Memoirs of a Delusional

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True Story of John's Tusilva's life

Submitted: August 08, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017



Memoirs of a Delusional By John Tusilva


I was a really sexual kid when I was about 3 years old, masturbating everyday since I was 2 years old. One day I was by myself masturbating and a girl name Alanna walked into the living room where she told me to stop and then proceeded to make me her boyfriend and then squeeze into me at such a young age; 2 years old. She snuck over a few more times to have more sexual relations with me all the while making me read the bible; where she pointed out and believed that we were in the bible. I ended up writing 2 Savage Garden songs for her; “I knew I loved you” and “Truly Madly Deeply”


We became a couple so fast at such a young age. I went over to her parents place and while walking back we saw about 8 shooting stars. We made our wishes. Alanna wish a few things about me. The most important ones were to be able to hypnotize me anytime she wanted: wish I would be the devil: wish we would be soul mates for life and broken up for a while and be in each others life but not in each others life for a while. So a few days later while we were about to do the nasty again, our parents split us up apart for good this time. We didn't see each other for about 3 years.


It was after class at my school, St. Andrews, really close to the beginning of the school year, I was buying freezies and then a girl that I have “never” met came up to me and asked me “do you remember?” I had no clue what she wanted and I was sort of emotionally unavailable cause I thought she was way to young and told her she should date someone her own age. She began to tell me we had sex. I had no clue what she meant and I told her to go away. She then tried her hypnotic powers on me for the first time. My memories were wiped clean of her.


A few days later I saw a “stranger” walking by staring at me while a bus headed towards her. I was close enough to pull her in and save her life. She called me her hero and then proceeded to erase my memory with her hypnotic powers. Then we hung out for the whole day without me knowing I saved her life. The very same day another stranger walked by the same bus stop without looking and I ended up pulling him in just as I did Alanna. His name was Anthony and he offered me a job for life at his next business when I got older. Alanna than started to proceed to erase my memories again.


About 2 months later, Alanna and her long lost sister Alissa was in a car. Another car that was on fire ended up hitting their car when they were trying to get to know each other for the first time. I was walking home from a corner store and a boy about my age tried helping the girls in the now caught on fire car in the parking lot. He had no clue what to do. I gave him instructions; I help Alanna and the other boy, Matt, is to help Alissa. That's when Alanna knew it we were destined to be with each other.


Alanna wanted to help me out so much and get me laid so bad for saving her life twice. But every time I saved her life she always erased my memory. So we were dating for 9 months straight and having sexual intercourse a tonne behind our parents back. But every time we dated and did the deed Alanna would erase my memory over and over again. She got famous for doing it. Her nickname was the KID HYPNOTIST. About 3 months after that on my 8th birthday she decided to reward me for putting up with all the nonsense of not remembering her and me saving her life 2 times. So she decided to prostitute myself out to her friends and family from Kelowna. I ended up devirginizing about 200 kids and some teenagers that day. I got the nickname the DEVIRGINIZER.


She ended up moving away and I had no recollection of her what so ever. About 3 months later our family ended up moving to Kelowna to start a new restaurant while I attended a new school at St Joseph. It was like fate or something. I ended up having the biggest crush on Alanna at St Joseph. I played mainly four square and one day she was in the line up to play against me. I actually lost on purpose just to be next to her and say hi. I said hi and she got nervous or I dont know what happened but she ran away. That was the last time I saw her until the day before high school.


So I forgot about her for a while and a new woman as gorgeous as her walked into my life in 6th grade; her name was Alissa. We didn't say much to each other at all in 6th grade. So the beginning of the next school year started and I still had a crush on Alissa. She was in my class and she only had one friend while I had none. We became sort of friends in 7th grade. Then one day I told her the truth through her friend and she sort of accepted by rejecting me. She honestly loved someone else besides me but she gave me a chance after she was rejected herself. We talked sort of all through summer before high school. I was looking forward to next year with Alissa at our new high school. But she never showed.


It was the day before first day of high school. I finished taking a shower and went to my room. And I turned around a Alanna was putting me in a trance. She told me to go to sleep and took the towel off my waist. And began to ride me like a horse. I came about 2 times while she was riding me and woke up with no recollection of anything. I heard from the grape vine that she ended up having her period during the duration of her ecstacy. She got up and walked home and ended up giving me aids through my high school year.


