My Statement

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"Was that ok? My statement? That's what you needed right?"

Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



My first memory was when I was five years old. Uncle Johnny and Amber (Wright.....I guess) come stomping down the basement stairs. That's where they kept me. It wasn't much but it was mine. I had a twin mattress, with a few holes I admit; but it was soft never the less. It was on the floor in the corner of the room. I chose that corner because it was the only corner that got some sunlight from this small rectangular horizontal window that faced the back yard. The back yard wasn't much to look at either, brown grass and a brown fence; that was all. The only other thing in my room was a small busted table and a red and yellow toy truck. When they finally reached the bottom of the stairs I remember looking up not knowing what to expect. You never knew what to expect with those two. I realized they weren't alone. Amber held firmly to this little girl's arm and pushed her my way. She was about three years old. She had long dark brown hair and brown almond shaped eyes to match. She was crying. Uncle Johnny yelled while heading back upstairs that this was Sophia and that she was my new sister. Amber followed behind him after telling me to share my bed with her. She slammed the door behind her and I could hear it being locked. I don't think I ever remember a time to where it wasn't locked. I remember looking at Sophia as she stood there, still crying; and introducing myself. "Hi. I'm Bruce" I told her. All she did was nod her head so I knew that she had heard me. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the bed and rest, she nodded again. I had only just met her but I felt very protective of her right from the start. I sat next to her while she slowly drifted to sleep. I didn't know much but I knew right then that we were both in trouble and that we shouldn't be where we were.  


Amber was in charge of feeding and bathing us. She was a very angry woman. She had blonde, wavy, and almost stringy hair. I remember thinking once that she must never brush it. She had at least two teeth that I could see that were missing. She was very thin and clothes always seemed to be a little too big for her. Uncle Johnny didn't look much better but he was pretty fat and his clothes always seemed to be a little too small. I think something might have been wrong with Amber because a lot of the time I think she just forgot to feed us. Or maybe even just forgot about us all together. It felt like weeks between baths as well. Sophia and I ended up getting so hungry at one point that we were eating whatever bugs made their way into our room. 


I shared my toy truck with Sophia. It seemed to make her happy. As happy as we could be anyways.


This scar on my left arm is from grabbing some roast beef Amber had made once. "That's not for you!" She shouted as she took a knife off the counter and cut my arm in one swift motion. I heard cries not just coming from myself but from Sophia as well. She turned to Sophia with the knife still in her hand and while I'm bleeding all over the table, my pants and the floor; yelling "And don't you fucking try it either you piece of shit! You both need to eat your piece of bread and drink your water. You've got sixty seconds and then you're going back to the basement where you belong!" We stuffed the bread in our mouths and downed our water before being pushed back down to our room. We were never upstairs for too long. Sophia spent more time upstairs than I did. Almost every night when Uncle Johnny got home he would yell down for her to come upstairs and I was to stay put. I never knew what they did up there for so long, just that she would be crying every time she came back downstairs. She would climb in the bed with me and I would hold her until she fell asleep just as I did the first night we met.


Amber and Uncle Johnny would storm downstairs and beat us at random times over the years. No reason, none that was mentioned anyway. I never understood it. Even though I only have memories from that house, with those people, in those situations; I still knew deep down that everything that was happening to Sophia and I was wrong. 


Years passed, no real changes had happened. The same eating and bathing habits, same beatings, same sobbing nights with Sophia. The beatings did vary a little, I guess. Uncle Johnny and Amber would find new things to beat us with. Heels, belt buckles, sticks, brooms, rulers, etc. 


This one time I tried to sneak food from the refrigerator for Sophia and I, but I got caught. Amber stuck me in black metal dog cage for at least a week. No food, no bath, not bathroom breaks. I remember peeing and pooing myself in the cage and Amber would just come by and squirt dish soap and laundry soap on me. It gave me a terrible rash. When my punishment was over I was forced to clean the cage, and bring it back upstairs. I noticed that the refrigerator and all the food cabinets now had locks on them. 


A few years later Sophia started getting fatter and fatter. All I could think was that she was somehow sneaking food and I was happy for her because I knew she was eating. I remember Amber calling her a slut and a whore a lot. I didn't really know what that meant but I knew it wasn't good.  


The last memory I have before coming here was Sophia screaming in pain. I thought maybe Uncle Johnny or Amber had broken another bone of hers. She said it was coming from her lower back though. Being thirteen I didn't know much but I knew an eleven-year-old shouldn't be having back pain. Not like this anyway. I heard Uncle Johnny and Amber yelling upstairs while Sophia and I we downstairs dealing with her pain. All of a sudden, I heard something that I couldn't make out. I looked down and there was a baby on the ground. I only knew what a baby was because I had seen one on a magazine cover once and asked Amber what it was. She said "It's a fucking baby. You're telling me you don't even know that the fuck a baby is! Are you retarded or something? Damn!" I tried not to ask too many questions after that. I looked at Sophia in shock. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as it fell to the ground. Blood starting filling the floor surrounding the baby. I tried waking Sophia up, but I wasn't having any luck so I ran up the stairs for the first time in my life and banged on the door while screaming for help. Uncle Johnny opened the door and grabbed my arm pushing me back down stairs. Once he saw what I was screaming about he starts yelling up to Amber "She's dead, bring me some scissors." Amber runs down with the scissors in her hand. Uncle Johnny cuts this fleshy cord looking thing connecting the baby to Sophia's lifeless body. He smacks the baby on the butt and it starts to cry. Uncle Johnny basically tosses the baby to me. I could see then that it was a little girl. He picks up Sophia and yells at Amber that they need to get rid of the body. Slamming the door behind them as always, I hear it lock. I just sat there crying with this baby in my arms. Looking from the baby to the existing puddle of blood still in my room back to the baby for what must have been hours before Officer Reynolds kicked in the basement door, finding me and the baby. That's when he led us out of the house. It was a lot to take in. My sister had died right in front of me, the only parents I knew were nowhere to be seen, I was holding a newborn baby and I had just taken my first steps ever outside of that house. 


"Was that ok? My statement? That's what you needed right?" 


"That's right. You did great. Let's get you something to eat and then we'll go check in on baby Erica. Ok?" 



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