Judgement of Sins - Incomplete

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Part 3: Meeting New People

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



The monitor starts beeping again. Beeping and beeping and beeping. It feels like I've standing here forever. How much time has past? I thought to myself. Then, out of nowhere I hear the sound of something with a lock opening


I hear the noise coming from the direction of the door. But, what was it? It can't be the door right? I turn to look at the door.


So, what else to do but walk out of this room. If I really wanted to, I could stay in here. I look back to the monitor. All, at once the horrible memories of what just unfolded appear in my head. I wince at the thoughts. It starts to replay in my head all over again and it feels like I'm reliving it all over again. But, the beeping from the monitor wakes up from my trance.

I look at the monitor again "Thanks, but that beeping will get annoying quickly."

So I walk out and I find myself in a big room with tons of other doors all open. All but one in the middle to the left from where I'm standing. The floors and walls are just as colorless as my room. I shouldn't have expected anything different. But, there is still a part of the room that looks dark, but my eyes can't adjust to the dark because the room still has lights in it. There isn't anything else remarkable about the room. Well, except for that there are...people standing and talking. And not just any people...but other people with animal masks. two foxes: one male and one female, one rabbit: female, one cat: male, one horse: male , and one other lion: female. All in black suits and ties. I look around the crowd. I don't see the rabbit guy that...Anyway I don't see him. I glance to see other doors across the room and in some of them there are more people. I don't dare to look to the doors to the sides of me because the cat woman's...body could be in one of the other rooms. I was too busy look around the room to notice that the room went silent and everyone was looking at me.

"Ahem!" a woman in the crowd said.

"Y-yes?" I ask.

The woman in a fox mask walks up to me.

"Who are you?" she asks still staring at me.

Ah, so she's the same woman who was clearing her throat earlier.

"W-why should I tell you?"

" Really!? You too?"

She sounds a little upset about my choice of not sharing my name. But, it seems like I'm not the only one that rejected introductions with her.

"Come on," she continues "I'm only trying to make friends!"

Then the man in the horse mask starts talking to her "I already told you that no one here wants to make friends with someone who could just as easily betray them, than they are are to side with them."

"And I told you that not everyone is like that and that's not a good way to survive this game."

"Tch! Whatever!"

"Excuse me?! Such disrespect I'll have you know I'm-"

I just decide to watch them as they argue and walk off. Eventually I decide to start talking some more, but, since a certain two people are distracted I walk to the nearest person, which is the woman in lion mask

"So, is there anyone else here or is this it?"

"No there are more, they're either just too scared or too lazy to come out of their cells." she answers

"Do you have any idea what you did to be here?"

She looks over at me "No...well yes. Remember we're representing the one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I have a lion mask on. So, I represent pride."

"Oh, yeah I think you're right."

She sighs "Thanks this conversation was really informal for me ," she says sarcastically "I mean at least I told you some things you didn't know. But, you didn't give me anything useful." and she turns away from me to watch the others

Well that could have gone better, I think to myself, but even though she was rude to me I shouldn't be rude back, "just turn the other cheek" as my mom always said.

"Sorry I couldn't help you."

She looks turns around and looks at me.Then looks at the floor for a couple seconds.

She looks at me at me and sighs "Sorry I did it again."

"Did what?"

"I sometimes get really emotional and to make me feel better I get snarky and narcissistic . So...I'm sorry."

"It's okay I understand."

"Thanks that makes me feel better, I guess." she started staring at the female fox and male horse as they are arguing.

"I want to ask you something."

"Sure. What is it?" She says turning towards me.

"So, why are you guys so calm after everything that just happened and how do you guys know each other already?" my door just opened a little bit ago. Did theirs' open before mine?

She glances at me "How could we not? I mean it's been at least an hour since our doors unlock. Well except for yours."

"Really? How weird, why did mine not open at the same time as yours? Was there something wrong with my door or something?"

"Why are you asking me that? I don't specialize in electronics, I'm just a secretary." she's starting to sound agitated again.

"Sorry I just thought that maybe you did. But I'm still not surprised that you don't. I mean I couldn't tell by your outfit because you know."

She looks down at herself and at the other people in the room "Yeah I guess you're right," she starts to sound calmer "what about you?"


"What do you do for a living?"

"Oh, I'm the manager for a company."

"What does your company do?"

"We handle foreign goods and ship goods to other countries around the world."

"Huh, interesting. Well, I'm going to go try to break up that argument between those two before it gets violent," she continues "So, see you around." She then walks off towards the fox and horse and it looks like she took off at a good time because it looks like the argument got more heated since I last saw them.

As I watch her go, curiosity starts to peak my interest and I look back toward my cell and decide hesitantly, that I'm going to go see the room where the female cat died, talking to others can wait for now I probably have time after I'm done investigating. I don't know why I want to, but I do. Probably because it all still feels so unreal to me, so I want to see the proof with my own eyes. But, before I go I look into my cell to check on the time, It's still counting down with only five more hours to go.

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