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This is a description for this story that is about fiction like dank memes or t-rexes or life also amnimals.

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



Have you ever felt like there is just not enough laughing in life take a look at this story as Doge sets out to find his best amnimal friend T-Rex who loves Doritos and Dr. Pepper (my own preference). Somewhere off in space the tubby custard ship abducted T-Rex and the Teletubbies tortured him with boiling lava Hot Pockets, too scortching to handle with regular hands too badthey aren't human... somewhere else in the universe the almighty Buff Rake (Inside joke) in leage with Han-solo back from the dead to stop Vader from teaming up with the Teletubbies. And then John Cena Claimed Mr universe until he was incinerated by the Teletubbies because they didn't think so. 

Arthur from the kids tv show also did stuff like rip people limb by limb and travel back in time to drop nukes on Hitler before he was born and cause 911 (no offense). You know, what if Harry Potter came in and then EVERY BODY DO THE FLOP. That's the end. Good bye. Thanks for reading...



; ) JK 

There is much more left like how Donald Trump is a FRICKING MEME LORD STUPID HEAD. Just like Ironman in Civil war. Oh and Have any of you seen Spiderman Homecoming? In my opinion, it was pretty great. A definitive must watch reccomend to everyone. Got my non-laughing friend to chuckle. 




remember Doge yeah that is still happening but the magical wizard turtle came to teleport him to the Tubby custard where Shrek was the body gaurd of the Teletubbies so Doge just barked shrek away through his meme powers. And it was too late because T-Rex was melted to death in the pile of trash meat and steaming cheese. And Caillou came and blew up the tubby custard space ship. 


For real this time.

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