The season I Remember

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Remembering a memory from the rainy season

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



I used to remember in my childhood days my English teacher once asked the students to write about the season they loved the most. All the students, according to their imagination began writing, scribbling like the way a small child writes the sentences in English. After the writing part was over we were all asked to read what we wrote. It was like there were only 3 seasons- summer, winter, monsoon. All the children wrote that summer was favourite. The reason for this, you probably know was summer vacations. We in India, view summer vacation as a season of fun, travel, visit to our friends and relatives. So it was just like all wrote about summer and winter and monsoon were left behind in the race. Again, if I tell you the reason for this is getting wet in the rain is not a fun job in India for those people who live in dry places, and in winter no child, even the elder ones don’t want to leave their bed in the early morning.

But going ahead in time a certain event changed my perspective about the marvellous rainy season. I felt that because of two reasons. The mechanism involved in bringing the rain may be explained scientifically, but to me it seemed that a really powerful force was working behind taking all that water from the sea to the far distant and remote places, like it was the work of Mother Nature.

The second reason was rather my experience which I am going to share now. It happened on a rainy day. I was going to my classes and all of a sudden the rain began. All were left with no other choice but to take shelter under the hood of shop. It was in the mid of rainy season so we all knew that it would take an hour to stop, but still seeing at the people standing nearby me, I felt that all people had nothing but anger towards the rain. People just seemed helpless against the power of nature. All had their schedules planned, some had meetings to attend, some had their classes like mine and most of the very important thing that people hated to wait. The situation was a tense one, quite, but tense. All of a sudden, a laughter broke out. All turned around and saw a person laughing with mobile in his hand. Suddenly another boy, a young one, asked about him what was so funny about? So he read out the joke aloud. All the people laughed. Then that young boy in response took out his phone and told few more jokes. All it seemed to me that we had contestants in the so called reading out best joke competition. The tension began to ease. All the people had forgotten about the rain. The people were enjoying the season in no time. I thought that the rainy season had a miraculous power, ‘To bring unknown together’ and it was true. A moment ago all the people seemed to be slaves of time and now they seem to have formed a bond that has no name, no relationship like brother or father, mother etc. This is the power of monsoon season in its own way.

After the rain had gone, all again went to work but seemed to be very relaxed than before, even if they have missed important time of their work but all seemed to have enjoyed in the company of others. Later after-words, even we may meet the same people around, and at that time we might know each other as the person I met on that rainy day.

This sense of being together, gives me the determination and the courage to stand up against difficult times in life. That is why I love rainy season the most!!!!

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