A wish chapter 4

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KARTHICK asked how, we know about your grandmother, and then she said, the old lady who told you the story about the cursed family. Then they realized and took ROOPA with them into the forest, all the students with them inside the forest.

KARTHICK found the house, and decided to go inside. ROOPA said i can’t see the house, KARTHICK hold ROOPA’S hand and said i will take you inside, before leaving PRADEEP said if we don’t return back don’t try to find us.

ARUMUGAM said don’t worry, you will return back we all pray for you. PRADEEP, ROOPA, KARTHICK went inside the house. As soon as they came inside they could feel some kind of weirdness. Now ROOPA is able to see the house. They searched for the book. Then ROOPA saw a huge box on the top of the roof. Then they bring down, on the top of the box it has been written that DONT DARE TO OPEN THE BOX. All get scared but there is no way we have to open the box. They brake the lock and opened the box, they saw a book inside it and taken outside.

As soon as they taken the book outside, PRADEEP disappeared, both of them searched for him but can’t able to find him. ROOPA told come lets open this book, and then KARTHICK ask what about PRADEEP we have to find him. ROOPA told if we open the book we can easily find him. KARTHICK agree with this and decided to open, ROOPA taken a knife and made a cut in his finger, in order to pour blood, when she come near to pour blood drops in it, suddenly PRADEEP appears in front of her and kicked her, KARTHICK tried to stop him but he also kicked off, then they realized that someone is controlling PRADEEP, KARTHICK hit PRADEEP in back of his head, he then fell down unconscious. In that time ROOPA pour a drop of blood on the book. Then the book starts to glow. When it starts to glow the house starts to visible to everyone, all of them entered the house, they saw PRADEEP on the ground and wake him up. But can’t find ROOPA and KARTHICK, they searched for them. Then suddenly a glow appears from the glow they came outside with the book.

MANOJ taken the book and opened it, but nothing happened, GANESH says why nothing is happened, ROOPA told no it happened. The cursed family get released, after a few seconds later MADHAVAN returned to his normal condition. VIJAY say where are the cursed family members, after in a second all were in the village, everyone shocked and get scared. ARUMUGAM asked is that all are ok are not, then KARTHICK said ROOPA is missing, as soon as he stopped saying ROOPA body fall from the top. They found her dead. All understood the reason of her death and buried her.

All the village members stared to be act weirdly, like fighting each other, trying to kill each other. Then again the ghost of the old lady appears in front of them and tells the reason for this kind of the behaviour. The reason is the cursed family members.

PRADEEP asked the old lady why they have been cursed; she told that the family is kind of a witch family. One day all the family members decided to start a prayer continuously for 10 days without any disturbance. They continues properly till the 9th day but in the 10th day one of the family member ran away so that every members died and been cursed. For every situations and problems there is always a way to solve the problem. The solutions are also created by the witch (the book and the blood) the main thing for their freedom is the death of the person.

Then MANOJ asked the old lady how we can able to stop the witches’ ghost, as soon as he asked the old lady MADHAVAN and ARUMUGAM also fell into the witches black magic. They both started attacking other students. The old lady stopped them with her power for only a while, then she told the way to stop the witches, you have to burn the book along with the house then only all the witches will be burned and destroyed. All again went into the forest in search of the house, but this time even PRADEEP and KARTHICK can’t able to find the house. They keep on searching the hou

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



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