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just ordinary thought about farewell during final year of graduation

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Life, what do you mean by it? Some people say it is a boon of the Almighty, some say that you are born to repay your past sins/debt in the previous life. But honestly I believe that life is just a chance given to you to prove yourself how much capable you are.

I can prove by considering various examples in my life that I have come across. Some of the people that I grew up with were normal like me, but some were physically challenged, some were God-gifted people. God-gifted people had nothing but exceptional talent, always stood first in the class, had better logics of all. Those physically challenged, didn’t have something like talent but their disability didn’t make them feel like they were disabled. Some people I know were blind but amazing hearing sense that even in their daily life like hide-and-seek they knew the world, they imagined just the way it was pictured to them. Once I asked such a person “Do you envy other people?” The reply I got was amazing, he said,” Even we have some kind of disability but we are blessed with something exceptional. After all God has made every human equal in his own sense of justice”.

Today after so many years of my life I just continue my cycle. Waking up in the morning, bathing, attending college, having breakfast with my friends, studying together and going home all have become a daily routine that I must need to follow in order to survive. If I get a day off like Sundays or be it any festival or national holiday, being together with my family seems kind of boring to me. Especially when I get weekends off I feel like when I am going to see my friends again.

These 4 years of college together with my friends will be over soon within few months. Again all the pearls that I had woven to make a pretty necklace would be scattered away. Therefore, in my mind I pray that every day I would spend with my friends like it’s the last day of meeting them. This time I won’t let them scatter away.

But my friends seem to don’t understand this. Sometimes they want to bunk their classes. I can understand that. All the efforts for attending 5-6 hrs of college 5 days a week is more exhausting. All need to take their rest. But I want to say them,” This is the final year guys just spend every moment of time we have got, together. After this there is no guarantee that we will meet again someday, at the same place. That college, which holds our memories, may get too far away to reach. Although we will connect ourselves online but our souls will always remain far away. So please my friends remain together for the moments we have got”.

This is also another part of life. I try to explain myself that at a particular point of time people meet and after sometime this time separates us. But we must not forget what we have all endured in these 4 years. Some of may have made bonds that exist far beyond mere friendship. They have a responsibility to remember those days even if one of us forgets them. After we have moved ahead in time we will be grateful if we could hear those memories from you.

Above paragraphs explains disability, especially mine, that forgetting these memories is quite far painful, and to erase them takes even more time. Therefore, it would be best if I just make enough memories that I can handle very easily. But that’s not the case. Memories and moments, both are not in the person’s hands. They get created and the more they are, more painful it is to live without them.

This is life. Seeing ahead in life is a good thing, but for those who try to look back, they get mixed feelings of joy of troubling others, tears of the moment of joy in the past, laughter for the pranks played, anger for what we were not able to achieve, happiness for satisfaction we got, sorrow for the moments we were ignorant to someone.

But we got to move ahead. After all, “Remaining in the memories of past won’t change the moment in the present”.

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