Mystery Case of Dr. Navarro

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It was a dusk night when Dr. Navarro, a famous Filipino surgeon, was blindly murdered in his room in the third floor of an apartelle (apartment-hotel) building. No one knew the doctor was murdered until Cynthia, his wife, discovered his dead body lying on a carpet.
Lester Palladio, a young teenager with a mind of a detective, tries to uncover the deepest mystery of the murder. But the case is not easy for him as things get complicated when another dead body reveals from the dark shadows. People don’t even trust his reasoning because of his age. How could this young high school teen solve the murder case?

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Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017




A dusk Sunday night. In the east road of metro Cebu, stood a four story apartelle building. One of the tenants, Dr. Navarro, a famous surgeon in the Philippines with an average build body and a soft young nerdy face that could not match with his age, was lying on his small military bed when someone suddenly came knocking his door.

“Who’s there?” Dr. Navarro sat up on his bed.

The doctor trudged straight to the door despite the dim moonlight illuminating in his room. He did not even bother to wear his eyeglasses or to turn the light switch on. Slowly, he pulled the door in. The whole second floor of the building was quiet that the creak of his door was the only one making noise.

Oh David, why are you here? It’s late at night.

The doctor was pushed back, falling hard on the floor.

What’s going on? Dr. Navarro dragged himself backwards.

At the same moment, the visitor grinned while closing the door. Then he ambled towards the doctor.

Hey, what’s going on? David… Dr. Navarro knelt with his left knee while his hands were reaching for something to hold on.

The suspected man, named David, picked up his ax hidden behind his shirt. He smacked the back head of his weapon, back and forth onto his left palm until he stood a few inches away from Dr. Navarro.

The moonlight flashed at them. Room was quiet that they could only hear the night breeze whistling through the window, passing by the bullied doctor, who pushed himself hard to stand up.

Dr. Navarro stood upright while his eyes narrowed, staring hard at the lightened face of his unexpected visitor. 

But the intention was clear. The doctor’s hands were down and eyes widened, watching the ax swinging over him. “'re not David!

Dr. Navarro uttered his last gasp. As the doctor closed his eyes, the ax pierced in to his chest and he died helpless on a carpet. Blood drooled down from the wound, reaching slowly to the carpet. The killer had a broad smile on his face while looking over the dead body.





The next day…

Big steps then little steps, a complete cycle that the young spikey haired man took as he passed through some foreign travelers. In a sudden event, a large shadow figure passed by inside, covering all the people. He glanced outside the glass window, witnessing an airplane climbing up to the sky. He strode towards the exit door carrying his loaded backpack and his indifferent looking face. But in the middle of his way, he caught his phone vibrating. A text message he ought to read.

The young man slowed down as he read the message.

Great day Lester! I’m sorry to inform you that I have an important matter to attend in Manila tonight so I won’t be back home until tomorrow afternoon. Don’t worry I have already booked you a room for a night in an apartment-hotel at the east road of Cebu City. Just present your I.D. to them, ok?

A friend of mine, named Mikel will pick you up and drive you to the apartment-hotel.

See you soon.

Without any awareness, Lester found himself outside the airport. His eyes looked around the area, seeing some foreigners sauntering with their large bags on their backs.

Just a few moments passed, a guy of mid-thirties, wearing a blue shirt and a red cap, approached to Lester.

“Lester…Lester Palladio?” The man pointed his finger.

“Yes sir.”

“Well, nice to meet you Lester. I’m Mikel, Atty. Lawrence’s friend.” Mikel shook hands with Lester before he continued saying, “Atty. Lawrence asked me to pick you up.”

“Ah, yeah.” Lester nodded before he continued saying, “Uncle mentioned about you in his text message earlier.”

“I see. So, shall we get going?” Mikel made a quick gesture with his head, pointing to his blue car behind him.


There were no words uttered as both gentlemen walked towards the car until half of the way, Lester, trailing a few inches behind Mikel, asked a question. “By the way, what’s the name of the hotel?”

“It’s Cebu Apartelle, Lester. It’s not just a hotel”

“An apartelle?”

“It is a shortcut of apartment-hotel.” Mikel stepped inside the car first and inserted his key to the slot.


