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Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



The first time we met I caught your eye, I pulled you in, things were fine.

After awhile, I started to see

things were fucked up and I was losing me.

I was trapped in a cycle, trying to get ahead.

I fought so hard, and this is where it lead.

I’m grateful for the money, I’m happy for your help

But you hold it above me, that’s how it felt.

Constant fighting, constant blame.

It was your choice, your life, your decisions you made

Your addictions are not my fault, no matter what you say.

Your decisions, your price to pay,

You’re below my level, I’m not coming down

you’re the jester I’m the crown.

I refuse to be slandered, attacked and shamed

you choose your path you picked your fate

I worked for my money, I worked for this life, I can’t help but laugh when you pick a fight.

You tell me you love me then you take and steal,

Lying and hurting like it's no big deal.

300 dollars or not

The damage is done, and my trust is lost.

Yet I’m the gold digger, I’m the sleaze

You’re the one who should be on his fucking knees.

You’ve hit me physically and mentally,

Making everything so dead to me.

That night you locked me in a cage and threw away the key,

There was a burning fire in me

I told you I had to leave, I knew I had to go,

Yet you couldn’t lose control

Now I have a record on my file

I felt so dead for awhile

I thought I was crazy, that I needed to change

That I was a bad person and deserved to be hurt that way

Now I’m free of the shit you played

Free to live my life my own way.


Drama on drama on drama

Save that shit for your mamma

you play games all damn day, the words you stab, the battles slain.

Yet you’re below my level, I’m higher than you.

I wear this crown, not joker shoes.

I can’t help that I breathe greatness, I can’t help that you can’t take it.

Love is not a game to play, it’s something powerful you can’t change,

It is a union of hearts that’s unstoppable.

It’s a power so un crossable.

I’m above your booze, I’m above the hurt.

You can’t even look me in the eye, you're staring down at the dirt

Let this remind you every day, there’s a price for addiction more than pocket change.

In the future remember, love shouldn’t be a battle or just about you,

It’s a two-way street that’s not always smooth.

But when two souls unite, it makes them better, it's worth the fight.

I’m stronger now, my melodies loud

I’m lost in love, it's over now 

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