Three days after Alanna came to my parents restaurant and told my parents I had a kid. She told me right after and she actually got a real hypnotist to erase my memory of it. Not just including that she injected truth cerium in me to find out who I actually loved, it was Alissa. Alanna got mad and told me I would never see my kid ever in my whole life. Keep in mind she was only 10 years old. Alissa got wind that I had a kid with a girl and she was jealous. So I went to her basketball game because I still had a crush on her and for some reason after the game I ended up waking up at her place on a date.


I had no clue what I was doing there at all and just had fun with Alissa for the first time in months. That's when we did it, I had sex with Alissa behind her parents back. I remember I was falling a sleep right after and Alissa tried to make my hard on go away because her parents were in the drive way. I woke up about 3 minutes later with Alissa trying to chloroform me; so I ran like crazy. I barely got through the drive way and woke up in my bed.


Three days later Alissa invited me over to her place again. I had no clue what was happening and sort of scared to be there. But I liked the thrill of getting laid. I think Alissa did too. When I came over to her house. She told me all the secrets of her family, like working for area 21 and her parents being neat freaks. Her parents approved of my personality but wanted me to be bleached white. That was after we had a few more sessions. We wrote a few songs together that night and then she chloroformed me and I woke up in my bed again.


Two days later a random stranger came to my parents restaurant with his baby that had aids to tell me I had two kids on the way and to get the rights to the songs I wrote with Alissa. That's when it happened, his baby rolled off the counter of my parents restaurant and I ran to save her. Her name was Tallie. That was the last of it. All the drama for a while.


I spent most my time at immaculata with two friends. Jose and Eric. I was not socially developed throughout high school. So I don't blame anyone else for my “misery”. I spent pretty much two years of my life on a computer game that I worked so hard to achieve. I was probably one of the best if not the best fighter in that game in history. That was arguable though but not arguable. My best fighter was ITS-SmiteYoAss and I ended up beating and causing a scene with the best dueler in the game: LOH-Legend. The oddest thing was that Alanna was actually the creator of League of Heroes. And she was my nemesis throughout my diablo 2 career. After I beat the LOH clan with my clan, my best friend on diablo 2 scammed me. He is today known as Ryan.....


Ryan knocked on my house 8 days later. He was becoming a professional hockey player and he wanted to see if I was good enough to make it to the NHL. I sort of rejected but he wouldn't stop the make it right thing with me. We talked for a while, and I told him all I wanted was to choose his hockey name. We thought of it together and decided on a stellar killer name, so I left it at that. Alanna came over that day and asked me how I knew an up coming professional hockey player. I told her that he was a game friend of mine and we sat there talking about life and saw a few shooting stars. We all made wishes that day. Ryan wish to have a threeway with us, that was his only wish. It happened right away. Alanna had to hypnotize me and she ended up having a threeway with me and Ryan that day.


Ryan came to my school during phys ed class. He set up a test for me to see what position I was decent at. My teacher was Mr. D and he let it happen. I wanted nothing to do with this or anything at all to do with sports, I was fat and out of shape. Ryan tested me out with Alissa's Matt, we ended going to school together. Matt kicked my ass so easy because I was in goal. Then Ryan scratched that and said play forward. I played 1 on 1 with Matt for about 2 minutes. I had no clue what I was doing. Then Ryan taught me a few moves; I tried them out. I scored 3 goals on him so easily with those three moves. And then he wanted me to play against a classmate of mine, Patrick. Patrick was on par with me. Then Phys ed ended.


About three days later Ryan did it again. This time my parents came in and chloroformed me to prevent me from playing sports. I woke up in the hospital with a sprained ankle and Ryan felt even worse and understood everything. I healed within 3 days. Ryan's parents talked to my parents and they agreed to the deal to adopted me as a child. That is when I met Senior Shrubs. He didn't want me to play hockey or anything because I was an Asian kid and asked me if I would become caucasian. I read Ryan's hints and answered everything the way that he told me to answer. And I got away from Ryan's most hated on his enemies list. I trained with Ryan for a few more months and got pretty decent at playing hockey, even better than Ryan himself. Then my parents found out that I was worth something, I was worth probably about 8 million a season in the NHL. They wanted me back home. So they faked a phone call and beat me to pretty much to death in front of everyone because Senior Shrubs was protecting them with their American army and their Vietnamese Allie in the Canadian Army. So I had to go home permanently.


