Remi Deupree the halloween spy

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Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Remi Deupree was a young girl who all ways wanted to be a spy.  she read books on spys every day. she would pretend a crime had happen and started looking for clues .  she had her on spy kit with finger print powder and spy glass. her best friend lisa helped her.  they went around town looking for unsolved crimes.they solved small crimes like missing pies are the missing neighbor dog.  but one day on halloween she got the biggest break of her life.  a news cast came on talking about the bank down the road from her house .  a man dress as a policeman broke in the bank and took a million dollars.  it was a small town and that money was very important to the towns folks. so that night Remi and her friend lisa decided to hunt the bank robber down.  Remi got her spy kit and snook out of the house and went to get lisa.  they got on there bikes and started down the road .Remi asked lisa to check one side of the street and she would check the other side.  they search for hours and found nothing.then Remi got a break.a little boy in a monster costume told her he saw a man in a policeman outfit go in to the woods next to her house.  Remi new those woods really well.  so Remi got her flash light and started walking in to the woods.  there was a old cabin way back in the woods that Remi use to play in.  so she got her friend lisa to follow her when they got to the cabin they notice a light in the back room.   Remi told lisa to go around back but be very quiet and see if she can get a look in the window.   when lisa did not return Remi went around the cabin and looked in the window.  thats when she notice lisa tied up in a chair and the man walking around the room.   Remi new she had to do something fast.  remi father likes to hunt and trap. he had traps hidden in the woods.  Remi new where they was.  so she made a lot of noise and the man saw her he came out side and started chasing Remi threw the woods. Remi came to a stop and just stood there as the man came closer he step in one of the traps.  as he struggle to get loose Remi found a big stick and hit the man over the head knocking him out.   she ran back to the cabin to free her friend then they went to get the police and led them to the man that was still in the trap.  the police search the cabin and found the money and took it back to the bank.  Remi and lisa got a reward for catching the crook.  Remi bought a new bike . every one in town thanked Remi for getting there money back and putting a crook behind bars.they put up a new sign that say Remi Deupree the little spy that saved are town from bankrupt.  as the years went by she went on to work for the FBI and it was because of that little spy kit from years a go. the end

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