The engine started when Lester entered the car. He was impressed with the silent sound of the engine. But he thought the car was new not until he saw a missing button on the radio in front of him. Not much he could look around inside. He strangled himself with the seatbelt and sat in silence before they started rolling the street.

It was 3:15 pm, an hour drive from the airport, when they arrived at the apartment-hotel building. The car stopped near the entrance door. Lester went out of the vehicle while pulling his bag out.

The young man said thank you to Mikel before the car drove away.

He sneaked his left arm to the strap of his bag then both of his shoulders jumped, making it comfortable for him to carry on his back. Left standing in front of the entrance door, the young man looked up at the building. His mind whispered saying, “Cebu Apartelle, a four story building. Clean glass windows and no scratches on the walls. It seems this was built a few months ago.”

Lester went inside the building, carrying his loaded bag with him.

“Good afternoon sir.” A young and angelic voice was heard.

“Good afternoon.” The young man’s lips slid sideways while he approached the front desk.

“How may I help you?”

“Uncle Lawrence booked a room here and…”

The lady inserted before Lester could finish what he was saying, “And your name please, sir.”

“Lester Palladio.”

At the same moment, a huge guy, wearing an apron, with a perfect body build, popped out from the door at the right. He asked, “Who are you talking to honey?”

The lady responded, “This is Lester honey. The one Atty. Lawrence mentioned last night.”

Before anyone could speak something, the bulky guy took off his apron and gestured his wife to hang it in the building’s storage room.

Lester noticed some rusts and oil painted on the apron but he quickly shifted his eyes to the man standing beside him.

“Hi, my name is David.” Lester shook hands with him, “David Craig. I’m the owner and also a maintenance man of this building.”

“My name is Lester Palladio, sir.” Both gentlemen smiled at each other as their hands separated.

“Alright Lester, let’s go and get you to your room.”

Lester nodded while saying, “Ok.”

“I’ll get the keys first. Just stay there.”

The owner walked inside the front desk and grabbed the keys hanging beneath the drawer. Prior to leading Lester to his room, the owner, David, walked before the young man and said, “Your room is on the fourth floor. Are you good with that?”

Lester nodded as he expressed his smile. “It’s fine.” The smile lasted when David turned around and moved towards the stairs.

On their way up to the second floor, they passed a short and skinny Mr. Solis, wearing a thick black coat and workout jeans. David greeted him with his smile and said, “Enjoy with your workout Mr. Solis.”

“Thanks David.” Mr. Solis put a smile of his own while he continued his way down the stairs.

As they set foot on the fourth floor, Lester noticed an ax-less emergency box planted on the wall. Passing near it, Lester recognized the case was barely open. Was something happened here? Where could the ax be? Lester turned his head forth for a second before he glanced at every door he passed by.

He was amazed with all the emergency cases planted beside on every room. Not to mention, the walls and the doors looked new the way they were painted.

Lester felt awe with everything he saw. Without even asking David, who slowed down, wiping all the sweat on his neck, Lester knew how the family loved their business. Then, never thought of saying something his lips opened on his own saying, “Your apartment is well-maintained Sir David.”

Lester heard the owner chuckled for a quick moment.

A few seconds later, both gentlemen halted in front of a door. David announced, “We’re here.”

David opened the door before he stepped in and hit the light switch on inside the room.

David stood steady, looking down from the wooden floor up to the ceiling. Then he went and checked the wired phone, resting alone on the desk beside the bed.

“The phone is already working.” he chuckled. “I’m glad I fixed it in time."

“Alright Lester, I have three keys here for your room. I’ll take one duplicate key and you take these two.” Lester received two keys and slid them inside his pocket. “Please keep those keys young man. Be responsible.”

“I will Sir David.”

David sighed deep. He clipped his lips, giving half a smile as he tapped the young man’s shoulders.

“Alright I should go then.” He stepped out the door and continued saying, “If there’s anything you need, just call me through that phone.” David pointed at the wired phone, the same phone he fixed prior to Lester’s arrival. “…and I’ll help you out.”

“Thank you very much sir David.”

“Please just call me Kuya David, alright? I’ll be going now. You take some rest.”

“Sure, thanks.”

David left the room, more likely leaving the fourth floor.

