Lady In A Blue Dress

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Written for a school project, it is meant to be short, with a story to be hidden within. I used what I was feeling at the time. "Susan, my dear out of reach love. I want to protect you from him..."
This story was also conjured from an idiot, one I tried to give a happy life, but she lacked common sense. And yes, Lady in a Blue Dress from Senses Fail is one of my favorite songs.

Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Lady in a Blue Dress


  It was a warm morning in spring, where the flowers were still growing, where the roses began to bloom. I remember her bright dress, she was wearing it just a few days ago while alone at the dance. Several times I've wanted to take her hand and lead her away from the abuse. He was a harsh man, filled with hate and drugs, but she still takes his hand. 

  She does not know how close she came to being loved by me the last time she was weeping at the table. But she took his hand. She claimed to ran into a door, into a wall, or fell down the stairs; but everyone knows the truth.

  She lacks common sense to run from harm, I kneeled in the grass, she is a fool. No, I was a coward to not get involved. I finally know her name. I could have helped her, I could have, I would; she should have ran. I rested a hand on her grave, Susan, I had the power to give you a life. To take you away. Susan, the lady in a blue dress, at least he set you free from his rage; once and for all, you will not be harmed again...

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