Girl in the Red Dress

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I went on a first date over the weekend, lets just say she made a great impression.

Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Girl in the Red Dress


There I sat, the time was 12:10 PM and my heart was literally racing. I was 20 minutes early to meet her. I quickly tried to recall everything I had learned about her so I’d have something to talk about. It was basically a blind date, which I’ve never done.


My week was going on like it usually was. Working a 10 hour day, then coming home to relax and hide away from people. I had no plans for the weekend, then out of nowhere I find myself set up on date. “I don’t do these things!” I thought to myself. Nevertheless I committed it prayer, because in all honesty she sounded like a wonderful woman.


I didn’t get any sleep that night. “What would she think of me? What If I blow it? What If she’s way out of my league?” Those thoughts plagued my mind throughout the night. Toss after turn I wrestled with these insecurities, something I was used to doing anyway. I felt at peace about things eventually, and was able to pull myself together.


The morning dragged on and on. You know what they say? “A watched kettle never boils”. I started preparing myself for the date, I think I changed at least 8 times until I settled on an outfit. I really wanted to make a good impression, I mean who wouldn’t? A girl Is going to take time out of her day to meet me, I had to be top notch.


I left for the cafe 45 minutes early, goodness knows I’d catch bad traffic or get pulled over for speeding. I was pretty sure that I was going to sweat right through my shirt, and to top it off I had forgotten to take my medication, so I was more nervous than ever.


Which brings us to the present time, 12:15 PM. Sitting down at table in the cafe, watching both front and back doors to see if she was walking it. “Keep calm Austin, you got this!” I told myself. 15 minutes must have gone by fast because before I knew it, there she was. Now i’m terrible with the names of clothes so here goes nothing.


Red Dress, which I believe had flowers on it

A white shaw of sorts, with one button towards the the top

Didn’t really notice the shoes.


I stood up and introduced myself, as I stood up I thought “I’ve never been on a date with a tall person before.”. I felt super small, but her eyes were so sweet that I got over myself. We ordered our food and sat down, small talk was never my thing so we dived into conversation.


As time passed I couldn’t help but become more and more invested in her story. We had so much in common it was almost unreal! I should mention this for any men who might be reading this: ALWAYS keep your eyes on her. Not her hair, or what she's wearing, focus on the words she’s saying.


Before I knew it, it was time to part ways. I stood up, and I walked her to her car. I was trying so hard not to come off as desperate or too strong, but it’s so hard to not just want to stare into her eyes forever.

As I drove home all could do was thank God for the opportunity to meet such a remarkable woman. Will we see each other again? I think we will.

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