Lester put his bag against the wall and opened the window of his room. He got a blissful smile on his face as he watched the cityscape from his room.

Later this day, 7:17 pm, at the fourth floor of the apartelle building, Lester climbed down the stairs while having trouble with his phone. His thumb did the swiping job on the screen this time. He has been dealing with his phone since he woke up, just to try finding the nearest convenience store. But all he got was a blank white screen, making him wonder if he still has data connection. Eventually, he sighed as he put his phone in to sleep mode and dropped it into his pocket.

Reaching the last step in the staircase, Lester greeted Mrs. Craig, who just came in the building with a crumpled face.

“Good evening Mrs. Craig.”

All the crinkles on Mrs. Craig’s face flattened. She smiled and replied to the young man. “Good evening Lester.”

“Oh, so you’re done with your shift Mrs. Craig?”

“Yes dear. I work only from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm while Clara and Mara here works from 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm.” Both young women wore smiles while waving their hands at Lester.

Lester put a charming smile at them.

Before Lester went out the building, he asked something to Mrs. Craig. “Sorry to bother you Mrs. Craig, but do you know where is the nearest convenience store here?”

“Yes dear.” Mrs. Craig swung her arm north. “Just follow this road and you’ll end up in a convenience store. It’s just a five minute walk from here.”

“Thank you Mrs. Craig.” Lester put on a broad smile on his face.

As Lester just stepped out the building, holding the door open, Mrs. Craig called him and asked, “Have you seen my husband Lester?”

“Yes, he is in the third floor. He’s having a hard time fixing all the lights in the corridor.”

“Oh, I see. Thank you Lester.”

“You’re welcome Mrs. Craig.” Lester turned around and closed the door, leaving the apartelle building.

Seven minutes passed, Mrs. Craig was in a conversation with her employees at the front desk, when a decent looking woman entered the building.

She was wearing a yellow blouse, blue jeans and sunglasses, masking her identity. She approached to Mrs. Craig at the same time, removing her shades.

“May I help you?” Mrs. Craig spoke first, then wore a questionable smile on her face.

“Yes…uhm… I’m Cynthia, the wife of Dr. Navarro.” Cynthia paused, she pulled out a red card wrapped with a pink ribbon from he bag and showed it to Mrs. Craig. She continued saying, “We’ll, uhm…tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary and I’m going to give this make-up letter to him secretly. Do you know which floor his room is?”

“Wow that’s so amazing!” Mrs. Craig didn’t hold her smile. The she continued. “Well, his room is in the third floor.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Cynthia stretched her lips up to her cheeks.

“Alright, you’re welcome Cynthia."

Mrs. Craig watched Cynthia climbing up the stairs while both Clara and Mara were talking about the anniversary.

7:25 PM

At the front desk, Mrs. Craig received some words from her husband, David, that he will not be home for dinner not until he finished his work. Mrs. Craig’s face grumped but she exhaled, trying to cool down and then she nodded in front of David. This was not the first time that he have done this to her. She stuck with David without any uttered words, but eventually she walked towards the door.

On her way out, Mrs. Craig came across with Mr. Solis. She noticed the silence and scowling face of Mr. Solis while he marched to the stairs. He climbed up with heavy and swift footsteps echoing like someone was hammering on wooden furniture.

People on the ground floor watched the mad man banishing on their sights. Same goes with Mrs. Craig as she saw her husband climbing the stairs before she left the building.


7:45 PM

Lester stood outside of his apartment, carrying a plastic bag of foods. Just when Lester opened the door, he heard a woman screeched in horror.

Lester hasted his way down. He stopped in the third floor and followed the cry until he found himself outside of the last room. Lester stood before a half-opened door, and saw two people inside covered in shadows.

“Are you alright there?” When Lester’s voice reached out inside the room, the woman’s cry got louder.

“Please help me!” the woman sniveled in tears.

Lester opened the door wide, and then light crawled across the room, passing the two people inside. Lester saw a lady in yellow blouse, kneeling down next to a man, lying face down on a carpet.

“What the?!” Lester’s eyes were wide open. Thought of saving a man’s life, he dashed inside and laid his right hand on the man’s neck. He went deep of himself, listening of any signs of heartbeat.

