Bloodless Night: The Demon's Daughter

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



I stood in the middle of the training room, holding the hilt of a practice sword.  The practice swords were pieces of wood wrapped in padding, not much padding as I knew so well.  I was in a defensive position, waiting my opponent to join me on the mat.  Norg stepped onto the mat and spun his sword, showing off.  He had been the top of our class of 5 until yesterday.  Krushan had joined our class; bring our numbers up to 6.  Norg had tried to push him around but Krushan was a lot better than Norg.  I glanced over to where Krushan sat.  He was a demon, but he was different then all the demons I had met in my 3 months here.  His features were softer and his teeth weren’t pointed and made for ripping and tearing of flesh.  His horns were smaller than any but the few children I had met here.  He wasn’t human, but he had many features of them just twisted slightly to be demonic.


Norg moved forward with a purpose.  He had been the best in the class forever and losing the position had made him angry.  I knew I was going to get pounded on, but I was determined to fight back.  He feinted to my left then struck from the right.  I wasn’t fooled and blocked that blow, but I was knocked sideways by the power behind the blow.  His sword was suddenly on my left coming towards me with an incredible speed.  I could follow it with my eyes barely, but I couldn’t move my sword even close to that speed.  The blow landed with a loud whack and I whimpered a little as I was flung to the right.  The thing inside of me roared forward and I was only barely able to force it down.  It was growing stronger and still I had found no way to control it.  Norg knocked my sword to the side and slammed his elbow into my face.  My eyes teared up as I tasted blood from my broken nose.  Soc wasn’t training duelist, he was training warriors and warriors fought to win not for honor.  I tried to strike Norg and he again knocked my blade away, then he jabbed his into my chest.  I felt the wind leave me as I flow backwards.  Landing on my back I saw stars and through them I saw a haze shape raise his hands in victory.  The beast inside of me pounced for control again and I forced it down as I struggled to my feet and growled.  Norg turned to me and laughed.  I struck at him; I guess he was surprise I was able to stand because he didn’t even attempt to block it as my sword smacked his shoulder.


Norg’s face changed and he backhanded me across the face send new waves of pain shooting from my nose.  I stumbled and fell to 1 knee, but I forced myself to stand again.  I was ready to receive the next blow, which Norg was moving into give me when Krushan was standing between us.  “This battle is over.  Norg go practice with somebody else.  You moon child come with me to the witch.  She should be able to heal you up.”  Norg made a move like he was going to go through Krushan to get me, but Krushan produced a real knife from somewhere, deaths in training was rare, but they do happen and it looked like Norg was about to have one.  Norg looked at the steel and then at me, I knew that he would get me later and the pain I was currently in would feel wonderful to what he had in mind.


As we stepped out into hall Krushan turned to me, “Why didn’t you take him?”


“He is faster and stronger than me.”  I kept walking.  I had this same talk with Soc the second day before Soc seem to give up on me.  Now the others just beat me around and made fun of me.  After today it would be worse.


“He wouldn’t be if you tapped your demonic side.”


I stopped and spun around, “What are you talking about?  I have no demonic side.”


“I feel it in you; twice you almost let it loose in that fight.  Why didn’t you?”


It took me a second to understand what he was talking about.  “I can’t let that lose it already hurt one person, it wants to hurt more.”


He laughed.  “Moon child, that is part of you, you just need to learn to control it.  You can be very powerful if you learn to control it.  Your father must be a very powerful Demonic Lord for your demonic side to be that strong.”


I stared at him, I couldn't believe what he was telling me.  "How can I control it?  Every chance it gets it tries to take control of my body.  If I hadn't held it back earlier Norg would be dead."


He laughed again and I decided I liked his laugh.  "That wouldn't have been a big lose moon child.”


We continue to laugh as he walked me to the witch.  He left me there to go see Soc.

I slipped into the practice room the next morning hoping that Krushan was there already.  He wasn’t but Norg was and he was waiting for me.  “practice dummy to the mat now!”


I walked towards the mat looking around and noticed Nagga and Toman were also missing.  They were Norg’s biggest supporters and normally where ever he was they were so where could they be I wondered as I step onto the mats.


Norg didn’t show off today he stepped forward and growled, “Now you will be taught a lesson about striking your betters.”


I knew then where his friends were, he had sent them to delay Soc and Krushan so he could beat me to a pulp.  I had no chance against him, so I figured what the hell and attacked.  I punched him in the face as he leered at me.


He growled louder and backhanded me across the face and my still tender nose broke again as I flow backwards landing on my back sliding off the edge of the mat.  He charged me as I began to sit up.  I had dropped my practice sword when I had landed on my back.  But it didn’t matter since Norg would have just beating me even if I had it.


My demonic side tried to take control and I almost let it, but I fought it down as I scampered backwards.  “Norg we are off the practice mats.”


“This isn’t practice you, stupid little half breed.  I am going to kill you for striking me.” He growled.


I reached down in myself to find the strength to stand up to Norg as he stepped up to me and punched me in the stomach.  It felt like my stomach had been knocked through my back but I growled and put everything I had into a punch I landed on the side of his head.  His head snapped to the side, “Oh the stupid little half breed has a little fight left in her.”


