Hear Me

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I always knew I was diffferent, I never quite fit in. Everyone needs to hear my story, my way, with only my words. The truth needs to be told and this is it. So here it is world: all I need for you to do now is, listen.

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



I never meant to hurt anyone

It was just a prank

After what you did to me

This was my justified revenge

You don't deserve me

I hate you

I NEVER loved you

You betrayed me

Made me a fool to the world

Now the world will hear the truth


They'll know our...no...my story

Hear me


Go kill yourself

Nobody wants you here

A cliché that is actually true

So go ahead

Go to the police that's supposed to save you


No one can save you

Your as good as dead

At least to me

I'll personally tell the world

I'm a survivor

Your victim

The hero of this story

You hurt me

You took away everything I worked for

I'll forgive you

But you don't deserve it

You don't deserve any of my kindness

Me the protaganist_the good boy

You the antagonist_the villian

Who are they honestly going to believe

Were over but I refuse to be done with what you did to me

Darling your dead to me

Let me personally dig your extremly shallow grave





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