Brutus King of the Britons.

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There are so many stories about Brutus. This is my poem about him.

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Brutus came to the island small

Dared to enter the cave,

He opened his mouth with a furious call,

Advanced he did, he was brave.


With his beautiful queen

He started the monarchy,

Avoiding all the island's mess

He became ''His Majesty.''


There were hideous reptiles,

Hissing and spitting

Many around the isles,

Awesome at first, then quitting.


Soon there were children many,

Running free and playing games

Queen Ignoge, remembering the children's names.


Then other boats came from far away,

Trying to make their stand

Brutus did not let them stay

He told them it was his land.


The island became a place where

Raiders raided, and spoil were taken away

Even those who were near

Harbored in the bay.


Year after year the sailors came

Trying to take up abode.

Brutus knew he would have to take the blame

If he let the monarchy explode.


He set guards along all the shores

He declared war on the culprits,

He carried on with his chores

He began using his wits.



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