blair stated as Keith slowly nodded.
  “Then she doesn't die,” Kidd added. Keith took out a pistol from his pocket and Dan did the the same. Kidd then looked at his knife. “Weak, guns?”
  “Don't worry, Milord.” She moved her wand back and forth before their guns turned to as; then the ash reanimated into a pumpkin.
  “What the fuck is that?” The pumpkin then ran to Blair.
  “So, no weapons?” Kidd asked staring at the pumpkin, “Blair freeze Dan, I'm killing Keith for Ben.”
  “Sure,” Keith took out the knife in his pocket and spins it. Kidd took a step toward him before Keith threw the knife at him.
  “No… You weren't supposed to be here…” Kidd held her looking at the knife in her chest. “Blair! Help her.” Blair slowly step towards Rose.
  “Where did Sh-” 
  “Shut it Keith! It's ok, you will be fine.” Blair kneeled to her and shook her head. “Don't give me that. Rose,” He looked down, but she had already passed. Kidd took the knife from her body, then threw it at Keith, stabbing him in the stomach.
  Kidd began walking towards him as Blair watch, “I am killing you two now for Rose and Ben.”

  “Kidd, that's enough!” Jazz ran and hugged him from behind as the rest stared at them “They are dead…”
  “Jazz, get off of me.” She stepped away towards Raven who put her arm around her.
  “Kidd, she's right.” Raven added.
  “Take Rose away, I'm going to get Z.”
  “Milord, Don't kill her.” Blair told him and he began to walk away.

  “Y-You’re here.”
  “Protector!” Z ran to him and hugged his leg.
  “Z, what did they do to you?”
  “They fed me pancakes.”
  “Is that all?” 
  “We did a lot of walking, Ruu taught me how to ride a skateboard!” Kidd then stared at her.
  “I-I skateboard, s-she was wearing a helmet at all times…” Kidd grabbed Z’s hand.
  “You can join us.”
  “You can join us, since your people are dead.”


Epilogue 1


(Ending within a garage during practice)
  “Come down!
  Come down from your tower…
  Come down
  Come down from your tower
  So hoow
  Is this choir
  And noow
  We are liars
  So come down
  Fall from your tower…”

  “Heheh, whose garage is this, anyway… Love?” Blair asked kissing Kidd’s cheek.
  “Well, Blair, with U on his way,” he looked down at Z poking Blair’s stomach, “maybe we should get a new place.” Raven, Jazzmine, and Ruu put up their instruments.
  “I haven't said congrats,” Lilith started, “Also, Omen likes playing with Z so I'm sure U would like having her.”
  “You all will be like her sisters,” Kidd started, “It is time for us to make a comeback…”

Epilogue 2


  “Blair, where is Z?”
  “She's safe, Kidd.” Blair started as she opened the door, then she froze him up to his waist.
  “Silence, I have finally got my payment, and you will be branded as a murderer in front of everyone,” She then turned away putting a hand on her stomach, “Now with both children of different genders I can do the ritual, The Goddess shall return to this mortal realm and claim what is rightfully hers.”
  “Blair, you cant be serious! After everything, we avenge my brother and your sister!”
  “I never had a sister, it was I who killed them and led you on a wild goose chase until I received my payment, goodbye, Kidd.” She then walked away as Kidd struggled to break free from the ice...


  Here is the link to the sequel of Death Tone made by my friend.

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