Death, sadness, and heartbreak

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A poem about death

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Death The only release in life from the pain the only release from the sadness that I suffer through on a daily basis because of the pain and frustration that people cause me

and when the frustration gets to be too much the walls inside me collapse and I can't help byt cry out when the pain gets to be too much, I break out into tears

I feel as if you don't understand why km like this as if you think I'm just a window to look through on a rainy day when the rain stops like you can see through me with ease

you think that I'm fine when I'm really like a volcano that is about to erupt you think that I'm not someone who needs comfort when rest I need the comfort you think I'm someone who has no emotions when really I'm someone who has emotions

you think that I'm someone whos' life is perfect when my life is not perfect at all you think that I'm somebody who won't react when you mess with me but the truth is I react negatively on the inside when you mess with me you think that I am fine when people tell rumors about me but it actually affects me to the point where I want to scream

you say you care about me but you don't show it and that is when I know you don't care about me at all so tell me the reasons why you say that why do you say you care about me when you really don't

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