Tyranny Today

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What is tyranny like today

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



In the past

They put you in a prison

Now they put you in a prison

Of your mind

Specially for you tailored and designed


Everyday they promise

You a new hope as if hope is

Recaptured, reassessed and reassigned

Today will be a celebration

Tomorrow will be more

Bread to bind in a bond to be blind


They laugh, smile and be merry

The more simple-minded follow the glamour

The logic is it is by far better to be pretty

Then to face the grit that comes from endeavour


And now they need no effort

You follow one of three mainstreams

In each one you’re a fanatic

Just don’t be a fanatic to freedom or dream

That any one loves this kind of tactic


Now one of them can rule it all

And give generations to come the fruits of his labor

Countless souls he mowed along the way

Some he looted a land, some he needed their favor

He lives a token with people cursing his name

He dies a hero, sometimes people are not sure who to blame

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