The History of Fairytown

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...All the fairies in Fairytown possess someone particular and individual skill. For instance, Fairy of Flowers, could wave her hand and decorate any venue with the gorgeous flowers. She could snap her fingers, and any luxury mansion on her route in one moment got the natural colors of tulips, lilies, and others known and unknown flowers. The flowers streamed on the walls between the bricks, curled around the pediments, roof ridges and valleys, wrapping all the place by the aroma of tenderness. However, the reality of life desired another skill. The existence was devoid of romanticism. Because of that detail, Fairy of Flowers lived as occasionally working airy-fairy. Sometimes she was called to cemeteries to make the beauty on funerals. Less often, she was invited to wedding ceremonies, because those sorts of events did not demand to be as superb and could use the synthetic flowers…

To be continued

(unknown author “History of Fairytown” the fragment from chapter one “The Fairy of Flowers”) from unwritten ®


…Also, in Fairytown lived Fairy of Breath of Breeze. She forgot a long time ago her own age because she had lived a lot of years. In fact, she really had taken the delivery of the first Paramecium Caudatum from the Primordial Soup. In spite of her age, her appearance was frozen in 17 – 18 years old and left there eternally.  Despite the fact of her attractiveness, she had been felt own uselessness all her live. It was not wandering because her individual skill was the ability to give the movement to the air weight with helping of uncomplicated moving of her plants. But that is possible for everyone. Because of that, the magic creature had found own application fanning the coals and working on the barbeque in Fazi’s restaurant which was in local farmer market. Her heart wanted more, but her abilities did not allow. Remained only one, to wait for the happy hour when the universe would layout of the cards in the happy pattern, and Fairy of Breath of Breeze could implement her aspirations. But time was not coming, and the hour was not coming also….

To be continued

(unknown author “History of Fairytown” the fragment from chapter thirty-three “The Fairy of Breath of Breeze”) from unwritten ®


One of the prominent persons in Fairytown was Fairy of Pleasant Memories. The old lady has given up flying for a long time ago because of her age and oldness of her webbed wings. Nevertheless, she was the most demanded fairy according to the journal Fairy Forbs from 2015.

The magazine was indisputable right.

When city inhabitants ordered Fairy of Pleasant Memories, she came to the celebration and with a wave of magic wand showed her helpers what they had to do. The wall clocks were covering, the cells were taking away, the TVs were switching off. Finally, all the guests were left with their memories face to face.

…No one abandoned the ceremony with frustration.

Fairy of Pleasant Memories gave the biggest part of her honorariums to the charities. She was magnificent.

Also, the fairy dreamed to bequeath her webbed wings to somebody who was the kindest young-girl successor. But, because of the pleasant memories were immortal, the successor has not been discovered. The old Fairy of Pleasant Memories was upset… a little bit…


unknown author “History of Fairytown” the fragment from chapter three “The Fairy of Pleasant Memories”) from unwritten ®

Sometimes, the fairies quarreled among themselves. Time to time, it loudly, through all the town like gigantic bells. Periodically, it was really silent, whispering and hissing like snakes. It would be better if they were arguing aloud and quickly. However, more frequently, it was silently and practically permanently.

At one time, Fairy of The First Scream and Fairy of The Last Breath argued thunderously. They are not still speaking with one another. And a long time ago Fairy of Friendly Kissing and Fairy of Passionate Hugging brawled too. They did it quietly. Despite their endless abhorrence, the fairs are living hand by hand at the present.

(unknown author “The History of Fairytown” the fragment of chapter forty-five “Fairies also live”) from unwritten ®


Nobody knows, how the fairies had been born before mankind has become to the world. However, the matter of fact confirmed by the scientists said that from the beginning of the Homo Sapience epoch, the fairies started coming to the world from the sounds of the first newborn human child’s laughing. If the newborn baby was a girl, the newborn fairy had the lilac shade of her wings. If the newborn child was a boy, the wings were painted by the azure. Among the fairies existed the Fairies Midwives. One of them lived in the Fairytown. Her main talent was helping to support the Fairy biological type, and she was trying very much. She silently flew to the human baby when the child was sitting or laying in the lullaby bed and tickled baby with her magic wings. The baby exploded into laughter and the newborn fairy started her life.

Sometimes, the procedure was not as smooth as it wanted. Somebody else could scare the baby. And laughing baby abruptly began hiccupping, crying and screaming. If that happened, fairies were not born. Instead of them, from the tangle of dark emotions to the world were born the dragonflies. They had the membranous wings like the fairies, but there was not any drop of mind in their heads, and more than that, there was not even the grain of talent in their hearts. When the dragonflies grew up, they gathered into the groups and settled in the swamps. The real fairies always took care about the dragonflies because it was not the dragonflies' guilt that the human child had not laughed. to be continued (unknown author “The History of Fairytown” the fragment of chapter forty-eight “Fairies and Dragonflies”) from unwritten.

to be continued


(unknown author “The History of Fairytown” the fragment of chapter forty-eight “Fairies and Dragonflies”) from unwritten ®

Some sources indicate that in nature the male fairies exist. Probably it is true. However, no one documented evidence is.  Nevertheless, among the fairies were a lot of myths, that the ancient spell which could give to the male the wings like the fairy’s wings for the brief time was.

Probably, to shed some light on that conjectures could only the most ancient and the youngest Fairy of Breath of Breeze. But if somebody asked her about that, she tricked to squint and shrugged. At that moment, her wings quivered nervously and frequently that made the sound seemed like the chirping of a cricket. Many people knew, that Fairy of Breath Breeze kept the one secret in her bedroom. That secret the fairy did not trust to anyone, even at the time when made a journey with her boss Fazis to take a rest on the shore of one of the Magic Seas. Every time, when she was coming back to the town she ran to her house, and town’s people heard how she cried sitting close to the open window.

At those time, Fazis was walking around her home, fingering his beard gloomily silenced, and tried to contrive to scratch his back. He looked like the man who suffered from unbearable itching. Probably, because he had got the sun burns, tanning more than enough or may be because of another cause, who knew…

(unknown author “The History of Fairytown” the fragment of chapter forty-one “The Towns Legends”) from unwritten ®





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