Clifford's Seaside Bar

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Submitted: August 06, 2017

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Submitted: August 06, 2017



Clifford’s Seaside Bar by Allen Henriquez


Clifford’s beer joint in Far Rockaway is a wood paneled spot, with an antique looking lantern out front with the establishment’s name written in dark green, Old English lettering.

Clifford’s, with a long bar and six booths, has wooden tables and room for a little juke-box dancing.  The patrons are middle, to near senior in age, but the middle group is wild, wilder than the teenagers they berate.  Many a lost husband, or floozy girlfriend was compromised by the sudden arrival of the irate other, the other less honorable than the puffed and bloated dignity of their pretense, and anger.

Saul Palomino is a block away from the spot and headed down the alley type street where it’s housed; standing next to him is his buddy, Pete Dominquez.

Pete asks, “So what now, Saul?”

“I’m going in,” Saul replies with a look of stern regret.

“Why? Why go in there, it’s got nothing but trouble, why bother?” Pete

“My father is in there, he’s got money from the house he lifted, part of it is for the utility bill.  The lights are out.” Saul

“Your father will spend that money like a swimmer coming up for air.  You’d better get in there, and quick.” Pete

“My mother used to handle him, but she cut out, moved to Jersey, I heard.  This drunken fool will buy drinks for his friends and the barmaid he’s hot for.  I don’t care about the lights, but my grandpa shouldn’t be in the dark, he’s alright, there’s a baseball game he wants to see tomorrow.” Saul

“I thought he was like your father, a lazy, card playing drunk?” Pete

“Pretty much, but my grandpa played football, basketball and baseball with me when I was younger.  My father never did, never could.  But more than that he believed in the Almighty, taught me to believe in Him, and in myself.  The least I can do for him is some light.” Saul

“Yeah.” Pete

 Saul nods at Pete and walks down the alley toward the tavern.




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