I have a roving eye

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Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



I have a roving eye


I have a roving eye.  A handsome man and I have to look at him and get to know him. I fancy men younger than me too.  But alas no one stays handsome for long. Otherwise I would marry them.  I am full of passion. Age has not diminished my passion. In fact it has increased. None of the men I know have a clue that I fancy them. Part of it stems from the fact that I am lonesome. A kind word and a hello and I am enamoured of the person. I call them my defactos. 

I was not always like this.  I miss the company of men. I used to move among men and women easily at one time. I used to be unisex. Have I changed. No . I am still the same. I have developed a roving eye. For I am attracted to beauty and that includes beauty of the soul. For I am a warm hearted soul. I connect to these not so handsome but very nice men.  They are dads and I have always loved kids. My kids are fine.  I looked up astrology charts and they have a good life. I have always wanted more kids. As I said I am lonesome. I play aunt to all the kids at the park. I have my favourites.  I recognise some of them. They are regulars just as I am a regular at the park.

I am lonesome and there is no solution in sight, at least in the short term.  No one to hold my hand and say I love you every moment of the day. My project in life is to learn to be alone by myself.  Some people manage fine living alone and I have just retired. I am not there yet.  Retirement takes practice. Still it has it’s difficult moments. I am lucky to be retired. I don’t miss the world of work. I have been there, done that.  Oh well ! tomorrow is another day.

I am sitting at the bench at the park. A man comes and sits next to me. He smiles and I smile back. He is exceedingly handsome. He tells me he has just moved into the suburb. Bought a house in retirement. He is single and is looking for people to share house with.  I ask him if it has to be a man. He says no he is not particular. I tell him I am interested. I have discovered we have common friends and he has a police clearance certificate and was a cop before he turned businessman.  So I vacate my house, put it up for rent and move into his. He insists he has money and doesn’t want rent. I am delighted. His name is Matt. I have retired early. I am only in my early 40’s.  I am delighted. Company of  a nice man. I checked up with my friends and they said he was really nice.  Unlike me he has lived here a long time. He is bound to have plenty of friends.

Matt’s house is lovely. He has a housekeeper who comes in twice a week, cleans and a cook who comes in 3 days a week. Luxury. His cousin lives with him. She stays home and works from home. She is in her early 30’s. Her name is Sharon. By the way I am Julie.  Cool. I have company. Matt still manages his business. So he is out of the home for part of the day. I have been given a spacious room which has a sofa and a bed and a study desk. It’s ensuite and I have my privacy. The house is well ventilated but doesn’t have centralised heating or air conditioning.  I am feeling better. An answer to my ennui and lonesomeness.  Matt’s a handsome man and he is tall. I like my men tall.  I have seen photos of him and he is handsome even when he has put on weight. I settle down to my new life. The place has a garden and I love gardening. I am particularly interested in a flower and veggie patch. And herbs too. I volunteer at the hospitals. I used to be a Doctor. Made my money and quit. I have a neat 2 Million dollars in my bank account. And no expenses. My kids are happy for me.  Glad that I am not living alone anymore. Sharon and Matt are busy people. I am still lonesome but not alone anymore.  Matt keeps to himself and Sharon works nights and sometimes during the day.  She keeps to herself. Mind you they are nice.

I decide to get to know my neighbours. Nathan and Megan have a lovely kid and a fat dog ;-0 Their niece and nephew visit them. Megan is reserved but Nathan is very friendly. He always has a smile for me. Jeff is retired and lives alone with his dog. Rob and Samantha live next door with their poodle. Their young Dad and Mom visit them on weekends. There is a school next door. I say hi to those who come to the school and I now have several acquaintances. I particularly like Victor. He used to be my neighbour when I lived alone. One day as I was standing in the driveway chatting to a neighbour Matt’s half brother comes over. He is not handsome but there is something very eye catching about him.  He introduces himself. He is going to move into the 4th bedroom. He is very chatty and I am happy. He tells me he has plenty of free time and that we should go on a road trip some time.  I agree . Spring is here after a mild winter. His name is Dave. We discover that we have a common Aunt. Matt is scaling back his business and plans to spend more time at home. He offers to come along. It will be a month long trip. Go camping, fishing, swimming. It will be a lot of fun. I have money but they refuse to let me pay. This living for free is a lot of fun. I send money to my kids telling them to buy something for themselves and their kids. They tell me they are moving to Greenville and ask me to look for accommodation on the same street. My life is getting better. Yay!

I am beginning to like Matt a lot. He is as nice as he is handsome. Maybe he will marry me some day. Dave suggests. Dave says that would be wonderful. Matt likes you a lot. And so a wedding is arranged. Matt does not require convincing. He tells me he too was feeling lonesome and that he found me very fetching. My kids are delighted. The wedding date has been set for after the road trip. Sharon agrees to make all the arrangements while we are away.

We come back from the road trip and I discover i am pregnant. I am delighted. Matt tells me don’t worry, you will get a lot of help with the kid. Sharon and her partner want to adopt her. Adopt ?  I have been there done that. Not just my two. My nieces and nephews too. I am relieved. Sharon and her partner have bought a house opposite ours. We decide to name the kid Aiden. I agree to the adoption. Dave’s aunt promises to help out. The whole family pitches in. One member agrees to take Aiden to the play group everyday. Another offers to buy clothes for her. Another is contributing to her education fund. All I have to do is enjoy the company of Aiden. Matt is delighted. It is his first child. His mom calls me her favourite daughter. :-0 . She plans to move to Greenville.

Matt tells me he has good and bad news. He has been offered a position as advisor in the President’s team. A offer he cannot refuse. The bad news is he has to relocate to Washington and can’t take me with him. I cry. I will be lonesome again. Poor me. He can’t get away for long periods of time. I am happy for him. I tell him oh well there is always email. We will keep in touch. I tell him I will be ok. My kids are back in town. And I have Aiden and the neighbours are friendly. I have Dave.  He smiles much relieved. We get married. He offers to sell his house to me. I take up the offer. I have plenty of money. He says he cannot send emails but would be delighted to hear from me. I promise to write. Aiden is all taken care of.

Am I lonely. Never have been. But I am lonesome. Something I can manage. I still have a roving eye. It’s not like I am having sex or flirting with anyone.  I just appreciate a handsome man. But non as handsome as my Matt. One look at him and my heart used to melt. One look from him and I would be satisfied. Dave continues to live with me. He has no girl friend at the moment. He has found a job at the university and is very busy. I have only ever once loved in my life. I will never forget Matt.  And I have a beautiful daughter called Aiden. I am super rich. I am enjoying retirement as best as I can.

****************The end*************

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