Seasoned Earth

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A poem for the seasons

Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Leaves bloom like a soulless flower

Yet beyond the color is more life

An eternal circle for three months a year

Branches cry their tears of red

For the sorrow of forced starvation

As the ones they need litter their feet

And are thrust upon the nation


Far below and far up high

Trunks grow apart grasping

And claw at the sky

Tears in the clouds frozen over

From the icy coldness the Earth’s heart is

Flooding around in sheets turned walls

Trying to stop the human race from moving in


Energy exhausts the sun wins the battle

The battleground is cleared but how messy!

Wet and cold the Earth, that’ll

Teach it a lesson

The leaves come back and stop the tears

With them gifts of beauty

They wipe away the tears oh the horrible fear


The sun persists the Earth gives in

Now the claws are gone and the battle done

Everything’s fine now when

We’ve nothing to fear

For the world hasn’t given us no we’ve just taken

Patch up the Earth with flowers and water

Paint over with green and leave underneath shaken

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