The Calendar of the Heavens

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The observers of the equinox are now enthusiastic to welcome the beginning of a new astrological year based on the tropical zodiac signs.
For Astrologers, that is marked as the true beginning of the year; it is the only day during the whole year where the night equals the day in duration of time-scale, and even sometimes they equal in temperature. It usually happens in March 20th or 21th.

The astrological ages function rather differently from our 'calendar'. The yearly celebration ponders on the different faces one astrological age and what had to provide. One astrological age lasts for thousands of earthly years but each year comes about a different color. 

I will provide a brief explanation to help understand the philosophy of these notions.

Our sun transits all the zodiac signs, the twelve of them in one single year; starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. However, the planet earth itself as a heavenly body visits the zodiac signs rather differently.

The first difference between the transit of earth and sun is that the earth travels backwards through the zodiac signs, so instead of having Aries, followed by Taurus and then Gemini, we instead have Gemini, Taurus and then Aries from the earth perspective. Another crucial thing is the sun usually hosts one sign for a duration of a month, sometimes it lingers sometimes it does not, but it never stays in longer than 30 degrees.

The earth however 'faces' one sign of the zodiac for more than 1190 years. It is argued that it is only 1170 years! Some believe it spends 2000 years sharp, and sometimes more.

The numbers here differ due to the duration of each zodiac sign and the overlapping between one and another. If we are leaving the Taurus phase for example, it would take years, even decades to completely leave the sign and transit away to the next. These transitions take time and they are the reason we can never tell from which year a different sign enters or exits.

[Technically speaking, the earth rotates every year around the sun and everyday around itself, but its axis faces what we call one constellation ( where zodiac signs are drawn and located) for a long period of time, the axis moves continually within the orbit but in a very slow motion touching all the twelve signs, this one complete tour however makes up hundred of thousand of years]

With each zodiac sign that planet Earth faces, a dominant life-theme is established upon its natives. It is widely known that we are living currently under the zodiac sign Aquarius since 1963 from last century; the earth will move from Aquarius, backwards to Capricorn in the years between 3100 or 3300 A.C! Since Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus, it promises change and rebellion, new technology, the Internet, rise of media, etc...

It has been speculated that ancient astronomers predicted that the Age of Aquarius would be the best age humankind will ever know so far. Looking at it from their perspective could reveal how they pictured the distant future; and how do we look upon their anterior ages that disappeared under the sands. Before our actual Age of Aquarius, we were living in the Pisces age; it began when Medieval ages were in closure.

Pisces brought the age of enlightenment, discovery of new lands through seas (since it is a water sign), all kind of different arts have flourished in a global fashion, and it has perceived the birth of new 'revolutionary' thinkers in philosophy, humanities and science.

Before Pisces we were living in the Aries age, which is believed to be the age of bloody religious wars, the creation of church, the age of prophets... many religions have been founded during that age.
Then before that there was the Taurus age, Pharaohs, Greek and Roman civilizations lived through the Taurusian age and survived to see some of the breaking beams from the Aries age that had followed.

Taurus age was marked by the excessive use of earth as a resource, modest occupations, women ascending to power, and tendency for land acquisitions. We know very little from the ancient world before those antique civilizations: (Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Chinese and Mesopotamian…) but they must have been established with the Gemini and Cancer, and they must have served as grounding foundations of what we call ‘culture’ today. Who knows what these ages and/or other signs have included even before the traced history?

We know that Earth might have been created under the sign Leo (fire), then Cancer (Water), then Gemini (Air), then Taurus (Ground), but that must have been in the very early stages of its creation, which suggests that this is definitely not the first time the earth happens to be located in the sign Aquarius or the recent Pisces; it must have toured all of the twelve signs again and again, but with each tour, a new face of history was washed out...what is left to see, is the silhouettes of stars dancing in the mystery.

Submitted: August 07, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Imad Afdam. All rights reserved.

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