When I went home, I literally went to bed that night praying that nothing would happen to me because I didn't want nothing to happen to me. That night I woke up to three people beating me to “death” with a bat. They literally crippled me to no movement at all. That morning I woke up I cried my eyes out. I prayed to God first and an answer with a knock. I ignored it. Then I prayed to anyone Lucifer, any devil or any God for an answer. Lucifer appeared to me in a voice. And asked what I wanted. I said “I wanted redemption.” Lucifer disagreed. He said I had to live with my decision. And I said “What decision?” Then he started to explain stuff to me about the events that made this happen. It was mainly me not listening to my parents and stuff that made this event happened. Then I ignored him and started to talk about selling my soul to him and asking what I get in return. He said anything I wanted within 8 tries. I asked “8 wishes?” he said “that is 1 try for 8 wishes” and than I wished for my soul back right away. And figured out I can make the wishes throughout my life. So I stood there in pain and agony and a crippled trying to figure out unlimited wishes. I wished to know what happens if I made unlimited wishes. “you will become a genie.” I had to figure it out how to get unlimited wishes. Then I figured it out, I wished he would grant me what I meant. Then I wish for unlimited wishes. Then lucifer said wish away now.


My next wish was to speak to God. Lucifer began by asking me which God? I replied by saying “The God”. Lucifer replied by asking “do you not know your religion?” Then I wished for God to be explained. He pretty much said polythiest but monothiest. I wished for that to be explained. He said “a flock of angels, a pride of demons, a burden of deeds and a lifetime of experiences.” I wish for you to explain our existence. He said “we are in the matrix”. I wanted that explained I said “I wish you know already what I am going to wish for, so lets just have a conversation, I wish for a conversation about the afterlife.” Then I said “explain the matrix, what is it?” then God appeared through my voices. His name is Gabriel. He asked me what I wanted to know about the matrix. “everything” “that is a lot of bullshit” “I knew you swore I knew it wasn't a sin!!” “I agree” “You know I only took the lords name in vein 2 times my whole life?” “are you sure” “yes” “you say God!!!!” “I didn't know that was taking the lords name in vein. I thought it was something like calling for help.” “the way you do it is both” “i didnt know that, lets talk about something else, I wish I will never say God in that way again” “do you want the matrix explained” “is it like a computer?” “yes you figured it out” “is it hard?” “extremely” “okay then I dont want to know everything about the matrix. Does anyone own it?” “yes” “when I die I wish to own the matrix.”


“I wish to be the devil” “then you have to go to God school and devilism school. You honestly need to be schizophrenic for a certain amount of time until you figure out tradition. Lucifer suffered for 666 years before he made it. We will ask you some questions to get a feel of your life and your suffering rate. How about we make a deal?” “what do you mean?” “we will test you throughout your devil school and you will be schizophrenic for a while” “so I have to be schizphrenic for how long?” “you will choose 16 as your favourite number so it is 16 years of suffering.” lucifer said “said welcome to godism.” I said “how about I live for a few more years without schizophrenia and stuff and just live my highschool life first and then I start” lucifer said “age 20 it is” Gabriel said “that is not tradition, we will start ASAP.”


I was dating Alanna at the time this happened, I remember how it happened. Ryan set up a row of woman for me to choose during my life with Ryan's family. It was about 3 months after we had the three way. Alanna was not in the row of woman to choose. I didnt want to disappoint any of the girls so I literally walked away. It was a few days after that they started asking me which girl I liked. Knowing Alanna's family disapproved of me I couldn't tell them who I liked. Matt and another of my friend Will asked me which type of woman I liked. I started by saying black hair girls and caught myself then said never mind. So they just assumed I was into asian women. Then right away Alanna walked by me and I stared her in the eye; and Matt knew right then and there who I wanted. The next day they set up the row again with Alanna in it this time. I ended up choosing no one again. Then Alanna, in front of everyone, said “you have a crush on me don't you.” I replied “so what! You avoid me and all that bullshit that is why I am not gonna force you to date me. You avoid me at all cost anyways, you always have, so why now?” “my parents disapprove, that's the only reason why.” I interrupted her “okay so the only reason why you want to date me is now I am a hockey player.” Then she left and started to cry saying “ is that what you think of me?” A few days later she came to me and asked me out and I said yes.” She was 3 months pregnant with my kid at the time.


