The Red Cat

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A story about someone who followed a special cat.

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



I am coming home now. I was at a friend earlier.

It's really late. I should have left earlier.

My house is a bit far.

I'll... take a shortcut.

I take a turn and go inside a dark alley.

Suddenly, I see a big shadow on one of the walls in the alley.

The shadow's shape... It's... a cat?

I look in front of me, at the end of the alley.

Indeed. It's a cat.

The street-light shows its intense color.

It's color is... red.


The cat turned and waved at me with its tail, as if it was asking me to follow it.

Maybe... I should follow it...

I rush a bit through the alley to reach the cat.

It is moving... It is walking away...

I keep some distance, but I'm following it.

My hands are in my pockets. It's getting chilly.

The cement is getting cold...

I only look at the red cat.

I am focused... on the red cat.

I don't know where I'm going.

I don't know where I'm walking.

We walk. We walk. I scratch my head. We walk.


I recognize this area.

This is the park near the market.

What are you doing here, red cat?

Maybe I should turn back. I should get home. I shouldn't follow... some random... red... cat...

But... I can't turn.

My body doesn't listen to my mind.

We're walking through the park.

It's not dark. There are lights all over the place.

The lights, though... are changing.

Their color is... changing.

It's getting red.

I walk through the flowers in the park.

But the sign says "Don't step on the flowers".

I'm... crushing them.

I get dizzy for a brief moment.

Where am I?

I'm still walking. The cat is in front of me.

But we are in the woods...

What's this forest?

The ground, almost all dirt.

The trees, tall and half-naked.

The moonlight, slightly passing through the trees.

The wind, as if it was whispering... or maybe...

Maybe... it's not the wind that's whispering...

The red cat is maneuvering between the trees.

The red cat turned behind a big tree.

I follow the cat.

I slowly look behind the tree.

The red cat... wasn't there.

I looked carefully at the ground and saw a necklace with a red cat-shaped symbol.

I grab the necklace and place it under the moonlight.

It starts to glow.

I feel... a presence.


I feel many presences.

I feel many eyes around me.

I feel them getting closer.

They are closing up really quick.

Too quick.

Wait. Don't!


They disappeared.

Why do I feel... like everything got bigger?


Did I... I did. I am.

I am smaller.

My body... I'm down on all four.

There's a small puddle over there.

I'm rushing to get to the puddle.

What is going on?

My heart is beating a lot faster.

I lower my head and look in the puddle reflecting the full moon.

I don't see my head though.

I don't see my head, but I see... a red cat-head.

I... am...



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