Another World Another Life

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Another world were the Third World War has ended but still holds tight reign on those who now live in its shadow. How the war ended no one really knows as one day the fighting simply stopped. Only a select few even have an inkling of what actually happened and even fewer who know the real truth of how it ended. But now five years after the war things have improved, slightly. Most enjoy the worlds new found silence and serenity. But for those who fought in the war, it will never be silent or serene. And the question most veterans have now is did the war really end, or is it still raging, silently, some where else. And the answer to that can only be answered by one man. The lone survivor of that fateful battle that ended the war.

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Submitted: August 08, 2017

*Update Jagers and Demons Chapter Two is currently being worked on and will come out soon.* Read Chapter

It Begins

Submitted: August 11, 2017

Make sure you read the Prologue first. Read Chapter

A Little White Lie

Submitted: August 30, 2017

The moon was slowly drifting off into the distance as she rode Garen down the cobblestone road. She tried to focus on what was to come ne... Read Chapter

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