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Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



1) My darling, when you see him, will you do me a favour and tell him he is all I see, wherever I turn, overdosed in his smell, till I can hardly breathe. Will you let him know that I will love him as the sun continues to rise and set, as the stars continue to make a show of hide and seek, and as I continue to walk my way home, steps fast paced and confident, to him. My darling, will you do me a favour, and tell him I love him?

2) How do you know you're in love? Well, it sort of just...happens. You'll wake up one day and find out that their eyes aren't just a boring colour, that they hold depths of the world you've only dreamed about. That their voice is the most calming thing you've come across, that it could be your lullaby to sleep for the rest of eternity, that their smile, where their lips get tugged upwards, and their whole appearance lights up, is what's missing on the face of everyone else, that their fingertips make your body have a mind of its own, that your heart can no longer contain itself behind these flimsy bones. Sometimes, you want to scream it aloud so the whole world can know, but sometimes, it's the basking in the quiet solitude, of knowing and finding peace, that really makes you realise it. And you're more than happy to keep it to yourself.

3) He is the smell of pouring rain, surprisingly fresh, musty and earthy. He is the scent of citric and clean, like he bathed for hours in lemony soap. He has the fragrance of lingering cologne, the faintness of musky wood and a little bit of spice. He has an aroma of safety.

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