So one of my wishes after the beat down was to cure myself some how. Alanna and Alissa visited me all the time. Alissa before that was trying to interfere with my relationship with Alanna. So I was dating the both of them at the same time. It was Alanna's idea. After a while Alanna got sick of the three way relationship so she ended things and actually become good friends with Alissa. Alissa gave me up after I was a crippled and become my protector for a while; she filmed everything that was happening in my room. Alanna wanted the best for me still. So she got a tonne of people from my school to have sex with me one last time before I died. The voices told me about a rejuvenation potion that would of restored me back to health. I got Alanna to scour the earth for the ingredients. She came back 8 days later and made me drink it. I was instantly restored back to full health. So I was legally obligated to be home because of the trial and war. I was scared to be home. Alissa knew I would have been beaten down, so she got the whole school to come to my house when I was sleeping to protect me from my parents. There were mainly 4 people that was there every night to protect me. Alissa, Matt, Alanna and Heather. They were there with a bat every night for 2 weeks. Then they gave up.


The next day I had to plan something out with Alissa. Alissa had money, a lot of money. She wanted to prove her love to me by doing anything I said, well pretty much anything. So I gave her a plan to buy area 21 and chloroform pretty much half the world that knew about me to protect me mainly, everyone lost a year. Then I gave her a 80 year plan for her whole life to get rich and protect a bunch of people with the power she had. One person I needed protection from was Senior Shrubs. He had a huge grudge against any race that wasn't caucasian and especially me and Matt for beating his sons at sports. So he vowed to make us his enemy for life. He ended up trying to massacre me and Ryan and Alissa and Alanna. We survived.


So 3 weeks before school started, my family moved to Vancouver. I started a knew school with a new body because Alissa injected me with fat at night and chloroformed me to forget. Within 3 weeks of attending, Ryan came to my school and tried to get me to become a hockey player again. He told everyone how great of an athlete I am. I forgot about all the drama that had happened to me and I wanted to join the wrestling team. The very next day I woke up with gout, after taking a syringe orally of some medication my mom gave me to get better for being sick.


So my high school life was shitty and I had no friends for some reason. The only person to ask me to do anything was these twins. I barely went to class or anything and ended up failing grade 12. My last day of school was pretty fun but everyone avoided me for some odd reason. I was working at dominos at the time and wanted to do something different but it always ended up being a driving job because I could not stand for more than 4 hours because of my gout. I worked as a salesman and sold a few and thought it was a scam because I never got paid for anything I did. So I left and started to work at a courier company. During those days I went to Vietnam twice and got drunk a lot and got into a few fights in Vietnam which was stupid of me because Vietnam is all gang owned and I was lucky to not even get scratch on me.


I did a lot in Vietnam to lose weight. I was wearing a jacket, winter jacket, all the time in Vietnam in 40 degree weather. I walked every where there in the jacket. Literally 3 to 4 hours of walking every day and sweating off the fat. I did the same the second time I went to Vietnam and lost a lot of weight. By this time already I was hitting the gym and getting into real shape. It became a habit of mine to swim and stay healthy and stay energetic. And tried my best to fight the pain but in the end I cave to my gout all the time.


A few years later we moved closer to Burnaby I was still hitting the gym and it become regular. It was my cardio day, so I just had finished swimming. I was changing and got out. While walking to the door a girl name Tallie came to me and said “help they are trying to make me a slave.” I talked to her and actually believed it and I asked a random stranger where she lives and they told me her address and I was about to drive her home with the stranger that I asked for help. There were a group of people calling me pedophile and wanted to take her away and to me they seemed creepy and off . Next thing you know her parents were packing their car and I gave them back to their parent and gave them a talking to. As I was walking home I heard a gun shot and just kept walking.


About a week later the same girl was by herself while I was walking home from the gym. And 3 people came to me and said that they needed help, they think the girl is in trouble. I knew it then that she would have been a slave for real, same guy same people. At this time I was schizophrenic it started about 2 years after I came back to Victoria.


