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a poem

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



The thunderstorm,


An explosion running through my head, it’s there randomly.

Without a notice, without a remedy.

It bothers me and confuses me out of the blue,

People often wonder, why is this happing to you.

Am I losing my mind or grip to reality,

Or am I not just one rarity.

I truthfully and sincerely have no clue,

I have no idea nor sense where to run to.

I am seeking for shelter during these thunderstorms,

Shelter I cannot find, only at that guy with his horns.

It bugs me and brings me down,

I just want to be happy and wearing my crown.

A grown each day makes me feel like a queen,

Hey a girl has her right to have own dream.

People might judge, people might talk,

Those are the people that might have to walk.

Walk pass me and keep their distance,

Because if not, they will feel my resistance.

My distance to them will make them feel lonely and sad

But that’s what you get for making me feel bad.

The people I love know my thunderstorm’s very well,

They are not bothered nor do they dwell.




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