Bloodless Night: The Demon's Daughter

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



Summoning a demon isn’t hard, anybody with just a little magical ability can do it, the problem is that the demon is going to upset and want to kill you for pulling him away from whatever he was doing.  So, when the demon arrives you need to imprison it in a protective circle until the bargain can be made.  For some reason that only they know demons will never attack a person they have a bargain with and even though they will lie about anything else they will not falsely agree to a bargain just to be freed from the protective circle.  Demons don’t like to make bargains so their first reaction will be to attempt to break the protective circle.  The more powerful the Demon the more power he can focus on breaking the spell.  That is where the problem a lot of witches and wizards run into comes from.  Imagine summoning a demon you think is a minor demon with little power just to find out he has gained a lot of power and a Demonic Lord is stand in a protective circle not even close to the strength needed to contain him.


I knew all of this and the fact that my father had been a Demonic Lord when Akemi had summoned him. If he had gained the power and moved up to Demonic Prince then there wasn’t a witch or wizard alive that would be able to contain him.  I set my wards as strong as I could and half hope that he hadn’t gain that much power in the thirteen years since he was on this plane.  The summoning itself only required knowledge of the demonic languages and the name of the demon you wish to summon. 


As I sat cross legged in the shadows and chanted the summoning spell.  My voice was growing harsh and my throat dry when smoke began to billow up from the ground in circle.  It began to take on a human like shape only much taller and broader then a mortal man could ever be.  Suddenly the smoke solidified into a nine-foot-tall being with bright red skin.  Horns sprouted from his head just in front of his temples, they curved out then back over his head.  He was completely hairless except of a topknot of pure white hair.  His eyes burned with a demonic anger that sent shivers through me.  His hands ended in thick black nails that were extremely claw like.  My eyes dropped lower and I quickly looked away, wondering how Akemi could have ever laid with this thing.


He extended a claw and touched the spell that imprisoned him.  Blue sparks flew as he dragged his claw over the spell.  I could feel him pushing against the spell with his power attempting to break it, but I could feel he didn’t have the power.  “Witch show yourself.  I told you not to ever summon me again.  I will not bargain with you again either release me or I will break this puny prison.”


I stepped forward; I took all my strength to keep my knees from shaking.  I stood where he could see me, but I couldn’t find my voice to speak.


His hate filled eyes fell on me.  “Where is your mother girl?”


I don’t know why I did it but I held up the gem containing her soul.  I open my mouth but either my nerves or fear had stolen my voice.


He looked at the gem.  Demons have amazing abilities to see things and I guess he could see her soul trapped in that gem.  He throws his head back and laughed.  His laughter was so loud and strong I feared he would bring the roof down on us, but he slowly stopped laughing and looked back at me.  “Who did this girl?”


It came out as more of a squeak then an actual word, “Me.”


He leaned forward letting his horns brush against the spell that imprisoned him, showering himself with blue sparks.  His eyes seem to bore into me, search me very being, then suddenly the laughter again this time harder and longer.  I had to cover my ears and even than I started thinking that his laughter was going to drive me insane.  He finally stopped and while gasping for breath and chuckling he told me, “I knew that sooner or later you or her would kill the other.  So why have you summoned me here?”


I had to reach down in myself to find the courage to use my voice.  “I didn’t want to hurt Akemi, but something took control of me.  I am afraid it will do that again and hurt Hatsu so I wish to leave this place.”


“What do you have to bargain with?”


“I will let you have a piece of my soul if you take me to the demonic planes.”


He frowned.  “You know less than nothing.  You are a moon child so demons will be unable to take part of your soul.  I now see I have three choices, the first and possible the most applying is to kill you, but your barrier makes this impossible.  The second is to leave you here and hope another demon doesn’t see you for the pawn you are to be used against me.  The third is to take you with me.  I am not one to leave things to chance so I will make this bargain with you.  I will take you to my home, but none will know you are my child.  I will see that you are trained and you will serve me faithfully in any position I decide.”

“You must swear to not have me killed and I will serve you as long as the loyalty I show you is return.”


He laughed, “You are wise to include those to clauses in the bargain.  OK, you will come with me as a servant that none of my house hold will be permitted to kill or arrange the death of.  I will show you the same amount of loyalty that you show me.  In return, you will be loyal to me and tell none that you are my daughter.”


“I agree to these terms.”


“Then the bargain is struck.”  He produced a scroll of a reddish material out of thin air.  This was the bargain.  It would spell out exactly what we had agreed to, if asked most demons will claim they produce them, but several had let it slip over the years that the others, The Keepers of The Scrolls made them.  I have tried to find out what The Keepers of The Scrolls are, but there is no reference to them in any tome or scroll that I have ever found.


I dropped the protective barrier with a thought and his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist.  One of his sharp black nails dug into my wrist drawing blood.  With his other hand, he held the scroll to catch the drop of blood.  Once three drops had fallen on the scroll he left me go and slashed his own wrist.  As the third drop of his blood fell on the scroll it disappeared.