About 2 weeks after I quit flash courier, I was jobless and wanted to go to Victoria to grow some weed. The truth is I stayed at my nieces house and that was the start of my schizophrenia. I probably smoked salvia 8 times and become schizophrenic 2 days after. I was smoking weed since 16 and my schizophrenia started when I was 20 in Victoria. The voices were of lucifer trying to get my soul to save Kathy my nieces life. The voices said your mine until you clue in that your the devil. Then he said that you have to get your soul back some how. I said what are the rules in beating you to a game? He said one rule it has to be a game that is your rules. I said okay how about 52 pick ups if I pick up all the cards within 100 years then I win? He said don't I get to play? My rules is only I get to play and I start first and the truth is my rules is if you pick up a card I win if you don't I win. It has to be my rules. He said a real game remember? Then I said it ain't my rules then. So your rule is fucked and he said congratulations you get your soul back when your 31 so it is fair for both of us. I heard an angel in the back of my mind helping me with lucifer. And lucifer said next test. I became even more schizophrenic then and Kathy told me to leave her house and I lived in Victoria for about 4 days more.


The voices in my mind was of my old high school friends saying they hate me and stuff and doing a lot of shit to me. Nothing real and then they asked me if I wanted to save earth? I said sure why not. They said so you want to be a hero? Yes I do extremely bad then do it save earth. And then I was taking a ferry home they said I was banished for 800 years from heaven and hell. Just like Adam and Eve.


While the 4 days I was gone I saw death appearing to me in a cloud of smoke the voices said to say something extremely blasphemis and I ended up saying it. Then I got mad for the voices making me say it so I did it, I was gonna go up to death and slap it in the face. Right when I opened the car door, the vision was completely gone and I had no clue where it went. Then I ended up taking a ferry ride home and saw some pterodactyls flying in the sky. Then I heard a really deep voice from the sky say “John, you are banished for 800 years to earth.”


The very same day I finally made it back to my parents house and decided to leave for Kelowna ASAP. So I took the highway and for some reason it got dark really fast. It was probably about 7 when I left. I was not in the right state of mind and was driving about 200 Km down the highway. My tires blew dead and I ended up hitting a concrete barrier. Before I hit the wall I saw a ovalish squarish circle appear on my right arm like a sword pulling out from a sheath; it was symmetrical.


So the voices went away for about 2 years, without any medication and the doctor said that it would come back. It did come back. It was when I was 21, 2 days after I saw Tallie at the gym and gave her back to her parents. So the story continues, I saw Tallie a second time with gang members trying to enslave her. So as soon as I saw her, I grabbed her hand and covered her while the gang member pointed a bunch of guns at me. I was yelling at the gang member to leave her alone and take me instead. Tallie said “We can die together, lets die! I don't want to be a slave John, we can die in each others arms.” Then a group of people rushed over and took charge: some of them were officers and some of them were civilians. They told me to drive Tallie home and I did. In the car she wanted me to kidnap her and did not tell me where she lived. I actually remembered her address from the gym and ended up driving her home.


A week later the voices were telling me after I went to the gym that on the way back I would save some lives. On the walk back to the gym I saw a girl name Shirley almost getting hit by a car. I jumped in and grabbed her and saved her life. A boy name Mohammad saw the whole thing and was dazed. He was in the middle of the street and again was about to get hit by a car. So I ran and grabbed him and saved his life and camera crew started to come and surround me and ask me questions. I saw a little girl about to get hit by a bus. I said “someone save her life please.” and I heard someone else say why don't you do it. So I ran and pulled her in and she for some reason she wanted to die. So I did it had to wrap her in my arms while the bus was barreling down. I yelled out “STOP!” and the bus stopped right in time. Camera crew surrounded me again and I decided to run.


So while I was running home the kids were chasing me and I was sort of amusing them. Then I decided to run home because I was dead tired because I just came back from the gym. So I sprinted and lost the kids. Next thing you know I turned around and said “okay kids thats enough leave me alone.” and then it happened: a sea of woman were chasing me down with a guy name Viprat.” I sprinted as fast as a could and Viprat thought he outsmarted me. I was dead tired then the voices told me what to do. They said to stop close to a corner of an intersection and then do some sort of rugby move to lose viprat. I did just that and escaped. I ran into an alley hid behind a garage and saw a bunch of people running straight through the street and missing the alley. I ran home and thought it was over.


