bridget's self discovery

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Submitted: August 07, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



Bridget’s Self Discovery

By: Anonymous…


First lover…

Middle school, they were friends, then we kissed…..turned lovers….sadly he broke it off for dick

-girl now questioning


Cocoa powder…

Never dated, but a spark was there, lend Bridget a jacket for warmth during the icy winters that Bavaria had to offer….moved on to men and countries


Grown ass man…

Bridget looked older for her age, the mothership shut down (mothership wanted the cock)



First female lover of Bridget(online)….sent gifts during tragedy….later Virginia broke it off with Bridget…Bridget was heart broken

-lost contact but gay website brought them back together



Met at fish camp, rode bus together…sat with each other…first date was interstellar, later that day mustang revved his engine and kissed Bridget in front of Mothership….2 years later….broke up when Bridget realized her homo sexual tendencies…remained friends…(Bridget became a woman)



Bestfriends, South Padre, EYE CONTACT, connection was made…..-after sex with Mustang Bridget fled to Mexico-…long talk, led to almost sex and big stiffy….Bridget practiced her self control and left Mexico…but broke it off with Mustang, she needed a new horse to ride…..


Red Head….

One sided likeness…red head got crazy and Bridget left…



Met in CTOR….Bridget was her superior…eyebrows asked Bridget in front of the soon to be BFF, BFF was rude but Bridget broke down her walls and they became inseparable….Bridget met eyebrows “bestfriend”…..THE DOWNFALL….-2 months later-Bridget breaks it off….nasty break up, long and drawn out..prank was pulled with Bridget, THE DOWNFALL, Bff, Man boobs….

-Bridget makes out with man boobs (Ex of Eyebrows and THE DOWNFALL)

-ate at china king-delicious-




Eyebrow’s bestfriend

-2 weeks later-


Asks Bridget out via candy and shitty puns….Bridget accepts-3 months = honeymoon phase-…problems that seemed to arise were with Mustang, Mexican, and Eyebrows….-Bridget and BFF became closer- this angered THE DOWNFALL leading to many fights and eventually the breakup…

-Bridget hooks up with eyebrows, tried to keep a secret but tea was spilt

-Bridget went back to THE DOWNFALL during a meet of the drill

-This self destructive cycle continued for months putting a strain on Bridget’s heart and vagina…


Operation tortxof….

Bridget’s diabolical plan to break THE DOWNFALLS heart…yet she didn’t know that THE DOWNFALL was in lack of one…operation was a success…broke off ties with THE DOWNFALL(feelings still lingerL)



Plan was to be one night stand, feelings were caught on his side only….nasty semi date at the movies, Bridget realized he was stupid and broke it off….


-Bridget has moment of weakness, hooks up with eyebrows



Tries another time to love but…..the dump truck had unloaded his filthy trash inside her and Bridget could not get over her impurity….its over satan



Gay club, physical attraction was present…hang out with friends which led to date at the movies….which led to a steamy sleepover minus the steamy, went south on double date with eggs and booger…

-romantic attraction stopped but there lied a budding new friendship

-Church-pool party-eye fuck-got nowhere



Bridget was infatuated with eggs, but sadly eggs liked boogers for some reason….slowing the Scooby gang began to break down the relationship from the inside…eggs gave in and broke it off with booger….-pool party-eggs, Bridget and Edwards-….skinny dipping gone wild…eggs and Bridget kissed, got weird, eggs got naked and cuddled Bridget into the dark starry night….



Eye contact with eggs and Bridget…..connection


Edwards party….

Boring, water pong, Bridget wanted to die….but than the party showed up and Bff brought the booze…Bff drank a lil too much, Bridget drank a lil too less, and eggs got “cross faded”….The French onion dip broke…..Eggs used her feminine wiles on Bridget and seduced her into a drunken sexual stupor….the next few days eggs continued to pursue Bridget, Bridget accepted this….


Eggs and THE DOWNFALL meet



Bridget became infuriated with eggs for the things she said….led to end of friendship and sexual games….



Bridget still curious about her pursues her….yet again, it’s a dud…..





After all this, Bridget has learned that she must love herself before she can love others….

Signing off anonymous….XOXO


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