Crossing from one plane to another is as normal as stepping through a doorway or as strange as find oneself in a surrealist painting come to life.  When I made that first transfer it was like walking through a doorway from inside to the outside.  It all looked like my world, but there was a feeling to it, something subtle that I couldn’t put a name to.  We were standing in the middle a plain of grassland that stretched to the horizon in every direction.  Hort closed his eyes when we arrived and then started off in what seemed a random direction.  I tried to keep up, but I had to run to keep up with is long strides and was soon gasping for air as he continue to walk at for him was a relaxed pace.  When I slipped and fell, I knew that I wouldn’t last long if I continue to try and keep up with him.  “Hort please I can’t...”

He was on me before I could finish, his backhanded blow split my lip and I tasted blood.  “Never use my name, to you I am either My Lord or Master address me otherwise and I will have you beaten.  This is your only warning.”


I was scared, the bargain was he wouldn’t kill me not that he wouldn’t have me beaten to the point I wished I was dead.  “Please My Lord, I can’t keep up with you, and where are we going, I thought you had a large castle from which you rule a might kingdom, My Lord.”


He laughed.  “When a demon is summoned he is pulled from where ever he is and from whatever he was doing.  When a demon is returned he is returned to a random point within a thousand miles of the point he was summoned from.  Don’t ask me why or how that is just how it works.”  He pointed in the direction we were headed.  “My castle is that way and my men will be out looking for me by now so it should only be a matter of time before we are found and I can finally get some clothes.  If you ever return to the mortal realms and summon another demon you should make sure he isn’t in the bath when you do it.”  He pulled me up and started off again this time reducing his stride so that I could keep up.


Even with him going at a reduce stride it wasn’t long before I began to lag behind again.  Working magic takes energy and some of it can be stolen from your surroundings but some has to come from you and all the magic I had worked was taking its toll on me.  I was so exhausted that I tripped and fall on my face.  Without a word, he scooped me up and flung me over his shoulder.  When I tried to wiggle into a more comfortable position he smacked my ass.  “Lay still girl or I will leave you laying in the dirt.”

In due time, we were located by his men and we got to ride back to his castle, which was beautiful in a twisted sort of way.  It was when we rode in to the court yard that I saw just how different it was.  It was made of a red stone, but as I looked about I saw figures moving in it.  I would later learn that it was called soul stone and the figures were as much a part of the stone as the stone was part of the castle.


Hort quickly dismounted and headed off into the castle when we reached the court yard and I rushed to catch up to him, but a withered old hag grabbed me, “Who be you, moon child?”


I slipped her grip and ran after Hort hoping he would slow down or stop for just a second.  He went through a set of doors, and by the time I reached them he had disappeared into the maze of his castle.  I attempted to look for him on my own for a little bit, but that was hopeless so I asked a passing guard where Lord Hort was.He mumbled something about stupid children of the moon and kept going.  His was the average response I got and none of them was helpful.  I have no idea how long I wandered, but finally I found I quiet corner and curled up in it.  My stomach protested once about being hungry, but soon I felt sleep closing in.


A boot caught me in the ribs, not hard enough to break bone just enough to wake me.  I sat up and for a minute was frightened as a demon looked down on me, but then I remembered what I had done and became really scared.


“Come moon child, Lord Hort wishes to see you, and we have spent all morning looking for you.”


“Please take me to him now.”  The fact that so many referred to me as moon child didn’t really requester at that time.


He leads me to a huge audience chamber, years later I would see others on the mortal plane but none ever came close to this room.  The pillars, the balconies, the carpeted runner, at the far end the raised dais holding a single throne, carved from what appeared to be bone.  Hort wearing a black kimono with a red and gold dragon embroider on it, was in the throne with one leg over an arm, lounging.  He was looking down on a small pale creature that I relieved was a very minor demon as we approached.  “Mup you displease me.  I give you the simple task of spying on my friend, Rotam, and you get caught.”  He spots us and waves to the guards to drag the poor Mup away.  “So, moon child you have been found, good.  I have decided to have you trained in weapons.  Soc, come here weapon’s master and meet your newest student.”


Soc was as tall as Hort, and to my eyes at the time they could have been brothers, if they were brothers then Soc would have been the one who had lived the harder life.  He wore pants and a vest made from the tan hide of some beast.  His face and arms were covered with scars.  One of his horns had been broken off near the skull and he had it replaced with a metal one.  He knelt before Hort on a single knee.  He slammed his fist against hard enough to have the sound of flesh hitting flesh to be carried throughout the whole room.  “I will take this moon child and train her, but could I request that she be taught the basics by one of the lesser trainers first.”


With a chuckle, “You can request anything Soc, but you will oversee her training and she will be under your protection until she is returned to me.”


“When do you want her returned to you My Lord?”


“When she is your equal in weapons Soc, until then I don’t want to see or hear of her.”


“As you wish My Lord” He pounded his chest again and rose.  With the smallest of signals that I should follow him he leads me from the Throne room.

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