So a weeks later Viprat and Tallie and Shirley and Mohammad came to my house. I knew it was them and told my brother to lie and say wrong house; he did just that. They got fooled and left. I lived my life for a few more weeks and they came to my house again. I was there and thought I was smart by hiding behind the door; it almost worked. As my brother was telling them that I was not there and lied about our names, Tallie saw me between the cracks of the door and I ran for the hills. I ended up just hiding at the side of my house while they split up and a few covered the back while a few covered the front. They didn't see me at all so when I saw them leaving, I just went back into my house. About 9 hours later they knocked on the door again. I told them I didn't want anything to do with them and said I don't need anything. I honestly was trying to protect them from Senior Shrubs cause he had a vengeance against me. They had no clue and knew I was schizophrenic. So they walked away and wished upon a fleet of shooting stars. Every one of them wished to work with me in the future and so did Viprat.


So a few days later I decided to take a nap and ended up having one of the best sleeps of my life. I woke up with my pants down and a 6 year old trying to enter me. I said “ what the fuck are you doing” and took her off me right away. I looked around the whole room and there was a group of children along with Viprat staring at me; he was laughing. I told him to come outside with me and he was too boastful and underestimated my fighting abilities, he was an up and coming UFC fighter. So we went downstairs and he made it a joke. So I ended up kicking his ass so bad that he went home and probably cried his eyes out. That was not the last of it.


Same thing happened. I was taking a nap and woke up this time with children and teenagers and adults of all ages staring at me. They just told me they just had sex with me and I got mad. I found out that day that they made it legal for me to be a pedophile and to be in a polygamist relationship. I felt invaded and was even more mad. Same thing happened I told Viprat to go downstairs and he still said he can kick my ass. And then I did it, pretty much kicked his ass over and over again till he was the colour of blueberries. Then my older-than-me nephew tried to kick my ass as well. I handed both of them their fair share of beatings. About 2 days later they challenged me to a 5 on 1 fight and some how I manage to kick ass. Then probably a few hours later they got one of the best MMA fighters to fight me 6 on 1, his name is Eric. Right after the last fight I sweetened the deal with Tallie with a kiss to rig the same situation with Viprat with male kids this time for him. I ended up going to the mental hospital for the first time because of that. Viprat went to jail for a year because of it.


When Viprat got out of jail, first thing he did was come to my house with 4 kids so I would adopt. I agreed to that deal and Viprat was trying to get me to sign a contract for me to fight George St Pierre. I accepted but my mom wouldn't let me. So she just ripped up the contract in front of me. I became Tallie's legal guardian along with Mo, Wade and Shirley. Next day after that I became a slave (Shrubs). He still had a vengeance against me and even more so because I took one of his friend slave away by saving a 12 year old Tallie's life. We went through hell and back for about 8 months in a room because Tallie loved me so much and she was suppose to be trained not to love asian people by Senior Shrubs. Also she was suppose to be a slave when she was 14 and I apparently fucked it up for them by saving her life. So the 8 months was full of torture and and bullshit that I will not reveal to you guys because it was too fucking disgusting. Alot of my old friends and current ones regardless of race and gender was involved in it as well to teach me a lesson.


After I was released, my ex girlfriend came to me and asked me if I wanted to fight slavery with the FBI. I accepted and worked up the ranks to become a captain. Keep in mind I was still schizophrenic and crazy. They call me the crazy, missing and useless Captain; everyone but my sergeant. Viprat came to me one day with the group of children and I said “No more!” and slammed the door about 20 times really hard to make an example. Viprat was either an idiot or working with Schrubs. He did it, sent a recording of me saying I am an FBI agent and I am putting shrubs in jail for life and he sent it straight to Schrubs with the kids help. I ended up putting him in jail for 2 years for screwing up an operation right away.


So I was a slave again because of Viprat and the kids. This time they involved everyone in a room and some how the right people got away and the wrong people stayed and payed the price. I ended up waking up in Tallie's house and lived there for about a month.