At the same moment, David rushed in the corridor and stood outside the room. He asked. “What’s going on?” His deep voice caught two people’s attentions inside. When he hit the light switch on, his feet froze and mouth was wide open, drawing a small gasp. He was idling near the door, staring deep at the man’s body. “What… happen… to… Dr. Navarro?” His voice wavered.

Lester stood up, thought of speaking about the circumstances but he turned to David, asking him to call the police. David dashed near the telephone. His hands sweated and trembled which caused him to slow down as he pressed the buttons on the telephone.

While Lester looked down at the lifeless body, he noticed some dust on the shirt. He squatted and examined the dust particles he found.

It seems the body was disturbed.

Lester surveyed at the victim’s upper body and saw an ax bathed in blood, resting beside the doctor’s head. He also noticed a face towel, lying on the ax’s handle.

“So this ax was used as a murder weapon.” Lester whispered. His head swung and eyes went back on the victim’s upper body. “Judging from the head position, Dr. Navarro is looking at his right hand....”

Then all of a sudden, his eyes widened, staring to a name carved in blood saying ‘David.’ The name was in between the face and the right hand.

Did you killed him...kuya David?” Lester whispered to himself.

Questions started lurking around Lester’s mind. Lester brought his eyebrows down and stood on his feet. He searched around the victim’s room, but eventually he found nothing related to the doctor’s murder. He ended up standing in front of the window, waiting for the police to come.

Lester went to his inner thoughts. “Was it really kuya David who killed the doctor? As of now, he is the prime suspect. What could be his motive?”


8:27 PM

Dr. Navarro’s room was under the investigation of two crime scene officers; Officer Rick, a short and light weighted senior officer. He collected all the data in the crime scene. Lastly, Officer James, a tall officer with bushy eyebrows. He was the one gathering all the necessary information from nearby people and Mrs. Craig was the last one questioned.

“Thank you for all the information Mrs. Craig.” The officer closed his notebook with his pen clipped in between of some pages.

“You’re welcome Officer James, but believe me officer, my husband is innocent.” Her voice shook from what she had learnt from the investigation

“We’ll see Mrs. Craig, but we have strong evidences against…” Before the officer could finish, David Craig, standing beside his wife, interrupted the conversation.

“Please officer I’m not the one responsible for Dr. Navarro’s death. I considered him as my friend.”

“Stop giving any reasons that you didn’t kill my husband David!” Cynthia grabbed David’s shirt, shaking him hard with all of her strength, but eventually, she fell to her knees crying.

Officer James extended his arms to Cynthia’s right shoulder. He promised her that things will be clear if they allow themselves to be interrogated again in the police station. The short officer, Rick, walked behind David attempting to handcuff him.

“Have you asked Mr. Solis officer?” Lester inserted. The young man showed to Officer James a photo he grabbed from Dr. Navarro’s room. A photo of Dr. Navarro and Mr. Solis. “I think Mr. Solis and Dr. Navarro were good friends.”

“Yes, Mr. Solis and Dr. Navarro knew each other. Maybe he knows something.” Mrs. Craig commented.

Officer James turned his head to Cynthia. “Who’s Mr. Solis? Are they really friends, Mrs. Cynthia?

“Yes.” Cynthia snuffled as her head bent down and eyes flooded in tears. “Mr. Solis was my husband’s best friend since college.”

“Alright, we’ll go and see him.” Then, Officer James swung his head to David and said, “Please lead me to Mr. Solis’ room, Mr. Craig.”

David nodded and said, “Ok.”

Not a second to waste, the two gentlemen went down to the second floor.

Meanwhile, Lester approached Officer Rick, asking to see the photos taken from the crime scene. Officer Rick bobbed his head before he handed his camera to Lester.

The young man turned the camera on and started scanning all the photos in the gallery. Then his mind whispered to him saying, “All the strong evidences they have against kuya David are these two photos; a face towel found on the bloody ax. Earlier, kuya David admitted that he owned the face towel because of its lemon aroma from his sanitizer. And lastly, kuya David’s name was found on the floor, carved in blood. In addition, blood was found at the tip of the doctor’s right index finger, which he used it to write the bloody name on the floor. This is a strong possibility that the doctor gave us a hint about the murderer.”

