Hey You

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"I can't believe my own parents left me for dead. How could they betray whatever trust I had left to give. Now I know the truth...I can't trust anyone and neitheir should you. Hey You, desperate
people can only make desperate choices.... and that's exactly what I did."

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 08, 2017





I'm screaming

I'm screaming so you can hear me


I hate this world 

I've hated from the moment I realized what I was

A fake


I hate all of you

You did nothing but watched as I broke

As I silently died

Well congrats

You got what you wanted

Your only son 

The only child you ever had in your hundred and whatever years is dead

So yes this is suicide note

No need to be alarmed 

After all I wanted this

Don't call the police

I already let them know what you two have done to me

They'll probably not even do any thing but what ever

I'm gone and that's all that matters

You never loved me

And honestly I didn't even care the slightest 

But you ripped me apart untill I wish I was dead

And now I am

So now I'm screaming

At you

At the world 

At everyone

Because thay knew what was going on but did nothing

Have a nice life

I hope someone comes and slices both of your necks in the middle of the night

Cruel but true


Thats the bullet pentrating my skull


I'm dying

You know where you'll to find me

Inside that room I could never get out of

People might think I'm crazy

But is it really crazy to kill yourself before others have the chance

You. Both of you were my killers

So you can run but you cant hide from me and our truth

An eye for an eye right

My soul for your eternal suffereing




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