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Percious is the delicate link of friendship. Pre_Us, Before us

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



Real friends don't hurt each other

Real friends don't leave

Real friends stay forever but you never stayed


So that's what we are


After everything we've been through were still friends



You changed 

I don't think I know you any more


Are you kidding me

You want real friends

I'll tell you what a real friend is


Why are you acting like that

Your saying stuff that doesn't make any sense

Let's just go back to how we were before


Well real friends don't go behind each others backs

Real friends don't kiss each others boys

Real friends tell each other everything


Your wrong 

I'm the real friend

 I'm the real one your just a.....a.....a copy






I said fine, I'm done I don't want to fight with you anymore


But---- but you have to its what real friends do

I'll be the real one and we fight

You'll be jealous but I'll forgive you in the end


Do you even know what a real friend is




A real friend, I mean a friend

Is there no matter what

And were never jealous because we love each other in the end


But you have to be jealous

That's the way its supposed to go

I'm the real one and I'm supposed to win


Your not my friend

Your not even real

Your just lost




I have to go

I'm going to find myself a friend, a real one

Who also thinks I'm just as real as them


You can't just leave




But...but... we were supposed to show each other how to be real

You being jealous and me forgiving your jealousy

....that was the way it was supposed to go....



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