So after Shrubs chloroformed me I ended up at Tallie's place. I woke up with a six pack because I think her family payed for liposuction. The family said they would adopt me for life just as long as I helped Tallie out. So I spent some time with her mom and taught her mom a few recipes and did a few chores for a month. I think the family at the time wanted me to stay but Senior Shrubs forced them to kick me out. Right before I left they asked me and made me promise to end Senior Shrubs finally. I left the house and slept on a bench at trout lake for about a few hours. Then woke up in my room and went along with my life.


So one day I was meeting a dealer at a gas station for some marijuana. I had just arrived and parked at along the side of the building to meet with the dealer. The gas station was getting held up for money and the robber was taking the little girl hostage. I was going in for a root beer and as I was entering he was leaving with her. I told the robber to take her as hostage as 3 men were approaching from behind all the meanwhile trying to get his attention on me. It worked, one of the men took the gun from the robber and the other two tackled him. I immediately took the girl to the side of the building where my car was parked and ran back to see if I could do anything to help. There was nothing I could do, everything was almost settled besides the police, so I ran in and bought my root beer and drove away and met my dealer somewhere else. From what I remember the little girl's name was Tallie


I started to work at dominoes again for about 2 years and I was still schizophrenic. One day the voices told me to go outside and mention my devil name 6 times. I saw a star passing by that was odd. The voices told me to make 6 wishes and the only wish I made was for someone to look exactly and resemble Alanna in everyway to come work at my store and for her to fall madly in love with me. The very next day Tallie walked into my life. I was in awe because I wanted her to be around my age. She was from what I remember 15 or 16. I started to talk to my voices and hit my head on my steering wheel. We had an interesting 3 years.


To this day I am still FBI. I honestly don't do anything with them but a few raids here and there. I also do participate in a few raid matches as well. My biggest lost in a real raid was in 2014. Only time I lost men and hostages in a raid. We were in Toronto and left the hostages there to die in the beginning. The Talibans took over a building and assassinated 3 out of 14 hostages right away just to show them whose boss. We had to rush in right away and I took the lead. They all had ak57s which was like a small mini gun. It helped us a lot because the ak 57 had about a 2 second delay when shot. So we ended up taking a few talibans life right away and they disappeared to the back. I think they were scrambling and forgot about the hostages. Out of stupidity 3 agents rushed in on their own and tried saving the hostages without taking my order first. They were shot dead right away. Me and my partner found an opening to the front and no shots or anything were fired for about 8 minutes. We rushed in with about 8 other men behind us. We made sure everything was safe and had about 12 snipers ready to shoot anyone coming from the top floor entrance. We rushed in and found another door and stood behind it. We saw about 12 talibans unarmed and my partner shot 2 and left the rest there to rot and be bound and gagged. Me and my partner and my sergeant ran up right away and saw about 2 more and they were shooting at us non stop we had to pull back. We heard no more gun shot and went up right away and they ran out of ammo. I think they were robbed the night before from an African American gang. We bound and gagged both of them and untied all the hostages. My partner got shot because there was actually 3 talibans hidden in the hostages. She survived because I had to shoot the 3 talibans in the head really fast. I carried my partner outside for medical attention. That was the worst day ever. First time I ever lost lives during a real raid under my watch. I gave up raids and the FBI that day and they told me I am FBI forever whether I like it or not.


There was a few raid match stories that I have to tell. Pretty much the gist of my raid matches were all good. We ended up winning every raid match me and my sergeant was in. It was always the 16th precinct vs the 8th precinct. The leader of the 8th precinct one day got mad at always losing to us and started war with our precinct (friendly). So one day me and my sergeant got cloroformed and woke up in an one entrance building. We were naked and had no armor or weapon. The leaders of the 8th precinct lined up their men and took fire on us with paintball guns to show us not to win raids anymore. Me and my sergeant both were in fetal position for about 45 minutes taking non stop bullets to our bodies. We both had to say uncle like 100 times before we stopped getting shot. They were all laughing at us. The 8th precinct. So about a few months later, my sergeant planned it out the exact same revenge. We did exactly the same thing to the 8th precinct but as a nice guy I fell for their tricks. The captain ran through a glass window on top of a three story building and twisted her ankle. As the nice guy I am I ran to save her and bandage her up. She got up and shot me in the balls 4 times and I pretty much passed out. Last thing I remember was my sergeant and the captain punching each other in the head while our men were shooting her sergeant and her in the boobs over and over again.