Lester kept on sweeping left and right on the camera’s back screen, looking some flaws from the photos. Lester checked back the other photo, where Dr. Navarro was with Mr. Solis. He said to himself, “They were in the middle of a business meeting, and it seems that Mr. Solis was…” Lester’s eyes opened wide in a sudden and his thoughts exclaimed, “This is it!”

Lester twisted his body, facing to Officer Rick, who was standing behind him.

“You noticed something, young man?” Officer Rick got his eyebrows raised.

“Yes officer.” Lester’s voice deepened while his eyebrows were down. He gave the camera back to Officer Rick while saying, “There’s this evidence that I found odd.”

“What is it?” Officer Rick took the camera from Lester. Then all of a sudden, they heard a scream from Officer James saying, “Officer Rick, please come here quick!” Without wasting anytime, Officer Rick hasted his way down to the second floor.

Trailing behind Officer Rick, Lester felt odd about the situation. He took quick light steps going down the stairs, then maneuvered a few more to the left before he saw David standing outside while staring inside Mr. Solis’ room.

“What happen?” Lester stopped beside David. He noticed David was bathing in sweat, his oblate eyes gaped, and his shoulders stiffened.

“Mr. Solis is…” David’s voice hollowed.

Lester turned his head towards the room and saw Mr. Solis hanging on top of his bed.

Lester stepped inside the room, leaving David outside. He walked straight as he glared at the lifeless face of Mr. Solis.

“The room looks clean except for the bed, Officer Rick. This is most likely a suicide case.”

“Yeah, it sure is.” Officer Rick gazed at Lester, who stood three feet before the dead body.

“What do we do Officer Rick, now that Mr. Solis is gone?”

Overhearing the conversation of the two officers, Lester glanced at them. Lester’s will of uncovering the mystery of Dr. Navarro’s death intensified, and now two officers had decided their best option for David’s case. Lester knew he can’t plead for David’s innocence. Though, nothing was impossible for him to uncover a mystery.

The young teen, with a curios mind, gave much respect to the unspoken truth.

“This is not good.” Lester’s mind spoke.

“What are you doing here, young man?” Officer Rick spoke in the meantime, moving closer to Lester.

The young teen peeked at Officer Rick who stood behind him. Lester felt a little relief when he noticed the absence of Officer James. The young man clipped his mouth for a moment while lifting his head up, staring back at Mr. Solis’ face.

“Is kuya David going to be arrested officer?”

“With all the concrete evidences we have, I think so.”

Silenced circled around them.

Lester scavenged for clues; he pulled the two lower sleeves of Mr. Solis’ gym pants, looked at the soles of the shoes then on the surface of the sleeveless shirt. Lester stepped a few feet back after he found nothing on the victim’s clothes. No scratches or stains.

“What are you looking for, young man?”

Lester remained quiet. He climbed up the bed, distant from hitting the dead body. He walked slowly behind and resumed his search.

Lester bent down and gazed on the victim’s right hand. He moved the fingers, spreading it to the side, and checked the spaces between them. The young man was moved when he felt some sweat on Mr. Solis’ palm.

Just when Lester lifted the right wrist closer to him, he noticed some small bright red spots on the finger tips. His eyes narrowed, looking closer at the red spots. He wondered if he had seen those red spots before.

Lester walked to the other side and pulled up the sweaty left hand. He saw the same red spots on the fingertips but their numbers were lesser than on the right hand. He jumped in to his thoughts, thinking what caused these red spots.

Lester continued his search. He noticed something surfacing out in the back pocket. He opened the mouth and saw a hard paper surrounded by a pink strap.

When he stepped an inch backwards, he felt two separate little holes on the surface of the bed. He looked down and drew circles on both edges of the holes with his large right toe. “So this is how everything was set up.” His mind whispered.

He went down the bed with a stern look. Things got clearer for him as if the truth tried to crawl out to the surface. The only thing hard for him at the moment was finding a strong evidence to pinpoint the culprit’s identity. Who could it be?

Leaving Officer Rick behind, Lester marched towards Mr. Solis’ desk. It was a total mess; papers were scattered, three ball pens rested everywhere, and a pair of surgical gloves sitting beside a desk lamp.

