Jaded Time

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Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 07, 2017



A raging life

at full throttle .

I catch the lightning

in a bottle.

Red sky at night ,

sailor's delight.

Red sky in the mourning

sailors take warning.

Embark on a distant voyage.

A trip to paradise

a heart of storage.

Her memory is faded.

Another failure

Time is jaded.

She sleeps in the afterbirth

of frozen faces.

Frames the flesh

in silver cases.

Now my wounded heart

still races.

The glow of sandstone

migrates like birds.

For a picture is worth

a thousand words.

A key in concrete

to a soul far wasted.

Leaves hands of crud

to harden .

Leaves time to be jaded.

Far above the lights of town.

Is a streak of purple passion.

Reeling in a love once found

in a house of haunted fashion.

Faulty pipes

that leak green mold.

An author with a story

that can never be told.

I feel like all my efforts are wasted.

As I sit here

in misery.

Allowing time to be jaded.

I created the puzzles.

Lines filled with pain.

Leaving just a hint of love.

To be found on judgement day.

Three way glass

vision of the other side.

I can't dig myself out

of this hole .

So I sit and sigh .

One peer to

gaze back .

To know I'm not alone.

As I steer the black vessel

In reverse.

And sail back to my home.

Until I hear that doomed horn

Sound off it's final blow.

I'll stare into the pendulum

Awaiting the glory to be shown.

A mind so torn and raided .

Endless time forever jaded.

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