Paddling Towards the Sky

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The poem describes the philosophy of life. The paddling towards the sky indicates that we humans are being closed to God slowly slowly.

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



“Paddling Towards the Sky”


Keep yourself busy!
Have patience, take it is easy.

Respect the soil and the land
Sniff its dirt, letting through your hand.

Mix your blood and sweat in it;
Fruit it will bear according to your wit.

Yes, I am talking about passion
Stick to your roots, but don’t ignore the fashion.

Yes, to get goals, I seek patience:
Hurry will cause worry and impatience.

Yes, I’m talking of plan:
Squeeze the every bit of wit to become the man.

Yes, I am talking about performance:
It Will test the extent of endurance.

Leopard hides in wait as he is taught
Strike when the iron is hot.

Yes, I am talking about the high point;
Strength is in remaining joint.

Don’t let one spread apart:
Real bliss feels in joining the heart.

Be drowned in the persona of greats, and win
Wash your Clothes and the single bit of sin.

Hauh! The pleasure one feels in the joy
Of giving and granting, without any why.

Be the one that sacrifices.
Of the poor, listens to the pity voices.

Makes you wise, the divine quality;
One must own the sublime ability.

Holy you are born; holy you must die.
Possessor of Heavens, don’t tell a lie.

Deprivation is not your fate;
Do not reject the paradise-gate.

Don’t cut the stem on which you're sitting!
Below is a gulch and snakes are awaiting.

Who will save you from the Rapid Fire?
None can get you out of the mire.

Wit of this world will not serve your purpose;
Your acrobatic skills and circus

Will be congealed and cold--
The Rope of Lord you must hold

With Utmost strength and grip
Recite every time the Name on lip.

One is not alone in one's loneliness:
He always asserts His love and loveliness.

Follow His the drawn Line;
I witness everything will be fine.

The wrong turn will lead you to the Darkness
Of dead and dead, no one concerns but harshness.

Let the noble soul be noble!
There are rewards and the sum is double.

Don’t lose heart ever;
Try to do the best forever!

Stick to your goals bitterly;
Relay upon God solely!

Sacrifice your wish for God’s sake;
Let you dive in the patience-lake!

Then success will lick your feet;
With glory, you’ll meet.

The Black Shawl of sin you must rip:
God’s Rope can be turned into the whip.

Detect yourself! Your rank is high.
Passing of years, is a paddling towards to the sky.



© Copyright 2019 M.S. Sagar. All rights reserved.

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