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Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



She was dangerous, but I didn't care. My mind and heart were impaired. Like a drug addiction, nothing could compare to the feeling of being high. She was the stars in the night sky, and the universe was in her eyes.

But she ripped out my heart, I’m heartless.
There's no more stars and now I’m stuck in darkness.

Bittersweetness, she left me speechless. Once my strength, then became my weakness. Infatuated with the devil disguised as an angel. She's so beautiful but so hateful.
Her last words are engraved in my brain, it’s been so fucking painful.

But why did I want more? I haven’t recovered, I’m still so fucking sore. The memories are so fucking gore.

I was infected by the devil, she stole my heart and replaced it with metal.
I can’t feel anymore, I’ll always be sore from when she took her knife and cut open my core. I was in love with the devil who ripped out my heart, and watched the blood pour…

I remember the very first day when we met but I had nothing to say.
I was burnt by the flames, everything beautiful she portrayed.

A connection that was inevitable, but everything suddenly became questionable. Could have been incredible but the way I lived my life was inacceptable. I swear all the pain seemed intentional. 

Her mind of dynamite was emotionally murdering me, I lived in fright.
I couldn’t leave her sight, could she change? She might.
How did I ever think she felt the same? How did I constantly play her games? She kept fucking with my head until I started bleeding from my brain. Her distance was pushing me away, Not sure to leave so I tried to stay. Aware I had to prepare. to face the pain from her evil glare.
Surrounded with negative tension in the air, I didn’t care, inevitable despair.

Left her mark on my skin, she believes in sin .
She was like my oxygen, I got in too deep and I can’t swim.
I was overboard, my emotions have reached overload. Reality hit me slow, "The only way to sanity is to let her go"

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