The gods of the sun and the akpabana

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the gods of the sun and the akpabana is an african novel that influence the africans of their formal traditional belief

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The magic gods

Submitted: August 08, 2017

The magic gods is the gods of the sun and akpabana in ipepe community area of Adoka kingdom in which they believe in the radiational power and the striking of the akpabana of which is magically. The chief priest who normally offer an annual sacrifice to this magic gods instructed the enteries community to offer a virgin girl who no not man, of which they chosen attuh to offer her daughter as an annual sacrifice to please their gods beause of calamious omen that is happen in their land. And in this village all the villagers must dance according to the tone of the chief priest song. So elder attuh offered her daughter of which the girl lost her virgin pretends to be a virgin so instead of the blessing unpon their land, then more calamity arose. All this are contain in these forum buy nw and grap ur copy $50. Read Chapter

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