So I gave up my time in the FBI for about a few years and spent it at home and work with no friends. I had a daily routine at work and just watched a lot of TV and movies and listened to music a tonne on my days off. Tallie had forgotten everything that happened to us when she was younger and grew up to be one of the most gorgeous girls. We sorta had a thing for each other but because of Senior Shrubs I didn't want to take it any further as well as she was only 16 years old. As the time flew by, I slowly revealed who I was and when she figured it out, she figured out everyone that wished to work there was working there. Tallie ended up asking me out over 1 million times and said she would never leave my site anymore. I tried telling her Senior Shrubs, which was now her grand dad, did not want us to be together or anything. So I planned out about 8 years of her life one day at work just like I did with Alissa. So pretty much the plan went through like I told her it would. Senior Shrubs was wanted by the FBI for multiple (multiple is too less of a number) rapes, murders and Slave owning.


So the day came when Tallie read her notes and instructions. She finally did it forced me to date her cause she wanted him dead just as bad as “everyone” did. So I dated Tallie and we did it went on a second date. On the drive back to her house we talked a little and I told her what was coming. Senior Shrubs and his men to kill me and then bomb the world the next day. He came within 5 minutes after I told her and I did it, I beat the crap out of his men singlehandedly. They all woke up and they were threatening to kill everyone in the neighbourhood that was watching.


So I was in my room one day watching a movie. My voices told me to close it and download child pornography. I fought the voices and told them I was not gonna do it. They told me just save some fucking lives for once again. I questioned everything and they wouldn't tell me why. So I got fed up and did it as they told me to do it. And deleted it right away. I started typing in an empty box on my computer as the voices told me to do. I told whoever was listening to kill kony pretty much and bring the Korean army to tallie's house on a certain date. I found out a few months later that kony was actually assassinated and that all his slaves were free.


So as I was in front of Tallie's house and Senior Shrubs men were saying they are gonna kill all innocent people, Justin's and kim's army came to the rescue. They did as I asked them to do. They laid all 12 men and took their guns and weapons away. I chose 6 more men to join them on their knees. I prepared for about 45 minutes and challenged them to a 18 on 1 fight. 3 other guys came to my rescue and wanted to join in: My coworker Viprat : Kumar and a “random” Eric. So it turned into a 4 on 18 fight. We had it under control, everyone was heading towards me and I had to run away and come back and kick their face. My partner came in with her friend and helped out. We beat the crap out of the 18 and they kept waking up and coming back. During the fight I got some flashback in my mind and pretty much cried my eyes out. I asked my partner if it was all true, everything Senior Shrubs did to me and Tallie and all the other people in the world. So I took my partner's gun and shot Shrubs in the head 9 times. Peter had enough and told everyone to stop. He wanted to see if I could take on 29 guys by myself. I tried my best but “failed”. And ended up and fainting. I woke up and talked to kim and he gave me some money for giving him a good show and releasing him from being Senior Shrubs and his uncles slave. I donated all the money to the right people who deserved it and my precinct that never got paid and did so much work for free. Peter is a great man he told me he would pay those guys off himself and let me have more money for myself. I took it willingly and thankfully and respectfully.



Prefix delusions


Mostly about religion


4 marks on palm side of forearm: line = just chosen 1 wish

square = god among men 8 powerful wishes

triangle= god among gods 8 powerful wishes + 10 wishes

circle = god among all unlimited wishes 8 powerful wishes



devil star – mention slate\john tusilva/destiny tusilva/misty tusilva 6 times in succession = six wishes with 6 words upon star once a year (soul copied)

gabriel = sun unlimited wishes for a day (freebee)

lucifer = fast shooting star 3 wishes 8 words (soul sold)

raphael = the one that dings 1 powerful wish (soul not needed)

vishnu = clouds form in succession = 10 miserable mistake correction (soul tended)

michael = fastest small shooting star unlimited wishes for 2 seconds after (soul thrown out)


saint star = mention john to/john st claire 6 times succession = 1 powerful wish every 3 years

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