A real life support effort for survivors of cancer and the loved ones who support them through the long war of this deadly disease that is consuming mentally ,spiritually,physically .My life experiences with my dearest loved one whom i lost to this deadly disease fighting an incessant war for five years .I hope this work brings hope and relief to the brave ones lives who are either patients or caring ones....Dr MIrza

Table of Contents


a guide for survivors and care takers in the battle of cancer Read Chapter

Diagnosis and blackout

CHAPTER; DIAGNOSIS AND BLACKOUT   Sky comes falling down when somebody gets diagnosed with this difficult disease ,as I keep... Read Chapter

treatment strategy

Chapter Treatment strategy The next is treatment  strategy which is to be chalked out depending on your monetary resources ava... Read Chapter

prayer and light

Prayer and light   As I write these lines ,it’s a period of almost two months since my dear one lost the battle to canniba... Read Chapter


Change in discourse The chapter I am going to start now will be a change indeed in the discourse of this book , the shift is now fr... Read Chapter

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