Lester suspended his eyes over the papers, reading them one by one.

“What do you need from those?” The officer asked while walking close to Lester.

Lester responded while his eyes still hovering over the papers. “I’m finding strong evidences that could support my deduction officer.”

“Have you figured it out?”

Lester turned to Officer Rick and said, “Not everything. The culprit’s identity and motive are unclear to me yet, officer.” Lester twisted back to the desk. There was a few seconds of silence before Lester continued speaking whilst his eyes kept rolling side to side, searching clues. “But I’ll tell you, everything was well-planned. In fact, the culprit did…”

Lester paused when he noticed some notes pinned on the side of a bookshelf.

The bookshelf was standing beside the messy desk. Books were tidy and well arranged. Though, the bookshelf was aged and wrecked. Lester could see termite holes in some craters on the side.


Lester’s eyes were wide open as he read all the notes. It said, ‘June 21 at the Freedom Park 4:30 PM,’ ‘June 23 at the Freedom Park 5:00 PM,’ and ‘June 24, meet up with Hiacynt will call 4:45 PM.’

Lester stared at the air. The tension in his mind escalated. Mysteries were slowly uncovered while dealing with his deep thoughts.

Then all of a sudden, Lester woke up from the deep realm when he noticed two notes pinned together. He read the last two notes with a doubt in his mind.

Silence broke when Officer Rick’s voice echoed behind. “The culprit did what, young man?”

Lester swung his head towards the officer and answered his question. “The culprit did what had to be done.”

Officer Rick stepped forth and said. “What do you mean?” His eyebrows rose as he faced Lester.

Lester muted.

“What are these?” Officer Rick extended his neck, reading all the notes pinned on the bookshelf. “These notes were dated last week.”

“Yeah.” Lester responded.

“But except for these notes right here.” Officer’s eyes rolled sideways, following the words written in the note. “Wait… what?! Is he...”

“Yes officer. What you believe is correct.” Lester pulled out all the notes from the bookshelf and gave them to the officer. “And I feel pity for him.” Lester turned his head outside the room, watching David talking with his wife.

On the other side of the room, Mrs. Craig cried in front of Officer James. She tried to grip the officer’s hands, and crouched half way down but David pulled her back up.

“Everything is going to be fine honey.” David pulled his wife away from Officer James.

Some close friends living in the apartelle offered their hands, comforting Mrs. Craig.

Officer James glared straight to David’s eyes and said. “It’s time to go David.”

David nodded.

Both Lester and Officer Rick went out from Mr. Solis’ room.

Officer James swayed his head, looking down at his senior officer. I think we’re done for today Officer Rick. Let’s head back to the station.”

Officer Rick stood left side of his junior officer, shook his head and said, “No officer. We’re not done yet.” He looked at Officer James before he added. “David Craig is not the murderer.”

Mrs. Cynthia Navarro suddenly popped out from the crowd. “What do you mean officer?! Is it already clear that my husband wrote David’s name on the floor with his…with his own blood?!”

“We have all the evidences Officer Rick. Can you explain why he’s not the murderer?” Officer James inserted.

“The culprit tricked us which lead us to this.” Lester stepped his voice up.

At the same moment, Officer James turned his head to Lester. “Kid you’re too young for this. I’m a Crime Scene Officer. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. This is not a teenage game.”

Officer Rick tapped Officer James’ shoulder. “Let him explain officer.”

Officer James clipped his lips, swept his head to his right while sucking some air and spouted from his nose. “Alright…” He whispered softly in the air.

Lester had his eyes staring at the people as he started to talk. “Most of us thought that Dr. Navarro wrote David’s name on the floor but he was not. It was the culprit who wrote the name.”

“Where is your proof, young man?” Officer James wrinkled his forehead.

Lester handed a photo of Dr. Navarro and Mr. Solis to Officer James. “Here is my proof, officer. In this photo, you can see Dr. Navarro was writing something, but do you notice which hand he uses to write? It’s his left hand. If you remember in your evidence file, David’s name was found beside the doctor’s right hand. Thus, we concluded that Dr. Navarro used his right hand to write kuya David’s name.”

“What about the face towel found on the murder weapon? David claimed that it was his.”

“Possibly, the culprit found it somewhere in the building.” the young teen responded.

