My story - Chapter 2

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My name is Aryan and this is the second chapter of my story.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



I spent the good part of my day thinking about her. I wanted to stop. I tried, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her beautiful face. she is so different from other girls. So innocent. She had a Hijab on but I am sure her hair is as pretty as her face. what is happening with me? Why am I thinking about someone so much who never even talked with me who barely even saw me. I am not this type of person, this has never happened with me. I never had a crush on anyone. I don’t allow myself because I know people always get hurt after these situations. But GOD! She is so gorgeous, I want to get hurt.

I knew this was bad for me, I knew it wouldn’t end well. If I saw her with any other guy the next morning I would get jealous without absolute reason. But she didn’t seem like a girl who would talk to any guy on her second day. She sat alone during whole class and didn’t even talk to anyone not even one girl… I was paying close attention.

I survived through the night and next morning as soon as I reach my college my eyes were searching for her. The college was crowded, I couldn’t find her. All I saw was couples sitting everywhere holding hands… that disgusted me so I went to the cafeteria. I sat on a bench drinking coffee with my mood a little off and suddenly… my mood changed. Opened the door of cafeteria and along with the breeze of warm sunny day, entered she. My heart started beating fast as she took a coffee from counter and came directly towards me because café was full and I was sitting alone in a 4-person bench. Yeah, I know it’s sad. As she was walking towards me it felt so like a movie scene… everything around got blur and slow all I could see was that the most gorgeous person I have ever seen in my life coming directly towards me.

“You mind if I sit here?” came from the beautiful mouth of hers. I was seeing her from this close for the first time. She has grey eyes. I looked in her eyes and just got lost. She stretched her eye brows waiting for my answer to her question but I was so lost in her eyes I didn’t know what she said. “amm... Sorry?” I said. “Can I sit here? The whole cafeteria is full” she replied. “Yeah sure, why not.” I said. She sat in front of me slowly drinking her coffee and I looked at her beautiful lips. She had a little coffee there and man how lucky was that caffeine.

I didn’t know what to say, should I say something? I definitely wanted to talk to her but I never talk to girls this close and in alone. I never know what to say. So, I just sat there enjoying being her this close.

“So, are you new too here?” she said after a while. “, no I am not new here” I replied. I hesitate a lot, lack of confidence I suppose. “then how come you were sitting alone? Don’t you have friends?” she asked. “no, I don’t have close friends, I don’t like people very much” (you’re the first, I mumble to myself). “why? Everyone has friends. Having friends is good.” She said, puzzled. “naah! People are not good here, everyone think for themselves they won’t think twice before breaking your trust. So, I tend to keep a safe distance from people so I don’t get hurt. My life has so many ways of hurting me I don’t want more” I said. “Wow you are desperately in need of a friend and I am new here so why don’t we become friends? I promise I will never break your trust” she said.

I ain’t going to say no to that, even if you break my trust, my heart, my bones, I just want you in my life.

“alright, let’s give it a shot. Aryan” I said moving my hands toward her for a handshake. “Olivia” she said with a smile on her face and shook my hand.

She had never looked this amazing as she looked with a smile on her face. I skipped a beat, quite a few actually when I shook her hand.

Life has been good to me…that’s suspicious. The girl I like so much just came to me talked to me and offered to be my friend? Is this real? Or is this some sort of prank? I don’t have such friends in my college who would prank me like this and beside I never told anyone how much I like this girl. Then is it my life that’s pranking me? I don’t know. I don’t mind it as long as Olivia is my friend. She is so amazing and I love talking to her. We chatted a lot that day after exchanging numbers.

My life suddenly changed. From a full bored life filled with anxiety and depression to a majestic one where I lose track of time while talking to my new friend. Life Is finally good. Maybe it’s a reward for surviving so much in my life. I am loving this. Every bit of this. I talk to her till 3 am and she is so amazing and funny and sweet and gorgeous.

I thought life is finally getting on track. I am finally happy. I never knew this is what I needed to be happy. A Friend. Olivia was right, Friends are important part of a life. anyway, I am loving this new part of my life and as it seemed… I thought this is going to last long. Well… I was wrong again.

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