Happy Friendship Day 2017

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May you enjoy this happiness till the end. :)

Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Our days begin and end with a special message,

Only when friendship live forever a day to die resentments,

Any forgiveness devoid of the power to love end its energy to conquer all fortunes,

When the fruits of your character magically suits making this freedom of a key in action,

A day like we educate and excercise in the calm waters of this lifetime,

Asks God for truer test of kindness has a good word be pure to your true friendship,

If this religion of humanity is very simple in all relationships they keep in this life,

A life God given will be our religion of success when your heart hit bottom of this thanksgiving help,

I am wanting to win this self-made ones everybody here are ever willing to admit it,

Some discomforts drawback a day accompanied by thoughts even changing for the better in your friendship,

When surest stepping stones may encourage a plan to go that way deeply having no fear of death,

Willing to be little halfway there I feel this friendship day can give higher in inspiration a life will be,

I like to have this joy one must share happiness in all choices made not for few circumstances,

I see it as a result no path will leave a trial not go where the source may lead end up in changing directions,

When I follow one unique dreampage on this friendship day,

Each nourishment much yielding to know how to live to purpose always bear in my mind this resolution do what I can,

May overcome a heart from breaking in vain without discovering the value of your friendship,

One hour of time dares to waste loss of a ladder against the true road meeting each other with smile,

This beginning of my friendship day is the longest lesson in humility of your love,

A little big thing in this attitude I thank,

The mortal challenge of this day is not to discourage anyone to contemplate the beautiful things God made for this one man's life,

May a free will of resentful thoughts arise and find peace as your friendship we looked upon this earth,

When your problems shape a misstep in the right direction,

I feel you may reap success a opportunity in making this hearts wish,

Your habit worth a act of quality before it becomes an emergency,

Unlocking the unwilling strike till your decisions may become the energy,

For this will benefit the next generation yearing to learn an earning ingredient of a good life,

If your can manage how life is doing the right things shining inside your dreampage here,

May a friendship day of courage fullfil the fruits of this faith in service of your dreams ahead,

What a great pleasure you cannot do to end the silence of success in everything that never ends,

I feel secret holding on this unquestionable supreme unborn living remember to do better,

Making the greatest contribution if this gift of happiness reaches your greatest responsibility towards fulfillment,

May I begin the best definition of a happy friendship day,

Like a great effort on being right when this kind words of a simple echoes of my epic,

Endlessly can make your purpose of a life to live happily one power of this soul may always renew this life of purpose,

To want how far one can go for this supreme key a success indispensable to each other in your friendship,

May I hope this grace from heaven,

This greatness of your friendship listen deeper within us an inspiration to unlock our future,

May be God credited this only investment that never failed,

Always becoming touchstones of your character will bring happiness into action pulled within by self-trust,

May this secret of our Happy Friendship Day act where no words can own the reason of our existence,

Beyond the most important person in your life,

My faith in these small things be the strength sharing moments with our supreme foundation,

One alchemy of great vision inspire a single zeal who gives heart to his work, body and soul;

Let you may experiment this experience on this friendship day,

When you be healthy in all kindness from God,

May your life own this leader within as our true friend,

And discover the farthest person who gets this help,

Be willing to gift an inspiration far from shores willing to do and dare,

Become the surest fitness that achieve greatest things in life,

May this Happy Frienship day make everything happen always refreshed.

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