Officer James snickered before he added another question. “So who do you think is responsible for Dr. Navarro’s death?”

“It’s none other than, Mr. Solis.”

People in the floor mumbled in confusion and disbelief. ‘Any proofs? Is this true? This kid has nothing to show. He’s a teenager. He doesn’t know what he is doing.’

Lester stood still, unbothered from all the words he heard in the floor. He remained silent until Officer James spoke. “Okay son. This is way too far right now, but do you have any proof?”

Lester showed a pair of gloves sealed in plastic. “These surgical gloves I found on his desk will prove it.”

“Explain everything, young man.” Officer James locked his eyes to Lester.

“In order to leave in the crime scene without traces of fingerprints, Mr. Solis wore these surgical gloves while using David’s face towel. And since Mr. Solis used these gloves, we can collect both David and Mr. Solis’ DNA. This will prove that Mr. Solis was there during the crime occurred.”  Lester glanced at Officer Rick. Then he said, “Before Officer Rick and I went out from the room, I asked him if we can extract DNA samples from the gloves."

Officer Rick nodded and said, "I already called a forensic to take the gloves."

A few minutes later, a member of Officer Rick's team came and took away the sealed gloves from Lester.

Officer James spoke as he was spectating the other junior officer walking down the stairs. "Even if we have the DNA samples, we can't arrest Mr. Solis because he ended his own life."

"No, Mr. Solis did not end his life." Lester voice was sudden cold.

"What do you mean?" Officer James swiveled his body, facing at Lester.

"He was killed too."

"What?!" Officer James' thick eyebrows lifted up and his eyes were round like a coin while watching at Lester. "You mean someone killed him?!"

"Yes officer." Lester responded.

"When we checked the body of Mr. Solis, there were no bruises or wounds or blood stains on his clothes. We examined the body thoroughly. Young man, explain to me how Mr. Solis was killed." Officer James glared straight at Lester, not even taking a second to blink.

"Mr. Solis was a victim of poisoning. The poison used was Cyanic Acid, a dangerous chemical and widely known as a murder weapon. Cyanic Acid leaves a red spot in the skin whenever it enters the person's body. And when I checked Mr. Solis' right hand, there were red spots on all of his fingertips."

"So he was poisoned." The junior officer inserted.

"How the culprit poisoned Mr. Solis? It was simple. The culprit got in first to the apartment. While waiting, the culprit poured cyanic acid onto a cloth. As soon as Mr. Solis entered his apartment, the culprit grappled him behind and used the cloth to cover Mr. Solis' nose, forcing him to inhale the poison." Lester paused for a moment, catching some air. "Mr. Solis struggled his way out from the hands of the culprit, throwing himself to the desk. But strength wasn't his best option to escape since the poison already took it away. The poison already conquered him, destroying every cell and tissues in his body just for a few seconds. In less than a minute, Mr. Solis died."

The young man sensed his suspected person, hiding behind the shadows of the crowd, scowling at him like with intent to kill. Who was it?

Lester gazed at every people on the floor, watching at their doubtful face while saying, "Then the culprit planted a wooden stool in the middle of the bed. Mr. Solis was placed there, sitting upright. For the final act, the culprit noosed Mr. Solis with a rope and hanged him with no mercy. It was done this way so that it will appear as Mr. Solis committed suicide."

Lester turned his head, facing the culprit he suspected. He had his eyebrows down together and fierce cold eyes striking a death stare. "Am I right, Mrs. Cynthia Navarro?"

Everything what the young man said had led the people open-mouth. The prime suspect was lighted from the shadows right after Lester echoed the name.
Cynthia stood much more like a statue. Her fists trembled at the side and eyes were wet and shaking. Her mouth opened as she was about to speak.

"What?! Are you kidding me?!" Cynthia stepped forward from the crowd. Her face turned red, blood veins popped out on the surface of her neck and on the side of her head.

"You're the one who killed Mr. Solis.”

"This is so absurd! You accuse me for killing Mr. Solis?! I didn’t even know him." Mrs. Cynthia swung her head to Officer James. "Officer, are you going to stop this?!"

