May I Write You To Sleep? (A Collection For You)

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Requests are welcomed and highly recommended, upon receiving your request(s) I shall began work on your goodnight story as you state, (To be sad, mysterious, cliffhanger, loving, etc) and upon
completion YOUR Username shall be put within the chapter so people may thank you for the story! Basically I wish to write someone different a story a day, please send a request of a story you would
want. This will be a collection of stories made by myself, or inspired by ____ if requested, they are to entertain you for the night. Or just for the day while you drink tea off your balcony.
(Something I did while reading while in my youth.) Let's see if we can get this popular and turn it into a thing!

Table of Contents

My Princess

Submitted: August 07, 2017

Story created by myself in hopes of giving you something sweet to dream of, although writing such like this, it has been a while... Request for your own personal story! Story of a thief... Let's
see where it goes.
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The Dragon and The Rose

Submitted: August 10, 2017

The first story I remember writing, it is also the first time someone had asked me to write for them. I am writing as accurate as i can remember, the plot is... ??? I will not give anything away
from it, so you will have to read it in order to decide the fate it keeps obscure. Short, but may it make you wonder, just what was it all meant to show? Please, take your time, comment what you
think the story means. Comment of what you would want to read, if you like it, or to take another guess at the meaning. There are no wrong answers here.
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Hollow's Eve

Submitted: August 11, 2017

This will be somewhat sad. I wrote it as a song, but after Missing Halloween, I rather it be a story inspired. Links are in description and end of story to the best animation I have seen in years.
Keep my mask tight? Not to show fear tonight? They send me down the streets, each house providing candy, each monster looking as real as the ones from TV. "Oh, hello." I waved to the girl with skin
painted white with stitches over her lips. She has no candy in her bucket as I walk by. She stares at me for a moment before looking away, I quickly dump most of my candy in hers. She turns and I
begin to run. Very slowly, her lips begin to form a smile. Story was inspired by an animation shown to me by my brother. here is the link to probably the
best video I have seen this year. May it touch your heart as it has mine.
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Goodnight, My Venus

Submitted: August 13, 2017

Sad story, you have been warned. Venus, oh Venus. The cards you have been dealt, pain it brings, but stay naïve. Don't see what it means...
If you wish for your own goodnight story, feel free to send a request.
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