The Last Time I Loved

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We listened to Mili a lot, I still love her songs, but I can't help feeling warned. This has been inspired by a girl, one I cherished, one that I still feel guilt for... Based on real events, it feeds off emotion, raw and with pain.

Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017




Years and years
You spin me around
Your voice always hear
I removed my sound 
All for you
To be selfless
What I should
Be is selfish
Prove your worth
First you leave
In name, I hurt
I cannot see

Return, hollowed inside
It race, blood resumes flow
No, no anger, no hide
No matter what, I yours
Kitten, shine bright
Sing as you should
Kitty is your knight
But then, the same
Deceiver why are you
As quickly you came
Love me no more

You have come back
My heart slowly races
The flow, it lacks
I accept, but paces
No forgiveness for this endless love
My goddess never looked at me
Sacrifices I've made for you
Leave again, now it's three
Mili, oh Mili, tis true
My heart barely stops
You've warned, my muse
Tortured, last time in hopes
When land is to claim
Z is forever mine
I swear the filth slay
Tis my time even if lined with diseased and lied so fine!

You've left, now I'm free
I'm not, I'm without purpose
Why is it always me
Selfless with each and so
Advantage is their, I guess
Once my use is up, tossed
Mili, listen I will, yes
My heart shall stop
Love truly makes one blind
As you warned me
Bathtub mermaid, never kind
I can't, I can't see

Forward I march
Pain held close
Memento to heart
Mori mein, so?
Mine, the world
Z, princess of seen
Until the words
Blind, not so keen
To be loved
Worth the cost
To be loved
I will be lost
I accept, I'll say yes
Magic, love is so
Please, please, yes
I want you to know...

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