A deep and cracking voice of Officer Rick echoed, catching the attentions of many. "Mrs. Cynthia, we collected concrete evidences and I was surprised when I found out something that could potentially be against you. I'm sorry but you have no escape from this."

"What evidence?!” Cynthia’s face crumpled, palm broadened as her arms swung, extending halfway to the side.

Officer Rick spoke right in as he showed three pieces of paper to them. “The kid found these notes pinned on Mr. Solis’ bookshelf. These evidences prove that you hung out with Mr. Solis.”

Officer James stretched his neck near the notes. His forehead were bumpy and wrinkled while reading a disastrous writing. It took time for him but finally, his eyes glided to the last note.

“Who’s ‘Hiacynt?’ Officer James raised his head up and frowned at Lester.

Hiacynt, (Hia-cynt) are just scrambled syllables for Cynthia (Cynt-hia).” Lester answered.

“So, Mr. Solis and Cynthia had been going out a couple of times. But for what reason?”

“To plot Dr. Navarro’s death.” Lester’s voice was deep and dead. He wished he could say it a little lighter but does he need to? “Mrs. Cynthia Navarro planned to kill her husband so she could gain all of his properties. And in order to do that, he used Mr. Solis in trade for big cash. In fact, today is…”

“What are you talking about?!” Mrs. Cynthia inserted.

“Is this true, Officer Rick?” Officer James approached his Senior Officer.

“Yes and here is the evidence.” Officer Rick showed a sheet of paper to his junior officer. “The kid discovered this information on Mr. Solis’s desk. Mr. Solis wrote all of Cynthia’s plans here.” Then Officer Rick pulled out the two notes that were pinned together. He flipped the front note up. “And this is the final evidence that we found in Mr. Solis’ room.” The junior officer mumbled all the words written in the note.

June 26

I will receive a check from Hiacynt later tonight in my room.

“The date on the note is today. So that means, Mr. Solis should have received a check from Cynthia earlier.” Officer James stood upright.

“Exactly officer.” Lester commented.

“Mrs. Cynthia, I think it is better for you to come with us in the police station.” Officer James walked near the lady.

Cynthia stood still, grinding her teeth while her right hand gripped hard on the strap of her shoulder bag. Then she raised her voice and said, “No! That can’t happen. How can you say that I’m the killer? I didn’t do anything! I just walked straight to my husband’s room and placed my make-up letter for him under his telephone. That’s it!”

All the people on the floor, except for Lester, were looking at Cynthia. Silence circled around them until Lester raised his head and spoke before anyone could open their mouth. “No, it’s not in Dr. Navarro’s room.”

Everybody quickly turned their heads towards Lester and mumbled questions. ‘What?!’ ‘What did he say?’ ‘He said the letter is not there? I’m not sure. His voice is too low.’

Officer James took two steps, twisting his body to Lester. “What do you mean, young man?”

“The letter she spoke of is not in Dr. Navarro’s room but in the back pocket of Mr. Solis.” Lester clashed his eyes with Officer James.

“I swear! I placed it under his telephone. Officer, don’t listen to him.”

Officer James walked inside Mr. Solis’ room with no uttered words. Seconds later, he went out the room while holding a red card tied in a glittering pink ribbon.

Mrs. Cynthia’s eyes were wide open, looking at the letter held in Officer James’ hand, while tears starting to roll down on her face. “How could this happen?” Her fist trembled as she said, “That thin old man. He wasn’t kidding after all.”

“It’s already over Mrs. Cynthia. You have an excellent alibi but the truth will always find its way out.” Lester saw the guilt in Cynthia’s eyes while she looked down the floor. He listened her silence until she left with Officer James.

Officer Rick remained on the floor, talking to the Craig Family. A little laughter did not hold Mrs. Craig from tears while squeezing her husband in her arms. David, on the other hand, went smiling in front of the officer, thanking for his help.

Officer Rick faced Lester and said. “Well kid, I’m amazed how accurate your deduction was and how amazing were your reasoning. I guess you don’t think like a kid.”

“It’s just based on my observation officer.”

“Of course.” the officer chuckled. “What is your name by the way?”

“Lester Palladio, officer.”

“Lester... Alright Lester, I thank you for your help. I have to go now. Officer James is waiting for me downstairs. Have a good night.”

“Have a good night too, officer.”

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