I don’t know how but suddenly I had control of my demonic side.  I knew I could easily pound Norg into the floor, but I held back.  “No more Norg or you will regret it.”


Norg laughed and punched at me, but I saw it coming and ducked it.  He tried again, but this time he wasn’t laughing.I was amazed at how easy it was now to see the blows coming and avoid them.  This continue for just a few seconds, but it seemed like longer.  Then as suddenly as I got control of my demonic side I lost it.  Norg’s fist connected with my jaw and I thought he had torn my head off with that blow.  I hit the floor and Norg pounced on me, driving his fist into my face.


The door slammed open and Soc followed by Krushan stormed into the room.  Nagga and Toman sprinted in after them.  “Norg back off now!”  Soc yelled as he seemed to fly across the room towards us.  Krushan was right behind him producing a dagger from someplace as he moved towards Norg.


Norg seemed crazed as he tried to backhand Soc away from us.  Soc caught his arm and with a twist Norg was flying towards the practice mats.  As he hit Nagga, Toman and the other 2 students were on him pinning him down.  Just before I passed out I saw Krushan charge where Norg was being held down still holding that dagger out.

I awoke in my room with Krushan sitting beside me.  I tried to sit up, but I was still in pain.  Krushan noticed I was awake.  “Ah moon child you are finally awake.”


“What happen?”


He laughed, “Norg must have hit you harder than I thought.  Seems you and he had an extreme practice session.  Unfortunately, you got the worse of it.”


“I remember that, but you and Soc showed up just in time.”


“Yeah Nagga caught me as I was leaving my room.  She gave me a sealed note she claimed came from Soc.  The note sent me off on a wild goose chase.  Seems, Toman did the same to Soc with a note.  Me and Soc wouldn’t have gotten there in time except them 2 didn’t discuss where they were sending us.”


“So, what happens now?  If I go back to class Norg will kill me and next time he will make sure you and Soc are really distracted until he is done.”


“I talked to Soc and got him to agree to allow me to help you tap into your demonic side, so until I say otherwise we will be working in here instead of the practice room.”


I tried to sit up again, but the pain was too bad.  “When will I be healed up enough for us to start?”


“We are starting right now.  You won’t be doing anything physical so the fact you are so bruised and in pain won’t matter.”


“Don’t I get anything to eat before we start?”


“No, not until you show me some ability to gain some control of your demonic side.  Now close your eyes and concentrate on trying to feel your demonic side deep down inside of you."


I closed my eyes, I was used to going hungry.  I could feel it down there, it was always there.


"Once you can feel it reach out and take a hold of it."  Krushan told me without a hint of sarcasm.


"How am I supposed to grab something inside of me?"


He laughed, but it was a friendly laugh.  "Not with your hands, you reach for it with your mind and grab it.  Just imagine yourself doing it."

That first day was easy compared to the weeks that followed.  My demonic side was like a buzzing in the back of my skull or an itch just out of reach.  I would attempt to get control of it for several hours every day and when I did feel it, it was like wrestling a bigger and stronger person.  I would have a pounding headache at the end of each session, but Krusan said it was just a matter of time.


We didn't spend all the time on me gaining control of my demonic side, we got to know each other and I learned more demonic lore.  I found out that people called me moon child because it is common on certain mortal planes for demons to be called up to lay with certain girls.  The children of these unions are called moon children because this ritual only happened on the night of a full moon.  It was even Krusan that suggested that I use the name Selena since it means moon and it was the name of very powerful moon child of the past.


In time, I was able to gain control of my demonic side and Krusan began to teach me things I should have learned before joining Soc's class.  We practiced in my room even thou it was small and was ill equipped for that.  Until 1 day as he left after we had eaten dinner together.  He was standing in the doorway and turned back, "Report to the practice room tomorrow.  It is time we rejoined our class."


"Why?", was all I could ask.


"You are ready.  Now when you go to the practice room do not take a hold of your demonic side.  Let them think I have given up on you."


I smiled as I saw what he was thinking, "OK"

I enter the practice room and Norg was holding court.  Soc and Krusan were no place to be seen.  I hung my head and was shuffling towards a corner when I heard Norg shout, "Ah the practice dummy back.  Get on the mat dummy."


I moved to the mat slowly like I dreaded what was to come and held my sword timidly in front of me.  "Please Norg you don't want to do this."


He strides onto the mat with a laugh, "No I don't what I want to do is kill you, you stupid half breed, but Soc has forbidden that so a good beating is what you will get."


I waited until he swung his practice sword at me before embracing my demonic side.  The world opened up and Norg's attack seemed to be in slow motion.  I brought my sword up and easily blocked his attack.  He didn't seem to notice the change in me because he tried again to strike me.


I attacked and my sword struck his knocking it to the side then striking his elbow.  As Norg's sword flow from his hand I caught it with my free hand.  Norg wouldn't give up and attempted to punch me, but I brought his own sword up so he hit it instead.


After that I took control of the match, putting Norg on the defense then finally after I had humiliated him enough on his back.  As the match ended and Norg's friends stood watching with their mouths hanging open Soc and Krusan stepped from the shadows.


Krusan stepped up beside me, "I think you all owe Selena an apologize."

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